Rolling in the Deep

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto does

Okay, I know that I haven't finished my story Liar but I really wanted to start this before I lost the idea… Okay, so if you like mermaids, secrets, angst and romance then you will love this story! Okay, let's initiate!

I opened my eyes and let out a small sigh. "What's wrong?" Tenten asked.

I shook my head, deciding to shrug it off. Everyone knew why I was so tense; Naruto had broken up with me a while ago for some slut named Sakura, and now he keeps harassing me. I looked down at my hands, glistening with water. I shifted in my spot so I could look Tenten and Ino, my two best friends, in the eyes. Tenten gave me a skeptical look and then said knowingly, "Naruto keeps harassing you?"

"How did you know?" I ask. Tenten gives me a small, sympathetic smile in return. Ino shook her head while mouthing "man whore". She opened her eyes, pools cerulean blue glistening, before saying,

"You're way better than her Hinata, and you're way more special!" She motions toward my glistening purple tail. I blush and turn away, shrugging as if it's no big deal.

But it is. A big deal. It's not every day that you see three mermaids with magical powers. "Crap," I say, making up some excuse really quick so I can get out of this sticky situation, "Dad's gonna' be home any minute. I should jet." I dunk my head under the water and zoom out, leaving a trail of bubbles in my path. Ino and Tenten just wade there, looking after me with narrowed eyes, and I know that I'm going to get it tomorrow. I inwardly sigh, knowing I should've just listened to the rant while I had the chance because tomorrow it's going to be worse than a rant. They're going to chase me all the way to Shi Island where they'll have me cornered until I spill everything and then give me a rant. What cheap luck.

I make my way through all of the reefs and sharks before heading to my safe little cave where I can transform back into my usual self. The self without the purple tail and sparkly lavender shell top. Or the belly ring I've been trying so desperately to hide from my father and big mouth sister.

Once I get to the cave, I drag myself and my fat, heavy tail through the sand and then wait a couple of minutes before transforming. I look down with a satisfactory smile at my milky skin, blue tank, black converse and grey sweats. Sighing, I pull my long hair into a pony tail before getting up and dusting myself off. Slowly, I step forward and look around to make sure no one is looking before jogging casually out of my hiding place that has stayed hidden for like a million years. And that's the way I want to keep it.

I jog for a couple of minutes before tiring myself out and slowing to a nice, steady pace. I look up and squint at the orange ball of light dropping slowly, like a bowling ball obeying gravity. When I'm just about to look back at the ground, I feel something bump into me so forcefully, it's all I can do just to try and keep myself from squealing as I fall to the sand callously. My breasts feel like they've been trampled on, and the bigger they get, the more it hurts. I moan and look up, blushing furiously before standing up and dusting myself off. She and I stand there awkwardly for a minute as she drinks me in, stopping just shy of my breasts before rolling her eyes and crossing her arms. "Hinata," she says sourly, jutting out her hip.

"Sakura…" I say, barely audible, to her pleasure. She smirks, feeling extremely cocky all of a sudden before flipping her short pixie hair, which I'm surprised she can even flip, before asking, "So… are you and Naruto still talking?" I inwardly roll my eyes and then swallow the lump in my throat, commanding myself to speak.

"Occasionally," I answer, louder this time. She nods, inspecting her nails as if it were no big deal. But I can see it. The way she tenses when I say it. The fact that just the simplest hello can put her on edge. The fact that Naruto and I do still talk makes her completely and totally jealous, even if it isn't the way she thinks.

Finally, I smirk, seeing how I've got her this time and it's my turn to play spider while she plays fly. Caught up in my web and knowing I'm coming for her when I add, "Sorry I bumped into you like that, guess I wasn't watching where I was going." I shrug nonchalantly and wait for her sassy remark.

"Well duh," she retorts, finding her confidence again. Seeing that I've opened a hole in my web for her to escape and turn on me. But I haven't. That was just another trap. "You should watch where you're going; you're such a klutz! No wonder Naruto broke up with you for me." I nod, nod and shrug, before saying,

"Yeah, that really hurt when we collided."

"Really? I didn't feel a thing. I guess I'm just not as big a wimp as you." I nod as if I understand and her look of confidence fades to confusion when I say, "Well, no wonder, I guess you couldn't know what it feels like." I look her over, scrutinize her, and let my words sink in. Make her wait in apprehension before finally continuing, knowing I have her. "The bigger your boobs are, the more it hurts. But since you're completely flat, I guess it wouldn't really hurt, would it?" I tilt my head innocently, watching as she gapes and tries to appear calm, before smiling triumphantly and striding off.

When I get home, it's already dark and my father is waiting for me on the living room couch. I close the door and kick off my shoes. "You're late." He states.

"Well, if Sakura hadn't had bumped into me and started up a conversation…" I mumble, taking a seat beside him and reaching for the remote. My father reaches too and grabs it first.

"You need to feed the cats before you watch any TV." I sigh dramatically and heave myself off the couch. When I enter the kitchen, Hanabi is already sitting at our expensive glass dining table, eating left over spaghetti. She looks up at me in mid bite before setting down her fork slowly, eyeing me.

