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"Alucard!" Caelum roared furiously as his hand regenerated quickly, "So, you finally show your face to me! It took you long enough!"

Alucard pulled his arm out of Caelum and the president grunted loudly, but it was not enough to make him howl or flail with pain. He merely went forwards, stumbling, clutching at the gaping hole in his chest whilst attempting to recover from the assault; Alucard used this time to make his way to Ruby and inspect the room; the floor was swathed with blood. Ruby was lying near her father with a missing leg. She was still conscious however, and was staring up at him with much agony as he lifted her slightly off the ground and into his arms.

"Leanne," He said, smoothing down her hair in his hands and holding her close to him, "Leanne, what has he done to you…? Your leg…" He need not say more. Growling low in his breath, Alucard turned to Samuel, who was lying beside her unmoving. Another deceased parent… As much as he wanted to get his mate out of here, it didn't seem likely, not with Caelum still here.

Police Girl, he barked, Where are you?

Seras' reply was instantaneous. I'm helping Mr Dornez evacuate workers from Oracle.

Walter can manage on his own. Come to the 150th floor, right now.

Eh? But I'm on my way to –

You are needed here, he asserted sternly.

Y-Yes, master!

With that conversation closed, he returned to Ruby who was gazing at him rather forlornly before she lowered her gaze down to her father. He cupped a hand to her cheek and gazed at her deeply, then turned away to deal with Caelum. "No, Alucard, don't – he'll kill you!" Ruby squeaked, grabbing onto his hand, "He has the Kukri knife and the Bowie knife! He melted them together to make special bullets!"

"…Is that so?" He murmured, and she whimpered when he returned to the middle of the room where Caelum was standing, as though waiting, his wound having healed already. His clothes did not appear to be tarnished as well.

The president glared at Alucard before his lips tugged upwards into a smirk, "It's just you and me now, No-Life King. You have betrayed us all by allying with the enemy and going against vampire-kind. You have no right to be called our 'King'. We will no longer fear you, for today, I will put an end to you!"

Ruby had crawled away with her one leg to a safer corner of the penthouse with her unconscious father in her arms and was now watching the scene in ushered silence.

"You don't even remember her, do you?" Caelum snarled, "...Of course you don't. You have so many victims, my sister does not even hold a candle to them. She was just another human you fed on. But that does not matter; I will avenge her death."

Both elder vampires stood opposite each other. With precise timing, both vampires drew forwards their respective weapons – Alucard with the Casull, Caelum with his customised handgun – and with their fingers curled around the trigger, both began firing immediately. The sound of gunshots repeatedly being fired off was deafening; both vampires blasted each other with bullets from their own side, letting the bullets slam into themselves, yet neither side were backing down.

Blood began to pool from Alucard's wounds and drip onto the floor where he was standing, mingling with Caelum's as his wounds began to make its presence known. Both did not even move from their spots; Caelum fired back in retaliation, gritting his fangs tightly as blood trickled down from his forehead over his face. He was grinning madly despite his injuries, and he was still standing although he had taken at least over twenty bullets that had been repeatedly slammed into his body without fail.

Eventually, what was left of their bodies was an unidentifiable pillar of torn flesh and blood. Caelum was swaying on his bullet-battered legs, his arms torn with only flesh serving as a means to keep it attached to his torso. Alucard's face was barely recognisable; the left side of his face was missing and his jaw was hanging off, the rest of his body was equally appearing as though he had been mauled and maimed, ridden with bullet holes and blood. Both vampires eventually slumped to the floor, their ruined bodies twitching.

The silence in the room was overturned when Caelum could be heard groaning slightly. Black shadows began to engulf him, repairing him in seconds, and he slowly got up to stand.

"…He is still alive?" He exclaimed, although he did not sound as surprised as he should have been, "The Kukri knife and Bowie knife are not enough?"

When he was met with silence, Caelum frowned viciously.

"Get up, Alucard," He snarled ferociously, "There is no point playing dead! You and I are the same. I know your tactics and they will not work on me!"

Sooner or later, Alucard began chuckling and he rose from the ground steadily, having also regenerated. It appeared the special bullets had little effect on him. "I applaud your efforts; you went through so much trouble to gather the strongest weapons known to vampire-kind," He said, "…Yet you should have been aware that although they may have defeated me 100 years ago…Abraham van Helsing ensured I would never again fall to the hands of those who wield those blades! I am their ultimate creation!"

Caelum threw a quick glance to his gun and growled. "Fight me properly then!" He barked, "We both know you cannot defeat me with a weapon of man! You are the No-Life King, are you not? You are the best of all of us! Why do you restrict yourself?"

"Fool!" Alucard snarled venomously at him in response, "A weapon of man is enough to render you impotent! I admire you, Caelum, because you are not as lowly as other vampire scum I have encountered, yet you are not the one I seek."

"Then perhaps you need some reinforcement…" Caelum retorted, before he aimed his gun at Ruby. He pulled the trigger but Alucard leapt in front of his mate protectively in time to take the brunt of the attack.

Alucard turned to Caelum in rage; he had had enough of enemies targeting Ruby. And with that in mind, Caelum's head flew off from his neck, along with his arm that was holding the gun, having been sliced off in one clean, invisible swipe. Blood spurted out from the stump of the neck and missing arm, splashing over the white marble walls in a thick, crawly mess. Alucard had not even touched him. The head bounced down the steps, and Ruby turned away from the horrific sight.

A small tug on his sleeve grabbed his attention and he turned to Ruby, who carefully unfurled a couple of silver bullets from her palm. "…I took these when he wasn't looking…" She whispered, before she planted the bullets into his hand.

He nodded, but then grunted as he was abruptly bisected from the waist in seconds in the same way he had decapitated Caelum. He landed on the ground near Ruby. He growled before his head was ripped off his shoulders, too.

"Alucard!" Ruby yelped helplessly. She hated being so useless in situations like these; there was nothing she could do except watch as both headless bodies crumpled to the floor.

The president's head was immobile, his eyes unmoving and his mouth half-open, but the room was bathed in raucous laughter that no doubt belonged to Caelum, "Did our previous encounter not teach you anything? You can cut my arms and my legs and my head off as much as you like, but I will not yield and do the same to you! I can keep this up all day, Alucard." The voice mocked menacingly, as his body began to get off the floor despite having no head.

The room fell into silence, before a sinister chuckle could be heard.

"You." It was Alucard, as shadows began to repair him instantly, "…I have not encountered an enemy like you before. The rest…they disheartened me. They raised my hopes up, only to sorely disappoint. But you… This is…fun…Yes, this is…so very…fun."

Alucard's tone suddenly lowered to a teasing purr, "Perhaps you and I are not so different after all…Yes, yes…" He was strangely invigorated and was now laughing with overwhelming glee, "You are dissimilar than the rest, vampire! I can feel your strength! You have strong resolution! You wish to defeat me? Then I shall humour you and let you try! Prove yourself, to me!"

