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Summary: One person enters your/Thirteen's/Cameron's life and suddenly things will never be the same.

Spoilers: Nothing you don't already know. Maybe through season 6.

Pairings: We'll see..

A/N: English is only my second language and this is my first fanfiction ever.. so I'm really sorry for every mistake you'll find and please feel free to tell me about every mistake I made.. I'll try to correct it.

Chapter One

A normal night in the ER: Some car crashs on the highways but considering that it is December and only ten days till Christmas, it is unusual slow. Nothing important happened till now. Nothing stucks in your head. It's more that everything seems to be kind of blur - many pictures without context, patients, slight injuries but nothing alarming. Outside, snow is slowly falling down and covers everything underneath it. Warm light illuminates the dark. Three hours from now on, you'll probably be spending a nice evening with Chase - a night that was planned some days ago… just you and him, a nice bottle of wine and nothing else. Surrounded by happily chatting nurses you try to enjoy your time. The Christmas spirit is overwhelming and everyone is in this cheery mood, enjoying the time of preparation and closeness.

Of course – as you work in the ER, this peace doesn't last long. All of the sudden, the mood changes when the piercing sounds of sirens permeate the night. A car stops with squealing tires near the emergency entrance. Doors thunk shut. Other doors are opened and the sound of a stretcher on the pavement is heard. You rush to the entry because, of course, it's your job but to be honest, you can't help yourself either. "27 year old female. Victim of a car crash. Several contusions and apnoea on our drive. Blood pressure 80/120. She's stable but unconscious.", the paramedic informs. "Do we know who she is?" you ask rhetorically before your gaze falls on the brunettes face. It is bloodied and her hair hides her eyes but of course you know for sure that you have seen this woman several times before. "Page Dr. Foreman! Immediately!"

Some of the nurses stare at you as if you've lost your mind – but you can't be the only one who recognizes her, can you? Her slim figure, the hair, the face.. It's Thirteen, no doubt. Of course she's not easy to recognize with the blood all over her face and you don't know much about her either, but you've heard the rumours that are spread in the whole hospital. Mysterious Thirteen, the woman nobody knows anything about.. You could count everything you know about this woman on one hand and you would still have some fingers left.. but the worst thing is that you don't even now her real name. If you'd be in hospital you wouldn't want the first people to see to name you 'Cameron', so what are you supposed to say when she wakes up? And should you maybe call someone else for her? Does she have family? Close friends? Probably not, and since Foreman is the only one from the team, who's still working, it seems natural to get him down here.

"Dr. Cameron? Dr. Cameron do you hear me? Cameron! Where do you want us to bring her." The paramedic's voice startles you out of your thoughts about whether or not letting someone page Foreman was the right choice. "Bring her over there!" You rapidly connect Thirteen to the machine and as soon as the stable sound of the ECG is heard, you sigh in relief. She seems to be okay for the moment and you trust her condition to last at least for some minutes. You turn around to get everything to clean up and suture Thirteen when the beeping of the machine increased.

Shit. You immediately spin around and you're back to Thirteen's bed within several seconds. Her breathing and everything seemed to be as okay as it could be only some seconds ago. "Ventricular fibrillation! I need help! Immediately! Bring the emergency cart!" A piercing sound is now heard over the rush of the ER. You're routinely doing your job now – trying to save her life. "She flatlines! Hurry up!" You take the paddles from on of the nurses as soon as she enters the room. "Charge up to 80! Clear!" Shock – nothing. "Charge up to 100! Clear!" Nothing. "Again!" Nothing. The piercing sound gets more and more permanent in your ears as you demand: "Charge up to 120! 130!" Still nothing. "You can't give up now, Thirteen! Stay with me!", you plead. "Charge and clear!" Shock. "Again! Again! And again!"