Hi, Cherry Blossom Cat here. So this is my first kingdom hearts fanfic. Hope you like it! It has TerraXAqua and RokuNami, with eventual RoxXion and VenQua. Rated T for blood in first chapter

Chapter 1

Ven's POV

Blood. There was blood everywhere.

It started off as a normal enough day, it was when we got home when all hell broke loose.

And it all started with a slightly open front door.

"Ven, the front door is open." Roxas, my twin brother spoke up. Looking at him was like looking in a mirror, the same gravity defying blonde hair, blue eyes, and innocent smile. We were almost identical, but I was ten minutes older. In fact, we were so alike that even Mom could not tell us apart, so she gave us each an armband to tell us apart. Mine had a zigzag pattern, while Roxas' had a checkered pattern.

I shrugged, "Mom was probably waiting for us today"

She had started doing that more often since dad left us for another woman, he still had to pay for everything, but he replaced us with a younger lady. And probably new kids too.

That was when we moved from Twilight Town to Radiant Garden, I was pretty upset to leave all my friends, and so was Roxas. We've stuck together in school and barely talked to anyone else, but it's only been a few months, I'm sure we'll make some soon.

I stopped dead when I walked into the house. The house was a mess, the furniture strewn everywhere, like a fight or struggle had occurred.

After a couple minutes of exploring the destroyed first floor, I finally found my voice again.

"Roxas, stay down here, I'm going upstairs to see- see what happened" to Mom, I thought inwardly. I wasn't quite sure what had happened upstairs, and I didn't want Roxas to get in danger.

"But-" Roxas began

"No." I said firmly

Not waiting for a reply, I charged up the stairs. What I saw upstairs made me stop dead in my tracks.

Blood. Everywhere. Leading straight to… oh no.

Mom's room.

I forced myself to follow the blood trail, my legs shaking with uncertainty.

What I saw in her room would be burned into my mind for good.

The first thing I saw was Mom's body, blood pouring from her chest, a kitchen knife stuck inside the wound. She was barely breathing, and when she saw me walk up to her, she whispered "Be good Ven, I love you both. And make sure to protect your brother" before her eyes closed and her breathing stopped.

"No Mom! Please…" I burst out in tears. "Don't leave me."

Then I saw the man approach and pull the bloody knife out of Mom's lifeless body.

I didn't even think twice before bolting down the stairs, almost colliding with Roxas. I could hear the man's heavy footsteps not far behind me. Protect your brother. That was what Mom said. Grabbing Roxas, I ran for the closet and forced him inside and locked the door.

" What the hell Ven? What's going on?" Roxas screamed, pounding on the door. "Ven?"

Before I knew what was happening, I felt something sharp press against my neck.

"Don't move or I'll kill you." The man whispered in my ear. "Now answer my question. Where is it?" he asked firmly, wrapping his arm around my body to keep me from running.

"Where is what?" I asked. What did he want? It must have been important for him to kill mom over it.

I felt a wave of despair wash over me amongst all the fear and panic.

Mom was dead.

"Don't play stupid with me!" The man pressed down on the knife harder. "Where. Is. It?" I winced as warm blood began to trickle down my throat.

"Ven! VEN!" Roxas was still shouting, desperately pounding on the door, trying to open it.

"Fine!" the man slowly drew the knife across my neck, leaving a deep cut in trailing behind.

This time I cried down in pain. Carefully, I looked down, only to find a sickening pool of blood forming at my feet.

The man's cell phone started to ring, making him slacken his grip on me. If I could, I would have tried to fight back or escape, but even standing up took up too much energy.

The man began mumbling something, but I didn't hear what he said. Maybe if I died, he would spare Roxas.

I barely felt the man let go and let me drop to the floor when my consciousness slipped away, probably for good.

Roxas' POV

Why did Ven lock me in the closet?

He was always too overprotective of me. For god's sake, I'm only ten minutes younger than he is!

But he looked really scared. Did that mean Mom was…?

No. I can't think that way. Mom's fine, Ven's just playing a stupid trick on me. Just a stupid trick.

"What the hell Ven?" I shouted. "What's going on?"

No response.

"Don't move." I heard a voice say from outside. It was definitely a male voice, but too deep to be Ven's.

I started pounding on the door again. "Ven! VEN?"

A pained cry cut through the air.

"Ven?" I was crying now, what was happening? Was Ven hurt? Dead?

As I heard the footsteps fade away, I sat down, wrapping my arms around my knees. "Ven…?"

Still no response.

This time I burst out crying. Mom's dead, Ven is probably dying right now, and here I was, locked in a closet, not able to do anything, destined to die of dehydration.

I sat there for… how long? Twenty minutes? Half an hour? I don't know, but after a long time, I heard more footsteps, then someone shout "There's a kid here! He's alive! Someone call an ambulance!"

Ven's alive? I was ready to cry in relief, he wasn't dead!

The door opened.

"Are you ok kid?"

I looked up; blinking at the sudden light, there was a police man. Who called the police? "I'm fine." I croaked, my voice hoarse from shouting. "Where's Ven?"

"Ven?" The man blinked, confused.

"My twin brother." I explained quickly. "Where is he?"

The man frowned. "You should sit down son. You've been in here for a while, and we need to ask a couple quick questions. What happened?"

"Fine!" I snapped. "All I know is that when I came home, it was a mess, and then Ven went upstairs. He came down and locked me in the closet. Happy now?"

The man looked surprised by my sudden venom. "Just one more thing…" he mumbled, rapidly scribbling down in his notepad. "Your name, your brother's and your fathers?"

"My name is Roxas Enix, and my brother is Ventus Enix. My dad is Eraqus Enix, he lives in Radiant Garden" I glared at him, ready to explode with impatience. "NOW can I go?"

The man sighed. "Come on then.", he said, leading me to the ambulance

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