He was responded with Caelum's cackling laughter.

Alucard slowly stood back up, "…Releasing control restriction at level 3…level 2…level 1…"

At the same time, Caelum's body also moved to a stance that was almost similar to Alucard's. From the stump of his ruined neck, a thick viscous, black froth began bubbling out; it was not blood, and Ruby watched in disgust as a revolting sludge began pouring out and was patching his head and arm back to normal; however, more sludge started to gurgle around him as though it had a mind of its own, ensnaring the room into complete darkness.

"Situation A. Cromwell approval is now in effect," Alucard said, "Commencing limited power release until the current target is in complete silence…"

But Ruby was watching Caelum; something was happening to him - his face was shifting, his pale skin bubbling as though there was something underneath that was writhing and flailing, as though something under a flimsy sheet was straining to burst out at any moment. And then, it happened. Caelum then let out a brutal bellow that made the walls tremble, and his skin began to tear apart to reveal a horrifying, flesh-coloured monstrous appearance underneath.

Caelum was grunting and snarling, as his body underwent the vicious transformation. His hands were beginning to change too - they were becoming scaly and his fingers were meshing together into three distinguishable lumps, he grabbed his open mouth with his claws – one on the bottom lip and the other grasping the top, before he tore apart his human exterior with his talons and huge chunks of bloody, blubbery flesh splat on the floor which soon dissolved into black, slushy mud.

He began clawing off his fangs to expose an even larger set of ragged incisors that sprung forth from his gums, his mouth now resembling the mandibles of a great beetle, and a wider, gaping maw that stretched all the way to his ears. His tongue burst apart to reveal a thick, pinkish-purple tentacle with a pointed tip and his hair grew sparse and slowly disappeared from the back of his head, having been replaced with a dozen spikes and two large horns on either side of his head, and as he heaved, breathing heavily and raggedly, there was the sound of flesh splitting and from his back, two leathery, flesh-coloured appendages began to stretch out, drenched in fleshy gunk, tendrils and blood. Wings. They were wings. In a matter of seconds, Caelum ripped off the rest of his fleshy, human exterior and belted out a loud, monstrous roar that filled the room and made the walls shake. Ruby gasped; it was the same roar she had heard when she was in the pod-lift to the 150th floor…

In his ancient demonic form, Caelum began to rise and with a giant swing of his arm, he knocked over the desk in his way which smashed into the wall in smithereens.

"ALUCARD!" He roared; even his voice had changed to accommodate his terrifying appearance. This time, the entire building seemed to have shaken from his bellow. His form was gargantuan and he almost reached the ceiling. His appearance resembled an ashen-coloured, bipedal creature, his thighs were large and bulky, veiny and thick and his arms long and heavy. Where his hands should have been, were simply three sharp claws.

"Ah, impressive. You have an ancient form," Alucard commented, "I have not come across a single vampire in the world who has retained or is capable of transforming into this form."

"Of course! And we shall see who is the strongest, No-Life King!" snarled the demon, "You betrayed us, you lapdog of Hellsing! You no longer possess your ancient form! You are nothing but a shadow of your former self! You forfeited the right to call yourself King and to rule over us!"

Ruby couldn't believe her eyes; Caelum had turned into a being she thought impossible! She hastily whipped her head to Alucard yet he was only in the form she had only seen once, the form where he appeared thin, wasted and sunken, a hollowed-out shell of what he had been. A shadow, as Caelum said. But Alucard was still. He did not even retaliate when Caelum came at him, and Ruby screamed, screamed at him to get out of the way, to avoid the attack, to evade, but Alucard dodged before Caelum could attack and in his place, his hellhound had appeared.

The hellhound and Caelum went head on, its mouth splitting open to reveal an arm which was holding the Casull. A few bullets were fired from the silver gun but Caelum was unaffected, and the hellhound came to a stop as Caelum grabbed it in his massive jaws and bit off a huge chunk of the creature. The hellhound yelped, collapsing to the ground in a mass of dark shadows before it simply disappeared, dissolving into nothingness.

Next, Caelum averted his attention to Alucard; his monstrous fist came crashing down, the impact splitting the floorboards, leaving only a crater behind. The furniture trembled and Ruby was thrown off balance, but Alucard was nowhere to be seen and in an instance, he had reappeared behind Caelum, about to land a blow. Caelum dodged, despite his hulking form. The fight continued. Neither end was backing down until Caelum was about to lunge at Alucard.

"Master!" A voice yelled, and then a hail of bullets briefly pummelled into Caelum's back, temporarily halting him in his pursuits. "Get away from him!"

"You…" Caelum growled, his attention now averted to Seras, who had finally arrived at the penthouse. She had her gun ready and aimed at him; however, when she saw his monstrous form, her face drained of colour as he stomped towards her. "Stay out of this…"

"Eek!" She squeaked when Caelum smacked her away like a bug and Seras went flying towards Ruby's side.

"Seras!" Ruby quickly helped her up off the floor as soon as the draculina landed near her.

"Ruby, are you alright…?"

She nodded as Alucard threw his gaze to the two as they huddled in the corner, "You're late, Police Girl." He sneered, and Seras whimpered somewhat. "Get my mate out of here. Don't ask any questions."

"Yes, master." Seras hastily stood to pick Ruby up. "Here, give me your arm." She looped Ruby's arm around her own neck to support her before reaching down to pick her up, along with her gun. Ruby did not protest, but she glanced at her father's body. Without waiting for her to speak, Seras quickly added, "We'll come back for him; I can't deal with you both right now. Right now, I really need to get you out of here."

Ruby nodded meekly, after a long hesitation. They began to leave the room and now Alucard's attention was now solely focused on defeating Caelum. He was also relatively surprised that Caelum had no qualms about this, either. As the girls began to leave, Caelum lunged at Alucard for another devastating attack - he hadn't the time to evade – Caelum's jaws closed around the upper left of Alucard's body and his arm, which he promptly ripped off with a fierce jerk of his head.

To Alucard's surprise, Caelum began to chew on his flesh, but his short victory was cut short when the flesh withered into shadows. An illusion! "Damn you!" Caelum grunted, and he turned to his side – he had anticipated an attack from somewhere where he would least expect it – and knocked Alucard away again.

However, Alucard was unfazed from the attack and had seized Caelum by one of his wings and with a mighty tug, there was a loud snap and one of the wings went under in his grip like a twig, crumbling underneath his fingertips like brittle. Caelum screamed, as Alucard then went to tear off his second wing, and puddles of black sludge began leaking everywhere.

"Aaarghh!" Caelum roared, doubling over.

As Caelum slammed through the walls and into the corridor outside, he got back up, shaking dust and debris off him. With his wings torn off, Caelum collapsed once more against the ground, hissing and grunting.

"I will not be defeated by the likes of you!"

