Dear Camp Crystal Lake,

I've been a prisoner and a slave to your memory for way too long, Camp Crystal Lake. In 1957, Jason Voorhees drowned within your boundaries. He was eleven years old, he was sick and deformed, he was slow, he was sweet and innocent. He was also my best friend. He was the only one of them I cared about. His mother Pamela was even more heartbroken than I was, now that's saying something.

Why, Camp Crystal Lake? Why did you take him away from me? How could you just let someone's best friend die? Jason wasn't just my best friend. He was more... he was too special for words. I can't describe him. All I know is that it's so hard to live without him...

I don't believe you, Camp Crystal Lake! I really don't! Do you think it had no effect on me? Do you... Do you think it was some sort of mercy killing? A kindness, a favor, that you did him? It's not! How could you think that?

You've made my life hell, Camp Crystal Lake. You killed my best friend Jason, my BEST friend! You ended a life that didn't even get the chance to truly begin. Jason could have been something great. He was sick but he could have overcome it. I know he could have. He could have done anything he wanted to, if you didn't take him.

Are you insane, Camp Crystal Lake? I don't understand why you would kill such a young, innocent child. Jason's future was so bright, but you dimmed it. Why did you allow my best friend to die while I fought to save him and you sat there and did nothing?

He was misunderstood, Camp Crystal Lake. Everyone hated him even when they had no reason to. Of course he looked different, but he had to. If everyone looked the same, how would you tell who was sick... who was dying? You knew Jason was sick, just by how unique he looked. But he had a favorite food, a favorite color, favorite activity, and he loved to read. He had a family, just like everyone else. He gave love, just like everyone else. He felt hurt, just like everyone else, but he felt more.

You've ruined so many lives, Camp Crystal Lake. You didn't just ruin Jason's life, his potential. Shall I count the lives you've destroyed? 1 - Jason Robert Voorhees. 2 - Pamela Sue Voorhees. 3 - Sabrina Callahan White. There will be more, I know... number 4, my one-year-old Ian. 5, any children I may have. 6, my 15-year-old sister Willow, who must watch me grieve every day of my life. You're the reason Paul and I fight. You ruined everything.

I'm letting the bad memories go, Camp Crystal Lake. I would call you Camp Blood if I could, like everyone else. But the fact is... I can't bring myself to do it. You brought me together with Jason at the beginning, and he was the best thing that ever happened to me. For this, I thank you; for Jason's death, I damn you to hell.

I can never forgive you, Camp Crystal Lake.

But at least, finally, I can be at peace with what you have done.

Happy Friday the 13th.

Happy birthday, my Jason.


Sabrina Callahan White

June 13, 1967