He was supposed to be okay

I went back to yesterday to save him

He wasn't supposed to die

He called out for help

He called out for me to come get him

But now I know who he was really calling for

He was trying to help the girl

He knew that he was going to die anyway

I wouldn't have known him if he hadn't called

He wasn't selfish, or mistrustful at all

He went along with everything I said up til the end

Never doubting me for a moment

Never saying I couldn't do it

He gave his life for that little girl

I didn't know it at the time

Although, I think he did

He knew he was supposed to save her

And die making everything right

What I didn't know was how to save him

I didn't get a second day

I had had one already

But now I know what I am missing

And my heart is still yearning

He was the brave one out of both of us

He knew he had to try

He knew he had to save her

Even if he was going to die.

Inspired by the second episode of Tru Calling, "Putting Out Fires."