Rising again, Caelum went charging towards him with all the strength he had, but Alucard took out the small number of bullets which Ruby had salvaged for him. He slotted them into the Casull carefully and slammed the clip into place; he deftly raised his gun at the rampaging monster, the nozzle aimed directly in between the eyes.

Caelum was nearly there; he was closing the distance between himself and Alucard – no, not yet, it was not time… Alucard would need a closer range, a more accurate shot – and Caelum pushed off the ground to lunge at him, he was about to sink his fangs into the vampire and this was the time – Alucard's finger curled around the trigger and he fired. Once. Twice. Three times. Four. The bullets slammed into Caelum with a force that was strong enough to repel him backwards, sending him flying. He landed on the ground, hard, gasping. In his stunned state, Caelum shook off smoking bullets from himself, and the shells clattered to the floor.

He rose up again for another assault but then –

His body shuddered.

He found himself coming to a stop, before he dropped to his knees. He doubled over and violently threw up, black sludge escaping from his gullet. He smothered away the foul gunk and then felt something wet trickling down his temple. He lifted a hand to see blood from where one of Alucard's bullets had penetrated him. He was bleeding. Realising his hand too, had changed somewhat, he lowered his shaking hands, where he could see his scaly skin eroding away, his three talons splitting and returning to five, ivory human fingers. He was returning to his human form? Caelum grunted when jaws began to detract and his skin began patching up; there was the sound of bones snapping and with a howl, he threw himself to curl over the floor, as his ancient form withered away without his consent.

"…Im…Impossible…" He croaked out, when he finally had the strength to get up, he had returned to normal. He attempted to strike out again, but he let out a sharp cry of pain and retreated when his body went stiff. Alucard strode over, watching his enemy writhe on the floor helplessly as blood began pouring from the wounds caused by the special bullets. This time, Caelum did not appear to regenerate. "…You hit me with…"

"Your own bullets." Alucard replied. In his hand, he was clutching one of Caelum's horns which he had also managed to rip off, which he grinded into dust with a squeeze of his hand.

His eyebrows furrowed, "How dare you – you used my weapon against me!" He barked furiously.

"Indeed." Alucard said, "And now, you are wide open for an attack."

Caelum screamed when his leg shot off, in the same way Ruby's leg had been severed by him earlier on. He glared up at Alucard bitterly, blood pooling around him. "A leg for a leg, hah! I like your style…" He grunted, struggling with his missing limb.

"…It is a shame you are a vampire…had you been human, I may have been enthralled by your efforts." Alucard mused as he towered over the defeated vampire, "…Are you not aware? A monster cannot defeat me. The ones who kill monsters…are always humans."

As Seras and Ruby moved down the halls, the ground beneath them began to shake and they turned to each other as the ceiling spotlights started to flicker on and off.

"What was that?" Ruby asked, although she felt like she already knew the answer to that question.

Seras glanced around nervously, as the building walls began to tremble violently, "…They must have activated the self-destruct! Let's just hurry and get out of here!"

"But my dad…"

"Let's just hurry and get out of here first!" Seras cried, and with Ruby in tow, they scurried down the corridor until Ruby came to a gradual stop when she could hear distant, mournful howling.

"Wait!" She retreated her arm from Seras and hopped over to a room with a cage, using the wall for support. "The wolves!"

The blonde blinked in confusion. "Huh?" Seras squeaked, but the brunette was already halfway down the corridor. Picking up her pace, she had no choice but to follow Ruby.

Eventually, Ruby stopped at an open doorway and Seras trailed in after her; Ruby stepped inside, before immediately manoeuvring her way to a large cage. To her surprise, the door was unlocked yet she could see one lone wolf inside. It was the grey wolf - the one with the missing eye - which had been howling sorrowfully. Ruby glanced around the rest of the cage to see a rather bloody mess; her eyes widened when she got an eyeful of the white, furry body lying on the floor of the cage…except its head was missing…

She gasped at the cruelty of it all. It…it's head has been…cut off…Who could do such a terrible thing? Gagging slightly, she thought she was about to be sick and slammed a palm over her mouth. The walls shook again and Seras turned to her worriedly before tugging at her sleeve, "Ruby, we have to go!"

"A-alright," Ruby regained her composure and turned to the remaining wolf who was still howling loudly. "Come here boy, let's go."

The wolf stopped howling and snarled at her loudly, snapping its jaws at her outstretched arm; she gulped and stepped backwards. But then the wolf stopped snarling and lowered its head to its dead companion, and whined lowly. She gawped at it for a few moments before she mustered the bravery once more to reach out for it and when she attempted to reach out for the wolf-dog again, it did nothing; instead, it gave her a confused look and when her palm crept closer and closer to it, it backed away.

"It's okay, I won't hurt you…"

Her palm finally made contact with the top of its head; automatically, the dog's ears flattened and it closed its one eye. Its fur was coarse, rough and hard to touch. It was then she realised the wolf-dog itself hadn't appeared to have bathed for a long time; she patted it gently before retreating her hand only for the dog to come plodding towards her.

"Ruby, what are you doing?" Seras demanded nervously as Ruby smiled; the dog stopped shortly in front of them. "Uh…it says 'Prototype werewolf'…That doesn't sound very good!"

She glanced from the dog, to Seras. "But I can't leave the poor thing here." She reached out for it and wrapped her arms around its bulky body and lifted it out of the cage. Despite its size and weight, she had no difficulty. The wolf-dog went still for a brief moment, then turned to her, its tail wagging, and began to lick at her face, making her giggle. "Okay, let's go."

With the dog safely in her arms, they began to leave the room. Soon, the walls began to disintegrate around them and the werewolves' room caved in right after they departed; there was a loud rumble and they hastily picked up pace; Ruby inwardly hoped Alucard would finish the fight soon and return. For now, they were tasked with sussing out how to exit. The pod lift was no longer working; in fact, the entire elevator shaft was going haywire and crazy, sparks were flying and the touch screen was fuzzy and hectic.

"Mr Dornez!" Seras was yelling down her fitted earpiece, "Mr Dornez, can you hear me? We're stuck!"

There was no response. Seras stopped in her attempts to contact Hellsing and turned to Ruby helplessly. There they were, trapped in the one hundredth and something floor, with no way to escape. They resorted to trampling down the crumbling staircase hurriedly until a figure swooped into view in front of them.


Ruby and Seras leapt slightly, as the white-haired vampire stood in front of them, blocking their way. He threw a sideways glance to Seras but did nothing as she then moved herself in front of Ruby and the wolf-dog protectively and readied her gun; however, Luther did not seem hostile. Instead, he reached forwards and grabbed Ruby and Seras' hand and then –

I have come to get you out of here.

"Huh?" came Seras' and Ruby's astonished responses. "You can talk?" Seras added, while Ruby continued to blink at him owlishly.

