(Obligatory) Disclaimer: I in no way claim to be the creator and owner of the Touhou universe or its (annoyingly hard) games. If there is an instance where it sounds like I claim the character(s) as my own, I am referring to my collective ideas of a character's personality used for the purpose of this and other stories- not the original character(s) owned by ZUN.

Mystia Lorelei was slowly traveling through the forest with her eel cart, hoping to attract a hungry customer or two. She stopped to get a drink from her water bottle then resumed her circuit, filling the silence of the peaceful forest with a simple jingle she made for her business.

"Eels~, eels! get them while they're here~! Fresh, tasty lamprey eels. At the one and only Mystia Lorelei's cart! Eels, eels..." She loudly hummed the rest of her tune that was still missing some lyrics with a smile.

The night sparrow had only a few customers thus far, but her good mood persisted nonetheless. She was finally taming the wild horse called small print and was using the slow days and solitude to enjoy a book she had found at Rinnosuke's quaint little shop. The cover art was what lead to her purchase- a rose growing out of a bloodied dagger set on a yellow background. It was apparently a classic from the outside world. From the bits and pieces of the eccentric shop owner's time-consuming discussion on the overall plot, its finer points, and its standing in modern society's literature that Mystia actually listened to, it was about how true love conquers all and was titled Romeo and Juliet by a William, Shaker of Beards (humans really are strange!). A typical love story written by a man with odd hobbies. Yes, this play sounded like a good starter for someone who could be considered illiterate. However, the author's wording was very archaic, and often the confused sparrow wasn't sure about what was going on until further down the page. But the pages kept turning with the ever increasing drama that Mystia was met with. Seeing as there wasn't a soul in sight, Mystia stopped in a nice clearing in the outskirts of the human village to read her play.

A few miles away from where Mystia was peacefully spending her day and up in the clouds, an argument was going on between teacher and student.

"Eldest Daughter! I implore you to stop this childishness and return to your studies! You are only causing unnecessary trouble for your father and I!" Iku shouted with obvious annoyance in her voice.

"Why don't you make me! I've had enough of being cooped up! I need fresh air and fun!" Tenshi's response was punctuated by laughs and giggles. She pushed the rock she was flying on to go faster, Iku keeping pace just behind with a heavy sigh.

The chase had been going on like this for at least fifteen minutes, during which pleading, faces, reasoning, and mocking had been exchanged. Two weeks inside one room going over text after wall of text had caused the glutton for punishment to explode with a yell, table flipping, and a hasty escape through a window. In response, Tenshi's father commanded her daughter's teacher, Iku, to bring back his child for a stern punishment. Needless to say, Iku was on her last nerve by now.

"Tenshi! I won't hesitate to add my own punishment to your father's if you don't stop this foolishness and return home NOW!" You could almost hear the poor envoy's patience being pulled taut.

"Ooh! You called me by my actual name, Iku! Now that I know how to get you to say it, perhaps I'll be doing things of this scale and greater far more often!" Tenshi shot Iku a smug grin that radiated mischief.

Iku Nagae's right eye twitched involuntarily as scenarios that she would have to stop and fix flashed through her wearied mind. And so it was that the straw broke the camel's back. "I will not allow such things!" With that war cry, she hurled a bolt of lightning down upon the smug joker.

Tenshi was caught off guard at the usually laid back Iku's sudden strike. The bolt ran through her with extreme prejudice and down the girl went to earth. The scene almost seemed to be a homage to the illustrious angel Lucifer's fall from heaven. The chariot of electricity carried Hinanawi into a tree and darkness.

"Dai-chaaan! I'm booored," the ice fairy named Cirno whined. "Let's get all our friends together and play hide-and-go-seek tag!" She flopped onto her stomach from the sitting position she had assumed under a grand tree.

Daiyousei sighed at Cirno's typical childishness. "Cirno-chan, if the others wanted to play they would come find us. They're probably all taking care of things that are important to them. Like Mystia working her job for example."

"The others don't have stuff like jobs though: only free time!"

"Maybe technically, yes. But what I meant was-"

"We've been abandoned!" Cirno started rolling back and forth in the grass, yelling and whining as she went.

"They have activities that they want to get done for themselves. We can't do everything as a group, even if we're close friends." With her explanation finished, the greater fairy began petting her friend's head to calm her down.

She stood up then, her bout of depression already over. "How about we go visit Mysti as friends AND customers?" She smiled. "That way everybody wins!"

Daiyousei couldn't help but giggle at her friend's behavior. "Alright. I'm sure she would appreciate that."

As the two fairies stood up from the grass and began walking, a malevolent thunderbolt struck a couple hundred yards beside them, causing them to jump.

"Wha... Why would there be lightning when there's not a storm cloud in sight?"

"A mystery! 'The Storm that Struck on a Stormless Day'! Come on, my partner! our epic begins here! The two friends set out for what they thought would be a fun-filled adventure of a lifetime... but they knew not what they were about to involve themselves in!" Cirno cackled dramatically to put the icing on the cake. The lightning seemed to have charged the little fairy to the brink of explosion. She rocketed straight toward where the weather enigma had occurred, rambling excitedly the whole way with a large smile on her face.

"Cirno-chan! Wait for me!" Somewhat confused by how quickly everything now seemed to be going, the greater fairy stumbled before flying after her hyper friend. 'Well at least this is better than watching her freeze frogs. She's put her whole self into this without even knowing what's going on. Though maybe that is why she can?' Daiyousei mused on her situation with an exasperated smile.

Author's commentary: Hello, reader! I would like to thank you for reading all of chapter one and encourage you to stay with me to the end. After all, what's the point of writing for others if there are no others? This will be a Mystia x Tenshi story to warn all of you who might not enjoy crack pairings or shoujo-ai. Normally I am against crack pairings, but I thought it would be fun to write this one due to the challenge that's presented in brining the songstress and celestial together in a believable manner that doesn't throw canon completely out the window. I always accept constructive criticism. Plot ideas worth their salt are appreciated.

I like to think of Iku and Daiyousei belonging to a small group of sane, normal people that inhabit the wonderland that is Gensokyo. That is why I have given them mature, nanny-like personalities. As for Mystia, she's a level-headed young girl (personality wise) that enjoys the arts and makes singing her life. I have heard that Mystia couldn't read small letters from, I believe, Perfect Memento in a Strict Sense (in case one of you wasn't familiar with this idea) quoted by someone on the Touhou Character Compendium in TV Tropes. I felt that was very Mystia-ish (lol wut) and decided to include that. Surely I am not the only one who could see Mystia enjoying the classics of literature upon gaining the ability to read them? I even go so far as to say she would enjoy the classics in all the other arts. Certainly not with a scholar's interest, but maybe with a child's wonder? After all, how often do we see or hear of a culture-rich Gensokyo? Almost everyone loves learning about and experiencing something new and different from what they are used to.