"What?" I ask harshly after a minute. I am really getting tired of people scrutinizing me. I put my hands on my hips and wait for her reply. She just shrugs and goes back to eating as if nothing ever happened, dismissing me as if I'm not worthy enough to know, pissing me off ever so slightly.

I just roll my eyes and set out the cat dishes, clanking the so they know to come. Akamaru comes prancing in first, with Kyuubo right behind him. I smile and start up a beat with the spoon, clanking the dishes in a rhythm. Freak comes next with Appa following her, trying to get a whiff of her bum. After spooning all of the food into equal portions, I set the dishes down and let them eat.

When I'm finished, I wipe off my hands and run up stairs to my room. Diary time. First though, I take off my sweats to replace them with a clean pair of short shorts and a new, bright pink tank. Then, I comb my hair and add some lotion to it (it makes it extremely soft) before climbing in my bed and recording down pretty much every thought in my head, dying to be released.

Dear Diary,

Today Tenten, Ino and I all went for a race before heading to Shi Island and having a "talk." Anyway, I swam out before they could say anymore and now I'm really regretting it because I'm going to get it big time tomorrow. So, I ran into Sakura today and completely embarrassed her big time! I don't think she'll be messing with me anymore. Oh, guess what! I've been working on my powers all day and I've finally been able to master them!

I can mold the water and do really neat stuff. I think I'm going to test something out tomorrow. I'll try and see if when I get wet, I can just bend the water right off of me; that way I won't change into a mermaid in front of everyone. Keeping the secret will be a whole lot easier with my new power. Ino's been working on hers too.

She can freeze things but sometimes she freezes it so much it explodes. What if she accidentally freezes someone and they explode? LOL Tenten can boil water and make it evaporate but she's burned me quite a few times . Haha, I wonder if she can make the water just evaporate off of us? Ok, gotta' go. Ja ne,


I close the diary and tuck it beneath my pillow before heading downstairs and cleaning up the cat dishes. But when I get downstairs, I hear Hanabi talking in a hushed tone. I peek around the corner and find her on the phone, hunched over as if that would help drown out her voice. I roll my eyes at the attempt and decided it would be best not to eavesdrop since it's none of my business.

That is, until I heard my name. I pressed my lips together in a firm line and strained to hear her soft words. "Yeah, I heard that they're having this really amazing party tomorrow night…." A pause. "No, no, my sister hates water. She never goes near it. We'll be fine. Trust me! We won't get caught. Plus, my dad's out of town so he can't catch me either. This plan is fool proof." Another short pause. My eyebrows merge together in annoyance at how devious my little sister is.

Finally, I hear a click and then Hanabi's feet padding their way to where I'm standing. I take a few paces back and then start to walk forward as if I had just gotten downstairs, stopping when Hanabi steps in front of me. I try my best to look surprised like people do when someone walks in front of them unexpectedly, but she sees right through it. She narrows her gaze on me and clucks the side of her cheek with her tongue. I sigh, hating where this is going, and wait for her stupid remark. Finally, she rolls her eyes and dismisses me, heading to some secretive place where she can continue to scheme. Whatever.


I wake up with a start. My hair is matted to my flushed face with sweat, and I'm breathing frantically. The TV was still on, playing some sitcom that had just ended. I look around, dazed, and find that all of the lights are off and the house is silent. Too silent (haha). I look over to the clock, noting the glowing green numbers read 1:00 AM. I sigh and lay back down, my breath finally slowing to an even pace as I recall my dream. I was in this really sunny place with lush grass and tons of friends.

There was this one guy with brown hair and bronze skin that seemed to keep close to me. He took my hand in his and led me into this house that was next to another house that was exactly identical to it. When he opened the door, I saw that it was a plain room painted white with big windows, allowing light to spill in and bathe the furniture. We danced around in circles for a few minutes and then suddenly, he vanished. I looked around frantically for him, but found Ino and Tenten instead.

"Where'd he go?" I ask worriedly. They share a look and then Ino says,

"There's a good side and a dark side-"

But I don't let her finish. I cut her off saying, "Yeah yeah," Then, out of nowhere, two bowls filled with water appear in front of me and two cloths rest in my hands, "One side is good and one side is bad." I finish, dropping the orange cloth into the bowl that represents good and the purple cloth into the bowl that represents bad. I shrug and make for the door, their protests fading behind me, as I open it and step into the sunny field.

I look around and find the identical house next to the one I was just in, so I make my way over there. A cold feeling runs through me and before I can even stop myself, I've opened the door. I gasp at how cold it suddenly feels and then look around for the guy. The walls were painted dark purple and there was but one window in the room, showing how dark it was outside. I narrow my gaze, fixed on the dark exterior. Wasn't it bright and sunny just a second ago? But as I walk closer, I gasp yet again and am shaken out of my dream.

I shake my head and sigh, trying to clear my thoughts and recompose myself. Who was that guy I saw in my dream? He seemed familiar, but I just couldn't put my finger on it. After thinking for a while about who the mystery guy was, I finally dragged myself up to my room and lay in my bed until I finally fell back asleep at 1:30.


