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(Aqua's POV)

"This… isn't what it looks like?" Terra laughed nervously.

I glared at him. Not helping.

Roxas just stared at us in a daze, his sea-salt ice cream melting into an icy blue puddle on the floor.

"You- you guys…" He looked at us in shock, struggling to find the right words. After a couple more seconds, he swallowed, running a hand through his hair. "How long?" He demanded.

"Excuse me?"

"How long have you guys been dating?" he repeated, expression slightly annoyed.

Geez. He catches on fast.

"About three years." I replied, while Terra looked at me in surprise. Why bother lying anymore?

Roxas' face showed the slightest traces of disgust as he picked up a sketchbook from his bag.

"Wait." Terra stopped him before he left the room.

"What?" the response was snapped and laced with impatience.

"Don't tell Ven. Please." I begged, remembering how Ven was last night. He can't know.

To my surprise, Roxas let out a humorless chuckle. "Do you really think I'm that stupid?"

"I'm Ven's twin brother. If I can't even guess what's going on with him, what kind of twin would I be?" He glared at us. "Don't you guys dare hurt him. He trusts you two with all his heart, and you better not let him down like this."

With that, he walked out the room, footsteps fading as he walked down the hall, leaving me and Terra in an awkward silence.

(Roxas' POV)

I shook my head in disgust, getting some new ice cream from the refrigerator. How could they? They just… start dating the moment we leave, and never bother telling their supposed 'best friend'?

Then again… I shuddered slightly as I remembered the terrified response I get whenever I ask Ven about Mom's death. No person reacts that way to a simple question.

I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself as I walked outside, sinking my toes into the warm white sand that made up the beach.

"Here you go," I grinned, handing Namine a bar of Sea- salt ice cream. "So what do you think of the vacation so far?"

Namine smiled politely, talking a small bite out of the ice cream. "The house is gorgeous. It's a lot of fun here." She replied simply. "The views are great for practicing drawing."

"That's great to hear. I was getting worried that everyone would be bored." I laughed nervously.

"That's 'cause it is boring here." Vanitas deadpanned, strolling past us with a bowl of ice cream in his hand in his hand.

"If its so boring here, that what do you suggest we do, Vani?" My icy glare met his aloof golden one, which flashed in irritation at the pet name.

"Well…" He drawled, a deadly glint beginning to show in his eyes. "There is a carnival on a nearby island, so why don't we go there?"

"Sounds like fun!" Sora popped out of nowhere, causing me to yelp and fall face-first off the tree branch I was sitting on, ice cream falling to the ground with a splat. "I'll go ask everyone else!"

Vanitas sat down on a low hanging branch across fro me and Namine, leaving me to dust sand off myself. "Hey Roxas, what's this?" Namine asked, holding up my sketchbook.

"That's Roxy's little sketchbook." Vanitas smirked. "He brought it so that he can show off to you." He chuckled.

"V-Van! Shut up!" I snapped. "I don't even want to know what makes you think that." I mumbled, desperately trying to hide my growing blush.

Vanitas laughed again. "See, this is why you never get into the school play." He pointed a finger at me. "You can't act to save your life."

"It's true!" Axel yelled from behind me. "That's also why no one ever falls for your April fool's pranks!" Not helping.

I glared at the redhead, who just went back to pressing random buttons on his DS, saying something about "catching the real murderer" and "objection!".

Namine had already tuned out the conversations, flipping eagerly through the notebook, eyes flashing with interest.

"These are pretty good Roxas." She paused at a page, scanning the contents. "Could use a little more color, but they're really good!"

"Really?" My voice went a couple octaves higher than I intended for it to go. The fact that Axel and Vanitas had burst into laughter wasn't very comforting either.

Axel just laughed some more, unaware of the fact I was glaring daggers at him. If only looks could kill…

Oddly enough, it was Vanitas who spoke up. "Hey Xion," The black haired girl looked up. "Are you still going on that date with Riku?"