Luther rolled his eyes gently. I may be orally comprised but I am not telepathically restricted.

Ruby couldn't believe her ears; Luther's voice swarmed into her mind identical to the so few times when Alucard would speak to her, too. She spluttered out, "What about Mary?"

My master sent me to retrieve you. I do not disobey her.

"But the building is falling apart!"

He frowned. My master sent me to retrieve you. I DO NOT disobey her.

"Hey, wait – " Seras was temporarily interrupted when she felt her feet leaving the floor, and in a matter of seconds, they had teleported out of the vicinity of Oracle and back to safety. "Whoa!" She exclaimed when she landed back on the ground; she looked around quickly, staring back at the Hellsing soldiers who had been setting up a defensive stance behind their vans. They stared wide-eyed at the draculinas in return.

Ruby and Seras then turned to Luther, their jaws hanging open slightly. Now if you excuse me, I must return for my master… Luther let go of their hands and teleported away, leaving Seras and Ruby to turn to each other in confusion.

"…He saved us…"


Alucard glanced around as the penthouse began to cave in as though an earthquake had struck. The bookshelves toppled over one another and books came flying out of their shelves. Eventually, there was a low groan and Alucard turned to the window behind him; there was a loud 'crack', before the first fracture in the glass appeared from the bottom of the window pane. A few seconds later, the rupture grew and stretched up and up like the branches of a tree, before the window completely shattered. A cold wind began pouring into the office in seconds.

And as Caelum lay crumpled and defeated in front of Alucard surrounded by his destroyed office, he spat out a mouthful of blood, and another, and another.

"…Ah…ahhh …" He was breathing heavily, "…This can't be happening…The bullets are…I did not think I would be vulnerable…urghhh…" No use. The metal was seeping into him and was now attacking every cell of his body, eating away at everything that was of him. There was no way to escape this. Turning to Alucard bitterly, he spat out, "But you…You are still alive…!"

"Of course I am." Alucard sneered at him, "I was defeated once, and Hellsing made sure I would never be, ever again. They designed me to be formidable, invincible…indestructible…From the very beginning, you never should have hoped that you could defeat me."

With that said, Caelum swallowed down bitterly. "…So… So, this is what it feels like to die…" He murmured, before he turned his head to the side; he could hear footsteps, and a familiar figure had entered the room and was running up to him, although the shaking ground was throwing her to and fro as she made her way into the room. "…Ah, Mary…is that you? What are you doing here…?"

"Father!" She fell to her knees by his side, weeping; her hands shook as she inspected his battered body. He was not healing at all. "…No…father, no!"

He laughed under his dying breath. "I am not your father… I stole you from your real family on a selfish whim…" A mass of blood was trickling down his head as he spoke slowly, as though each word he said was a strain, "…I had even wanted to kill you when I held you in my arms…Go, go now. Leave me. Leave me be…"

She shook her head furiously. "No, I don't want to. I don't care. I…I know what kind of person my mother was. I was a lot better off with you; you treated me like your own daughter despite what she did to you…you are my family. You're my real family. You're my father - "

He chuckled weakly, "…You are…a stupid girl. How can a human be the daughter of a vampire…?"

"I-I don't care… I don't care that you haven't aged but I did. I don't care if it looks strange. It doesn't mean anything…" She cried, sobbing, and Caelum grunted angrily as a few lukewarm tears spilled onto his decaying body. Alucard turned away to inspect the failing building; Oracle was about to go under soon, yet Mary glanced up at him and said, "I'm not going to leave him."

Caelum grunted again, "Mary…" He murmured, yet his lips formed a weak smile, "…Ma…ry…I had a dream…I wanted a family…It was you…"

And he inhaled a breath, a deep and heavy breath; his eyes closed, and his hand fell limp in Mary's grip as his body withered away into dust.

One week later.

"Well, it's been a pleasure working with you on the case of the Order of the Black Flame." Morris said, as he leisurely wheeled himself down the corridor with Integra walking beside him. "I'll be taking this little dude with me." He grinned at Joshua as the dracul carried their suitcases and backpacks.

"Have a safe journey," Integra said, as they stopped at the door leading to the courtyard where their car was waiting, "Both of you have been a great help."

"You're very welcome." Morris shook her hand and tipped his fedora hat at her politely while Joshua flushed slightly as Integra shook his hand, smiling lightly at the boy, "Well, that's us. We're off to catch our flight. Oh, wait before I go, here – " He rummaged around and plucked out a small card from the breast pocket of his suit and handed it to her.

"What's this?" Integra raised an eyebrow as she accepted the card. There was a phone number on it scribbled messily in smudged blue ink.

"That's the contact number of a group of mercenaries I once hired. They're led by a guy called Pip Bernadotte. He's brave, very trustworthy, and he always gets the job done. If you ever fall short of good men, keep this guy and his mercenaries in mind."

Integra slipped the card into her pocket, "Thank you, I'll keep it in mind."

"Well, we'd better get going if we don't want to miss this flight."

"Very good. Farewell, Morris, Joshua."

"Bye, Sir Integra." Joshua smiled at her in response.

Morris turned to the rest of the Hellsing household one-by-one who had been watching silently from the sidelines of the courtyard. Walter was beside Seras who was waving at the two cheerfully; Alucard was standing beside Ruby, no, Leanne, with his arm wrapped around her shoulder. Since the fall of Oracle and the death of her surrogate parents, the poor girl had been a recluse. It was not a great way to start everlasting life. He had to admit he felt a little bad she had been turned to a creature destined to walk in the darkness. Nevertheless, he said, "It was nice to meet you, Mr Alucard, Miss Ruby, Miss Victoria, Dr Seward, Walter…"

Now it was the dracul's turn to bid farewell. "Bye, everyone…" Joshua said meekly, and immediately there was a hubbub of farewells and goodbyes.

"Goodbye, Mr Morris, Mr Sloan."

"Farewell, Sniffer Dog."

"We'll miss you guys."

"Come back to visit!"

Morris grinned, while Joshua flushed under Alucard's scathing nickname, but then he smiled sheepishly and Alucard grinned in response. At least the feelings were now mutual. "Alright then, let's go." Morris said, wheeling himself towards the car.

However, Seras and Ruby went over to the dracul before he turned to leave and each gave him a lengthy hug. "Bye Josh, you'll have an excellent time in America." Seras said, patting his shoulder affectionately.

"Yeah; don't worry, Mr Morris will look after you." Leanne added, and she tried to smile, but he knew she was upset by his departure.

Joshua nodded in response. "…I'll miss you guys..."

They let him go and watched Morris inch into the car with Walter's help, and Joshua climbed into the awaiting car after; it would take them directly to the airport. Morris and Joshua's suitcases were deposited into the trunk with Walter's help and the butler shut the door behind them. Joshua began waving frantically immediately, and Leanne waved back, a little sadly. She silently watched the car pull out of the yard and disappear into the main road.

