Here is a poem had thought of randomly while school was ending…
I had thought about the lack of Special Unit 2 fanfic.s on here…and wanted to change that. That series was hilarious and really good…X-Files comedy really. I love O'Malley…^^

Anyway…this is a poem about –mostly– Nick…Kate's POV. Hope you like it.

Disclaimer: I don't own Special Unit 2…

If I could describe my partner in one word,
It would be 'different'.
Different ways, different methods, different attitudes.

Yep, that is O'Malley.


It's not an obsession to watch him.
I'm just observing what makes him…different.
-than the rest that work here.

He acts differently than most,
Walks and talk unique of his own.
His attitude is his.
And everything else screams individuality.

Is that why we are drawn to each other,
As such good partners?

Is that why we can get along…even when most can't stand him?

Me...Kate, who had seen gargoyles,
Chased around by links,
Talks to dwarfs and other links.

Is that why we're such good partners?

If Nick has the one word description of
…then what word am I?
I'm different too,
But not quite like him.

He's different in a good way.
…guess I'm just odd.
Well, all I can say, is that difference and oddity make great partners.

…well, I actually enjoyed writing this…and it came out very well.
Hope you enjoyed reading it.