Hey guys :) Whoever is reading this, I have no idea, my new readers, my old readers, my fans-whatever; I have news. In case you didn't get the memo, or you didn't read it on my profile, I'm going to be starting the sequel to this story very soon. And also, I've been editing the chapters in this story because I realized how bad it was (my writing, paragraphing, exc.) So, if it bothered you, and you're in the process of reading it right now, then stop and wait for me to edit.

Into the Inferno: After Kiba's father returns, he tells Kiba of a sacred scroll hidden in the mountains of the Land of Iron. He and his father set out to find it, leaving a devastated and lonely Hinata. When there is no sign of Kiba for weeks, Hinata becomes depressed and becomes a Mono. It's now up to Tenten and Ino to save their friend before it's too late. But how will they do that without their mermaid powers? Told in Tenten's point of view. Rated T-Romance/Action.

Hope you all read the sequel and enjoy ^.~