After the fall of Oracle, things had been…different.

The reason for the destruction of Oracle was never made clear although it was most likely that Caelum had activated the self-destruct before they stormed the corporation. It was inevitable. His bar self-destructed, his island and fort self-destructed, and now his corporation had self-destructed, too. They spent a few minutes from a safe distance watching the magnificent building crumble like jenga blocks. Soldiers that had been sent in came out. Those who did not survive would forever remain buried underneath the destroyed building. Luther never returned, and Mary was never seen again. Walter had successfully evacuated the last of the human Oracle workers who were then held into custody for questioning as soon as Seras and Leanne were safely teleported out of the precinct thanks to Luther. The receptionist was seen screaming as she escaped from the crumbling edifice.

Integra had a hard time trying to keep the media away. News spread, stating another terrorist attack had targeted a medicinal research facility for reasons unknown, and the young president had been killed and the entire building had collapsed into oblivion. The financial district was closed off.

Alucard re-emerged from the ruins of the corporation with Samuel's body and found Leanne with Seras recuperating at the vans. She had regenerated her leg, and in her arms, she was holding a large grey dog that appeared to enjoy being carried, with its frontal and hind legs folded neatly and its tail wagging gently.

"What is that?" He had asked, as she clutched the dog to herself tightly as though it offered her some form of comfort, knowing that all her parents were dead, real AND surrogate; he knew the creature was some kind of dog but she could not come up with a straight answer as to what kind of dog it was and why she had saved it. And what on earth was a 'prototype werewolf'?

As Seward tended to injured soldiers, Integra emerged from the van and congratulated everyone for a job well done. That was the end of the Order of the Black Flame. No more Knights. No more Caelum. The soldiers celebrated when they returned to Hellsing, but the Director and her associates remained far from a joyful mood.

Morris had helped Integra deal with the Knights of the Round before Sir Irons sent a message, instructing him to return to America, since his job in Hellsing, in Britain, was completed. Morris had to return to his family, to train their people, the mercenaries and also explain what had happened to his family's prized artefact, the Bowie Knife. Hopefully, he said, he wasn't in too deep water... He asked Joshua if he wished to come with him to the States, and to everyone's surprise, Joshua had agreed. Hellsing quietly returned to normal. However, Morris' and Joshua's missing presences might take some time to get used to.

Another week passed, and Alucard realised he saw less and less of Leanne despite the fact that he believed this was her time of need. Even calling her by 'Leanne' was a little...different, since he'd been so used to her being known as Ruby. Regardless, she was still the mate he had claimed but she was quiet around him and her eyes were always unfocused, not that he blamed her. In her period of mourning over the revelation of the death of her real parents, and her fake parents, he would show her how much he loved her and cared for her, and she would smile and when he would hug her, she would hug him back… but then she would return to her quietness and that distant look in her eye would re-appear, as though she had been claimed by a haze.

Today, he found her missing from his basement. He especially had a coffin built for two constructed. It was wide, awkward-looking and Integra snickered at first but the coffin could fit two people so no more lonely nights for Alucard. He woke up in the two-person coffin to find his companion gone, and arrived upstairs, only to hear from a couple of nosy soldiers skulking around that they had seen Leanne speaking to Integra before leaving the mansion by herself. She did not take a chauffeured car or Hellsing van. Before he made his leave, Police Girl approached him and asked if she could come with him to find her. After he agreed, he followed his mate's scent to a graveyard.

She was kneeling in front of four gravestones, and there was another person with her: Luther.

Whilst two of the gravestones she was kneeling in front of appeared old and as though they had been in the graveyard for years, judging by the stone's dishevelled appearances, the faded names etched on the graves as well as the amount of moss and fern growing on it, the other two stones appeared more recent, with a sharper finish and the names of Samuel and Dahlia etched clearly.

The grey werewolf-dog she had salvaged from Oracle was also here too, except it had an eyepatch and a leash around its neck (not that it seemed to have minded) which was loosely tied around the trunk of a tree. How Integra had allowed this supposed 'prototype werewolf' to stay with them was beyond Alucard's comprehension. The wolf-dog had proven harmless, however. After Ruby brought it back to Hellsing, she had given it a bath and looped an eyepatch over its sewn eyelid. However, when she tried to give it dog food, it refused and growled at its dish before knocking it away with its muzzle.

The dog was sleeping, resting on its paws, before it sensed the vampires approaching. It looked up with its one amber eye, and got up before stretching, then proceeded to shake its fur.

"What is it, Grey?" Leanne asked as she reached over to pet the dog, and she turned around, followed by Luther. The white-haired vampire was not in his usual attire of his black leather trenchcoat and boots, but rather, a black t-shirt and dark-washed skinny jeans and white converses. His mask was missing, to everyone's surprise, revealing a very young and handsome face...even his hair was no longer at waist-length. It was cut short, gelled and fashioned into a spiky hairstyle. He looked like a completely different person... Luther stood up, followed by Leanne.

"What's going on?" Seras asked, as she swerved her gaze to the albino vampire.

"Luther came to pay respects to my family, and Mary." Leanne replied.

The vampire looked perfectly normal until he opened his mouth, revealing his fractured teeth and his slit-mouth. His disfigured maws practically pulled back to reach to his ears. Seras could not help but stare. He took Leanne's hand, which made Alucard twitch somewhat. I will take my leave.

Leanne tilted her head slightly, "You don't have to. In fact, you're more than welcome to join us. Hellsing could always use additional help." She replied. "It doesn't matter what you were before. It's what you do now that counts."

I appreciate the offer, but I'm afraid I must decline. I wish to redeem myself, He said, via their telepathic connection, Perhaps we will meet again.

"The hospital could help you. They could fix you."

Leanne, what has happened to me is beyond reparable.

"…What will you do? Where will you go?"

He thought for a while. I think I will visit my brother.

She blinked, "…Brother?"

Yes, I have a twin brother. He is still alive. After I became what I am, I was ashamed to face my family. I believe it is time to make amends. He replied, nodding, Goodbye, Leanne.

"Bye, Luther, but…just know that you can always find us."

"Thank you for helping us." Seras added, remembering that he had teleported them to safety from Oracle.

He stiffened, then his face went a slightly dark, red hue, before he silently released her hand and turned to Seras and Alucard, who gave him an acknowledging nod. Then, Luther began to leave the cemetery. The group watched him disappear from the cemetery gates before vanishing; Seras then moved to squat down beside Leanne to pat the dog. "He wasn't really a bad person at all, was he…?"

"He's not. He was Mary's servant, and although he listened to her, he also obeyed Caelum's commands, for he was her father."

"So his loyalty was with Mary the entire time..." Seras averted her attention to the dog who was now licking at her cheek affectionately. "Good boy."

"Yeah, Grey's a good dog." Leanne said, as she turned to Alucard who moved to stand behind her.