It's funny. No matter how hard I try, nothing ever comes out right for me. The whole what comes around goes around thing never really hit home. Nothing good comes out of doing something generous, especially when the person you're being nice to is a total and complete bitch.

Sakura and her best friend, Karin, were sauntering down the hall all clad in their new, expensive outfits. Karin was wearing some new designer flats, black leggings and a skimpy top that clung to her scrawny little ass, while Sakura wore a tight, black mini dress with strappy, three inch high heels.

I stopped in place and desperately tried to stifle my laughter at how ridiculous she looked. I guess my talk really got to her since her chest was puffing out like crazy. Not to mention that the top was so low cut you could see some of the tissues spilling over the edge. As she passed by me, she made sure to puff out her chest, straighten her back and flip her hair.

I grinned and said, "Watch out Sakura; if you hold your head up any higher you'll walk into a wall." Sakura stopped walking and turned around, a scowl playing across her face. I shrugged casually, slipping my bag off my right shoulder to hitch it onto my other before I say, "Well, I'm just warning you before you get your head knocked clear off your shoulders. But I'm sure most of us wouldn't mind that." She rolls her eyes and steps closer, causing stray people to look over at us.

"Look here, Hinata," Sakura states through gritted teeth. I look her straight in the eye, not blinking once. "You'd better hop off of me and Naruto. You just can't get over the fact that he doesn't like you anymore." She leans back a little and slowly takes me in. Starting from my head and raking all the way down to my toes. Studying the black miniskirt, lavender tank and white flats, then finishing by scowling at my glossy black hair that comes down to my waist in spirals (I curled my hair today).

"Not that he ever did like you." She adds with a smirk. I smirk too, not about to let her win this fight or even think she won this fight. And just as I'm about to do just that Ino and Tenten come down the hall with determination set on their faces. Tenten was in her black skinny jeans and blood red school jersey with matching red flip flops and her hair was down to her shoulders in waves; big brown eyes glinting in the fluorescent school lights.

Ino was in her light blue sundress that goes just above her knees, white flowers blooming and blossoming into amazing patterns that flow; and her blue laced flats with her platinum blonde hair flowing down to her waist. Her cerulean blue eyes search mine and find what I'm about to do.

Sakura smirks, bringing my attention right back to her when she says, "Looks like we have company. Should I take them to the bathroom to dispose of them as well as you?" I slowly bring my eyes to hers, seeing how the green shines like a jewel. I shake my head and say,

"You're not strong Sakura. Just because you have a goofy, immature, perverted boyfriend who is obsessed with boobs, which is a real turndown for you, that doesn't mean you're completely popular and everyone loves you. No one's going to get down on their knees and bow to you like the queen of England, especially since they don't like you," I motion towards Karin before continuing, "Even Karin doesn't like you. She'safraid of you; and all she wants is to not be a low life, un-cool, that's the only reason she hangs with you. She aims to be number one when all she is really is number two; and that will never be enough for her so she tries to get close to you to-"I try to finish my long, drawn out rant but Sakura won't have it.

She leans in and whispers menacingly, not knowing that it doesn't faze me, when she says, "I want her to be afraid of me. I need her to be afraid of me and I need everyone to be afraid of me to accomplish my goal. And I'm not going to let you get in the way of it." She leans back and crosses her arms, eyebrows raised when she adds, "Plus, I don't even like Karin. I only hang with her because she likes Sasuke and not Naruto; even though I plan to one day seduce Sasuke and break her little heart." She studies her glossy nails before looking back to me to see my reaction. But I don't give her what she wants. I stand there, my charisma showing clear on my face, when I say,

"Well, looks like we have a nice little story for Naruto…" Then, I walk away from her, knowing I've won down deep and that she knows it down there too, but at the surface, Sakura thinks she won, and that's all it takes to make her even cockier.

Ino, Tenten and I all walk back to my mansion to hang out when on our way back, we pass by a group of guys. We all look over at them, each of us set on a different one. For Ino, it's a lean, laidback guy with black hair raised into a ponytail. Tenten holds her gaze on the one with flowing brown hair that he ties in a ponytail. I tilt my head at that one. That was my cousin, Neji. Looks like we had some taking to do.

Naruto stood to the right with a girl, laughing and flirting, holding her waist suggestively. She had flowing blonde hair and blue eyes that twinkle each time she looks up at him, but next to her is someone that catches my attention quickly. We both turn at the same time, our eyes locking instantly, and then I stop. Gape. Anything but move. I won't leave; I'm fixed in that one spot, where he is. He, the guy from my dream.

Hey, okay, so I thought I'd leave it on a cliff hanger since I love those! Don't worry though, I'll start on my next chapter right after I post this chapter and get something to eat! The whole Sakura and Naruto thing-that happened to me. You know how I told you guys my boyfriend dumped me? Well, he dumped me for some two faced blonde chick with a beak nose. Uggg! I need to vent so this is where it will happen! Okay, see you next time on Rolling in the Deep!