Xion blushed slightly. "Um… yeah. Why?"

"Well… do you think it would be alright if these two love birds joined you?" Vanitas wrapped an arm around me and Namine. "Wouldn't a double date be more fun?"

"Van, what the hell do you think you're doing?" I hissed at him. If Vanitas actually decided to help you then there was most definitely an evil motive of some sort.

"What? I can't help my big brother a little?"

"No, you can't. You always have some scheme to ruin it." I growled.

"Come on, I'm helping you out here. Just go with it and you can thank me later." He looked at me. "You do want to go on a date with her right? 'Cause if you don't…"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got it." I swatted his face away and managed to release his arm from my neck. "So what do you think Namine?" I asked awkwardly.

She paused for a second, though it felt like hours to me. "Yeah, that sounds good." She flashed a smiled. Perfect.

(Aqua's POV)

"Hey Ven." I sat down next to the boy, who was absentmindedly swirling a spoon in his melted bowl of ice cream. "How are you feeling?"

"Fine!" He replied, the comment sounding forcefully energetic.

"Are you sure?" I pressed, reaching a hand out to brush his bangs out of his face, only to retract it as the blond flinched violently.

"Yes. I'm sure." He replied in irritation.

"I heard Vanitas suggested we go to a carnival later." I attempted to make conversation as Terra dropped down in front of us, offering us each a bar of ice cream.

"Where'd you get your ice cream?" Terra asked, gesturing to the bowl in Ven's hands.

"Sora gave me his. You guys were talking too long." The answer came laced with impatience.

"Oh. Yeah." Terra grinned awkwardly. "Sorry 'bout that."

"Hey! Venny!" Vanitas shouted, walking up to us, his signature devilish smirk spread across his face.

"What do you want Van?" Ven groaned, suddenly looking exhausted.

"Well… I managed to set Namine and Roxas up on a double date with Xion and Riku…" His golden eyes looked at us, seeming to want us gone.

"Just spit it out Vanitas." Terra told him.

"Well I was wondering if you would like to join me and say… get Roxy and Xion together?"

Ven's ice cream bar dropped out of his mouth and hit the sand (Which I dully noted was happening a lot today, judging by the increasing number of colored puddles. It was really starting to look like a sugary rainbow threw up on the beach.).

"How- how did you know?" Ven stammered, looking at Vanitas in surprise.

"Please, you two are terrible actors. Everything your thinking shows on your face."

Ven's body went rigid at the thought. I could almost tell what he's thinking: If Vanitas could tell so easily, what does everyone else know?

"Well Ven? You in?"

"Yeah, I'm in." Ven nodded, relaxing. "When's the date?"

"Tomorrow." Vanitas shrugged, walking away again.

"He-hey! Van! Wait up!" Ven scrambled up, chasing after his stepbrother.

"Do you… think anyone else knows?" I asked Terra after a long silence.

He shrugged. "We've been pretty careful. I doubt it." A sigh escaped his lips. "If only we could just get it over with and tell him."


I leaned back, watching fluffy masses of clouds drift across the sky, painting the vast sky with blotches of white.

"That's it!" I sat up again, sending a spray of sand at Terra's face, causing him to sputter.

"What's it?"

"What if we got Ven together with someone? Say…" I pondered for a second. "Namine. Then he'll be happier and it would be easier to tell him right?"

Terra sighed. "Aqua, I love you very much, but that's a really selfish idea. We can't just force Ven to fall in love for our benefit. Besides, wouldn't it seem odd if the moment he starts dating someone, oh hey! We just happen to be dating! What a coincidence!" He brushed some more sand out of his face. "Not to mention Namine is going on a date with Roxas tomorrow."

Oh. That's a good point.

"At this point, all we can do is wait until he is ready." Some more unexpected wisdom from old man Terra.

"I have a feeling it's going to be a while before that happens..."

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