"You have even named the damned creature." Alucard commented, as Grey began growling at him. He raised an eyebrow in response at Grey's uncalled hostility. "You are not thinking of keeping it, are you?"

"…I don't want to give him to an animal shelter…" Leanne pouted, as she stroked the dog's back, which made it temporarily stop growling at Alucard.

"I like him." Seras said, with a grin. As she began playing with the dog who was now sniffing her curiously, she added, "Leanne, what are you doing here anyway?"

"My real parents are buried here." She said, before glancing up at Alucard. "Sir Integra told me this morning. She also had my mum and dad buried here, too." Leanne dusted her lap before moving to stand beside him, where he wrapped an arm around her, rubbing her shoulder affectionately.

"It's nice here." Seras remarked, smiling lightly as she began untying Grey's leash. "How are you feeling?"

"…I... don't know."

"We brought flowers."

"Thanks." Leanne murmured, as Seras lay down the bouquet of flowers she had bought as well Joshua and Morris' share next to Leanne's flowers; because there were four gravestones, she had to spread them equally. "Thank you."

"You're welcome."

"I'm going to stay here for a while. Would you like to walk him, Seras? I think he's bored…"

"Sure… Let's go, boy. Let's go." Seras began leading the dog away from the grave, leaving Alucard and Leanne alone.

They watched Seras walk the dog down the path away from the gravestones and out of sight. Leanne turned to Alucard, and he took her hand. He led her to an empty wooden bench near the gravestones, and she sat down beside him. They sat in silence, staring at the lush green hills and the numerous tombstones and the cloudless blue sky until…

Leanne sighed loudly. "…What do we do now?"

He chuckled in response as he sat casually beside her with his legs crossed. "…What now indeed?"

"I don't know."

"When I woke up this morning and found you absent from my side, I was concerned."

She sighed gently, "Sorry. It's just...I never knew my real parents." She mumbled, as she delved a hand into her pocket before retrieving what appeared to be a photograph and a folded piece of paper. "Sir Integra found the location of our burned house. I was hoping you could come with me."

"Of course."

"...I wonder what I'll find there."

He placed his arm around her gently. "Let me see." He took the photograph off her along with the piece of paper. Once unfolded, the paper revealed an address. "Are you sure you are ready?"

"Yeah. And after I do that...Maybe I'll do something I haven't done before, Alucard."

"Such as?"

"I'd like to go somewhere nice…Go travelling... Or maybe I'll take up a new hobby." She said, with a smile playing on her lips, but then, she dropped her smile a few moments later and sighed again, "…What if I end up like Caelum?"

He turned to face her in the seat next, "You fear you would end up like Caelum?"

"It seems…inevitable. One can only live for so long, to live long enough to become sick of life. How long is forever?"

"You seem insightful all of a sudden."

She punched his shoulder playfully and he grinned, "I'm serious. Why do you think he did those things, Alucard?"

"He was obscured by the revolving doors of vengeance and inevitably lost track of his purpose." Alucard replied, "...We all do."

"You mean he went to the dark side?"

"…In your words, yes."

"But I also think it really was because he really was bored. He hasn't lived for as long as you, but…close enough, I guess, and…it must have taken a toll on him. In the end, he was just waiting for death. I'm really surprised you aren't like him…"

"Hmm…" His grin widened; Alucard wrapped his arms around her and spooned her into his lap, lifting her legs to lie over the rest of the bench; joggers and dog-walkers passing them gave them awkward looks but they paid no attention to the unwanted spectators. "What makes you think that?" He purred, as he leant in close to her to nibble at the side of her neck.

"Because," Leanne began, as he buried his nose into her nape, "After everything we've been through, I know what kind of vampire you are, which distinguishes you and Caelum."

"You are forgetting one thing."


"He never found his mate. He did not have what I have, which is you."

She glanced down, blinked at him, then smiled, "I hadn't thought about that." She said, before she wrapped her arms around him tightly in response. They remained in each other embrace for a long time until…

"Don't let the darkness take over."

She let go of Alucard in acute surprise. Where had that come from? "…Darkness?"

He took her hand and rubbed at the back before gazing deeply into her eyes, "…You may be brave at the moment, but underneath that tough exterior," He brought her hand to his lips and kissed it gently, "...I know just how fragile you really are."


"But I will be there for you. Until then, do not succumb," He murmured, before he pulled her down and held her close to him again, "…I won't let the darkness consume you, Leanne."

"Uh…well, I don't think I'd – " She suddenly stopped to hold at her stomach, "…Ahh…Owww. Ow."

"What is it?"

"Owww, what the…oww." She climbed out of his lap and limped away from the bench, clutching at her abdomen.

Alucard was at her side in moments, "Leanne?"

As he helped her back up, the pain gradually subsided and she blinked, having returned to normal. The pain had ebbed away as soon as it came. "I'm…I'm okay, I think." She wiped away at some sweat from her brow and turned to him, "That was weird. I'm fine now."

He shook his head, "Come, I'll take you to see Dr Seward."


Seward lowered his stethoscope and looped it around his neck. "You're free to go, Miss Van der Linde."

She hopped off the examining bed, watching Seward return to his desk. "…I've never been to an examination like this before." She said, as she sat down opposite him before she threw a quick glance to the closed door; Alucard was waiting outside for her patiently.

"It is vampire-exclusive." replied the Doctor as he wrote some brief notes in his pad, "From now on, Sir Integra wishes you to attend such health examinations twice a month."

"Sure. Um, Dr Seward…can I ask a question?"

"Yes, Miss Van der Linde?" He asked, as he continued scribbling down without looking up at her.

"How did these…practises come about?"

"Well," The doctor stopped and turned to face her properly. "As you must know by now, I am not exactly a doctor intended to examine humans. There is no specific title for my occupation and field of practise, but these implementations have been derived by Abraham van Helsing and my descendant, who were the first to examine Alucard. Utilising the No-Life King as our prime example, we generally apply these practises to any vampire nowadays."

"Hmm, I take it it's not a very…well-known job, is it?" She asked anxiously. Now that she thought about it more…Hellsing already had a residential doctor who was human, why did Sir Integra ask Seward to come?

"No, it is very discreet."

"Okay, so…is everything alright? I'm…fine? That stomach ache wasn't anything serious, right?"

Seward gave her a light smile, "Miss Van der Linde, there is nothing wrong with you at all." He replied.

She pointed to her stomach, "Then why did I…?"

"You're pregnant." He said, and her jaw dropped; she stared at him with widened eyes, "Congratulations. Mr Alucard will be very happy to hear the good news."

There was a silence; Leanne slumped in her chair in disbelief, then -



"Where are we going, Mr Thade?"

"Och, ye'll see, ye'll see. We're almost there, laddie. Ne'er fear, as long as Thade is here."

