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Mikayla and Anak return!

Mikayla tells the Jedi Younglings about Force Wielders.


"Tell us a story Mikayla!" The young Jedi children begged.

Mikayla laughed and flipped one of her many braids out of her face.

"In a half moon everyone." She said as she sat down on the floor.

The children eagerly sat down.

"Many years ago there existed beings that were simply called 'Force Wielders. They could block lightsabers with their bare hands and under the right circumstances change there form." Mikayla told them.

"No one can block a lightsaber with only their hand." Even Lukas said.

Mikayla smiled.

"They had such control of their powers that they could do many things that could be considered unnatural." She explained.

Bail Solo and Ailyn Jixton scooted closer.

"Some of them advised my ancestors in certain matters and then my ancestors helped them hide from the Sith. No one knows what became of them." Mikayla finished.

"What do you think happened to them?" Rina asked.

Mikayla shrugged.

"They all probably became one with Ashla and Bogden years ago." She said.

"I met three of them." A baritone said.

Mikayla turned to see a Jedi standing a short distance away.

"Ani!" Several of the children cried.

"Did they block your lightsaber with their bare hands?" Mikayla asked.

"One of them did, another actually grabbed the blade and lifted it up." Ani said.

"Could they alter their forms?"Rish asked.

"I saw only two of them alter their forms." Ani said.

"If Ani said that he met them and could do all of that then Mikayla must be telling the truth." Even said.

The rest of the children nodded their heads.

"Thank you Mikayla for the story!" Bail said before running off with Ailyn


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