Caelum was dead, having been defeated by Alucard. Oracle was also no more. Garth, having lost his home, had no place to go. Mr Caelum had given him orders to deliver his blood to Thade, along with the blood of that girl called Ruby. He also had orders to decapitate one of the werewolves and bring its head to Thade, too. Why he had to do these things, he wasn't sure, but Thade had allowed Garth to follow him from now on.

"Why did Mr Caelum ask me to deliver all these things to you?" Garth asked, as he ogled at the dead body of a woman he did not know who was slung over Thade's shoulder. "Who is this woman? Did you kill her?"

"Shuddup." Thade stumbled through the clearing of the forest with his knapsack and the dead body, along with the vials of blood Garth had given him tucked safely into his pocket. In his other hand, he clutched the piece of rolled up parchment to his breast.

Garth trailed after him meekly.

"Och, ah hope ah pronounce this properly." He mumbled under his breath as he put on his spectacles; he unravelled the parchment with much care; the flimsy paper bent under his fingertips although he was not even holding it with much force. It was ragged round the edges and curled, almost identical to a delicate, brown rag. Laying the parchment out before setting all four corners flat on the ground with fat, weighty stones he gathered nearby, he cleared his throat to discard his accent. "Ah, that's better."

Garth stared. "Your voice – "

"What? What about my voice?"

"You're speaking…"

"What? What is it? You mean for once, I'm actually speaking like a normal person for a change? Well, of course. It's all just an act."

"…And what is that?" He was pointing to the parchment.

"You'll see soon enough, Garfield."

Leaving the parchment where it was, he carried the dead body to the stone tablet and dropped it over with intense regard. He tucked the arms and legs together and even slotted a comfortable array of leaves under the head. The body was of a young woman, pretty and blonde, with accentuated curves but still with a thin, childish frame and stature. He looked a little longingly at the woman and sighed gently under his breath.

With the vials of blood, he returned to the parchment on the floor and leaned over for a better view, then he took the vial that contained Caelum's blood and held it high over the body of the woman. Thade began muttering the latin incantation immediately before uncorking the vial and spilling Caelum's blood over the body, the red liquid splashing all over the dead woman's skin and clothes, staining her white dress a brilliant red.

"Blood of ancient vampire, check."

Next, Thade grabbed the second vial out of his pocket and uncorked that, too. He did the same with this vial of blood, too, spilling it over the woman. The blood mingled with Caelum's blood, and slowly began to seep into the tablet underneath.

"Blood of Bride, check."

As he emptied the vial of Leanne's blood, he then delved into his knapsack that was also lying beside the parchment and brought out a soft but heavy, hairy white object; he held it up with his fist clenched around a few matted, blood-stained hairs before he brought it towards the stone tablet.

"Head of wolf-beast, enemy of vampire-kind; check."

He placed the severed dog's head over the body of the woman. Garth watched on curiously and silently. With all the ingredients collected, Thade stepped back. "Now keep your trap shut while I do this and hopefully we'll be successful, alright?"

"Right - "

"What did I just say? Shut up."

Garth glared at him but said nothing; Thade muttered the last half of the latin incantation. When he was finished, he waited. He waited keenly.

But nothing happened.

"Damn." Thade grunted out then, "I knew this was all a fucking joke. This is what I get for trusting Caelum…"

He grabbed his knapsack and flung it over his shoulder before he kicked away the parchment that was still held down by stones. The scroll went rolling, but he did not care. Instead, he thrust a hand into his pocket and pulled out a cigarette before ramming it into his lips; he fumbled around his pockets for a lighter, but found none.

"Garthy. Got a light?"

The younger vampire nodded, and retrieved his lighter from his pocket quickly. Thade grabbed it and flicked it on. However, he came to a stop, the lighter still in his hand, with his thumb on the tack and the flame burning away. There had been a noise, the sound of a twig snapping. He did not know why but he felt a tingle down his spine and a slight chill in the air. What forced him to turn around was morbid curiosity and a sense of disbelief.

But there she was.

She was staring at them, her bare feet touching the twigs and fallen leaves, her front coated in fresh blood. Her blonde tresses were matted and her face was sunken and hollow, blank and expressionless, but when her lips moved, it seemed to bring life back to her. "…What is this place?"

She did not speak English. It was lucky Thade still remembered Old Romanian, the language of the ancients; he dropped his lighter and the cigarette fell from his mouth while Garth stared on with widened eyes. Thade was on his knees and his palms were flat on the ground, his fingers curled and scrunched with dirt.

"You are in the world of the living. The 21st Century, mi'lady, about six hundred years after Abraham Van Helsing stormed our castle." He replied, before slowly, and almost meekly, he raised his head to gawp at the woman standing in front of him.

She was beautiful, but…

This was Dracula's first bride.

Her thin, sweet pink lips tugged into a cruel smile. "…I see." She murmured, "…Yes, I remember you. You were one of our stablehands…"

"Yes, mi'lady, I have never stopped serving by your side."

"Where are my sisters?"

"...There were complications, mi'lady."

She raised a delicate, blood splattered eyebrow, "What happened?" She asked, but then she gasped, and she stumbled slightly, having to hold onto the sacrificial stone for support. She clutched at her neck, gasping; her soft gaze fluttering to her pale, thin hand before she began to inspect the rest of her new, sinewy body. "This body…it is not mine! Ah…I remember now…Van Helsing's horrid blade descended upon my neck and my existence ceased to be…My sisters…no!"

He was seized with a great fear that she would want to punish the next thing she would see, would try and throttle him or kill him, but nothing happened. And when she knelt down slowly in front of him, he inched away cautiously.

"You have done very well, lowly servant, to bring me here. What is your name?"

"T-Thade, mi'lady…"

"And your name is?" She had turned to Garth. "Who is he?"

Thade turned round and hissed at him, "Get down on your knees, now!"

Garth did as he was told immediately, and the once-dead woman who was now-alive stepped over to him.

"This lowly creature is called Garth, mi'lady; he is young and he has much to learn, but he assisted in your return." Thade replied. She was beautiful, even though she possessed an already-deceased body, but Thade did not see the blonde woman who was killed but the woman inside, the woman Dracula fell in love with and desired because of her otherworldly charm and beauty…

"Thade, Garth. How shall I reward you both for your fine, hard work?" She purred with those luscious lips, and he swallowed, as she reached a hand and began playing with a lock of his curly hair with her lithe fingers.

"U-Uh…I-I-I…w-we don't need…don't need…n-no reward, mi'lady, I just want to stay by your side…I'll do anything for you…" Thade found himself mumbling like zombie, mesmerised by those scarlet eyes that were gazing so intently back at him…

"Anything…?" She murmured, and he nodded, while Garth continued gaping in disbelief. "Yes…There is something you can do for me."


"Where are the accursed Van Helsing? I will have my vengeance."

"T-They…um…well, they are…well…and your husband, mi'lady, he is…ah…how should I say this…?"

"Ah. My husband." She snickered, "Where is that unfaithful husband of mine? What village swine is he seducing now? I want to meet the whore…"

Her eyes slid to a close, narrowing into slits, but he realised she was actually smiling, her lips smiling so widely, so viciously of pure malevolence intent, and Thade forgot all about her beauty, and what he saw, hidden underneath that defenceless human exterior, was truly a terrifying creature which he had just unleashed into this world.


I have a final message containing my final author's notes, final OC profiles and stuff about the sequel that is unfortunately something I am debating on. But there's not much I can add here because a lot of things have been explained in the story or from my author's notes.

If there's anything you are not clear about regarding the story, you can PM me, but I advise you to re-read, now that Chapters 30 onwards has explained the truth, and you know why this happened/how/what, and you can piece together my tiny hints that have been spread throughout the entire story. Hmm, that being said I actually do not know if there is anything I have not explained…At some point, I'll also go back and re-edit and go over mistakes.


1. I wanted to write more…but for some reason, I couldn't think of anything else after Caelum's defeat and I didn't feel I needed an extra chapter to wrap things up. Nothing came to mind. I might write something bout Samuel cos...I don't feel like Ruby/Leanne received any closure at all, so I might do some editing.

2. I think Caelum's ancient demon form would have him sounding like Hugo Weaving hehe.

3. Caelum's ancient form was also homage to Bram Stoker's Dracula 1992 movie

4. OPTIONAL NOTE. Read this if you dare! Ok, remember Caelum tells Alucard that 'Ruby will never be his'? Now that is because, in the original version, he molested her. I decided to drop this.


Name: Leanne Van der Linde/Ruby Ashcroft (vampire)

Alucard's Fourth Bride and mate; her real parents were killed by Caelum and replaced with surrogate parents who were instructed to monitor her closely as she grew up. She is most likely Dutch/Swedish descent. While Alucard is dere dere, she is tsundere. Her berserk, vampiric mode is triggered depending on situation/intense emotions as well as a vital connection to the Brides. She has been warned by Alucard not to let the darkness consume her although she doesn't know what this means. She is now pregnant.

Name: Alucard

I decided to add Alucard's profile for fun. He was initially attracted to Ruby/Leanne out of lust and constantly went after her; he also treated her as a possession and verbally stated that he did not care for her. However, after she was kidnapped by Sloan's men, he relents and begins to cherish her onwards, after realising how easy it was for her to be lost to him. Alucard continues to pursue Ruby until she reciprocates his feelings. Despite how acrimonious their relationship was, they always looked out for each other.

Name: Caelius/Caelum (vampire)

The Leader of the Black Flame Knights and President of Oracle Corporation. He is an influential vampire who stole the baby of his former human lover as revenge yet took her in as his own daughter. Caelum's actions are rather unambiguous throughout the story until the very end. Even then he gave Hellsing the false pretence that he wanted to kill Alucard with the weapons used by Abraham Van Helsing, when in fact, he was creating a diversion for Thade who was helping him resurrect the First Bride to finish what he started. Unlike Alucard, he retained his ancient demonic form but was defeated by the bullets he made himself. When dismembered, he has also shown to ooze out putrid, black sludge. In his own flashback chapter, we find out that he was good before he was betrayed by Emilia and his entire clan was massacred, which drove him mad. In the end, we find out he only wanted a family, which he found in Mary. Leanne believes he had grown tired and bored of living and simply awaited death. He is now deceased.

Name: Luther Lestat (vampire)

He is last seen paying his respects to Mary and to Leanne's parents. Before Mary returned to Caelum, she told Luther that she is no longer his Master and told him to live life free of servitude. However, Luther attempted to return to Mary with no success as Oracle crumbled. Leanne asks him if he would like to join Hellsing but he refuses, telling her he has much to think about and that he will go visit his twin brother, the last of his family, who is living in an old people's community centre. Despite Luther's fearsome appearance, he is quite popular with children and had looked after Mary and Leanne respectively. Although I categorised him as a baddie in an earlier profile, Luther is actually neutral; and his surname is also homage to Anne Rice :)

Name: Thade Nuvos (vampire)

He is one of Dracula's servants from his castle who fled the castle after Abraham Van Helsing arrived; he met Caelum and has been tasked in watching over Bal'allan mountains where he will conduct the resurrection once Caelum has gathered all the 'ingredients', with the last one being blood of bride, ie, Leanne's blood.

Name: Grey (werewolf)

He has grey fur and one eye. He was saved from Oracle and is related to Captain. Prototype werewolves are wolf-dogs bred by Oracle and injected with the DNA of a werewolf. They turn during a full-moon, but they can also turn human; since they were not human to begin with they retain animal instincts. Grey's mother was killed (the white werewolf). He is only 2 years old. He is a character that appears in my deviantart pics 'Taming of the Werewolf', 'Past and Present' and 'Get up to the Down' where he is featured alongisde a character called 'Vampire'.

Name: Mary Lynch/Rosenthal

Emilia's daughter who was stolen by Caelum. Although he wanted to kill her at first, he could not bring himself to and instead, he swore that Mary would be the only human he would be capable of loving. Although Mary knew deep inside that she was stolen, and the fact that her 'father' is a vampire who hasn't aged and looks years younger than she is now, she loved him (family-love) and didn't leave his side when he died, perishing together.

Name: Frankie Morris

Although he no longer wields the Bowie Knife, Morris is optimistic and is returning to the US with Joshua. Before he leaves, he gives Integra a card with the contact information for Wild Geese, a group of mercenaries he recommended should there be any…'problems'.

Name: Samuel Ashcroft

He was a Researcher at Oracle, married to fellow researcher Dahlia, who was looking after their 3 year old daughter Ruby at home whilst Dahlia was at work. However, he fell asleep, left her on her own and she fell down the stairs of their basement. When he woke up, she was already dead. Upon Caelum's instruction, he buried her body in the basement despite the pleads from his distraught wife. When Caelum presented a kidnapped Leanne to him, he agreed to look after her and was pleased when Dahlia took in Leanne immediately and called her 'Ruby'. Over the years, his guilt eventually consumed him and he grew to despise Leanne/Ruby but at the same time, he was trying to push her away because Caelum would return for her. He is killed by Caelum at the end.

Name: Jack Seward

He is a doctor who specialises in humans and vampires, and informs Leanne of her pregnancy.

Name: Joshua

Having finally settled the friction between himself and his father's murderer (Alucard), he has decided to move with Morris to the US.

Name: Garth

Garth has been delivering strange items to Thade, and with Caelum's death, he is following the Scottish vampire, only to realise their goal was to resurrect the First Bride.

Name: ?

Her soul was summoned from Hell and has possessed the body of a woman killed by Thade. The entity is Dracula's First Bride, and considered the most powerful/rebellious/cruellest out of the three, now bent on finding her husband, and administering revenge on the Hellsing's.

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