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Nobody could really say for sure when Madison actually became a part of the Hewitt family. Everyone just knew it had been a long, long time.

Hoyt had brought this scrawny young woman home one day. He'd been dragging her by the arm, quite obviously bruising her. Said she'd been wandering around the gas station, up to no good. She seemed confused though, like she didn't know what was going on. She didn't look at people's eyes when they talked to her, really; she focused on their lips instead. Some people might take offense at lack of eye contact, but the Hewitts didn't care one way or the other. She did smile quite a bit though.

Hoyt had thrown her down on the couch, told her not to move, and then went to go find Luda Mae. And for the most part, she didn't move a muscle. Well, until Tommy came in, of course.

Tommy had come up from the basement, having just done a few straight hours of butchering. He was tired, he was hot, and he knew he probably ought to change into a clean shirt and throw this bloody one in the laundry pile, but all he wanted to do was sleep for a bit - maybe till dinner. And being Tommy Hewitt and knowing his house so very well, his eyes were closed before he even reached the couch.

He simply dropped down, and his head landed on the girl's lap. He didn't even notice her until he opened his eyes, as some people do when trying to fall asleep. He had planned on staring at the ceiling, trying to find pictures in the ridges and bumps, because that usually put him to sleep. But instead he was met with the face of a young woman who was staring down at him with wide green eyes, reddish orange hair reaching down and tickling his cheek, and a somewhat unnervingly cheerful smile on her face. "H-a-a-a-y-y-a-a," she greeted haltingly, as if unsure of the words coming from her mouth. (1)

Tommy became frightened, and immediately sat up. He pushed the woman to the floor, and began to holler gibberish, yelling for Luda Mae or Hoyt or anybody. He jumped up and ran for the kitchen, which was where Hoyt had headed and obviously where Luda Mae was.

Tommy finally got Luda Mae and brought her into the room, and Luda Mae meanwhile was trying to get him to calm down. Tommy pointed at the girl, who was still on the floor. Luda Mae tried shouting "Get up, girl!" at her, but it didn't seem to affect her much, if at all. She just stared at Luda Mae and smiled, then waved up at Tommy.

Luda Mae knelt down to the girl and clapped loudly, right by her ear. Both Hoyt and Tommy jumped in surprise, but the girl didn't seem to even notice, just kept on smiling. "I guess she can't hear us," Luda Mae sighed. She pointed a finger at Tommy. "Boy, you get a pen 'n' some paper. Maybe she can write for us."

When Tommy got back, Luda Mae wrote in the notepad first, asking if the girl could hear. The girl looked at it, then shook her head no. Luda Mae then "asked" what the girl's name was. The girl took the pen and wrote "Madison".

The whole process continued this way for quite a while. They discovered that the girl, Madison, had lived in an orphanage for a long time. When she turned eighteen she'd been kicked out. She'd since been wandering around Travis County, looking for a job. She'd had some, but nobody kept a deaf girl too long on account of most people assumed she was dumb when she didn't answer their questions or laugh at their jokes. Apparently she'd been doing this for about five years, as she was twenty-three now.

"Madison," Luda Mae said with a nod. She tapped her on the shoulder and gestured to each member of the family, introducing them to Madison via the notebook. Herself, then Monty, Hoyt, and finally Tommy.

Madison gave them each a sign-language name, made up from her own special sign language. For Luda Mae, it was her hand pressed to her heart, then she hugged herself. For Monty, she poked herself in the head and then mimed using a cane. For Hoyt, she made believe she was shooting a gun (everyone laughed at that). And for Tommy, she tapped both sets of her index and middle fingers together three times (switching direction each time), then tapped her heart like she'd done for Luda Mae. Then she gave them the sign for her name - drag a finger across the top of the chest, then use the index finger and pinky to tap each cheek at the same time.

At last everything settled down a bit, and Madison was sitting quite comfortably on the couch with Tommy. She was leaning against his shoulder, half asleep, and both her hands rested on his leg closest to her. After a few minutes, Tommy reached over and placed one of his hands on top of hers. He was delighted that she didn't recoil at his touch, and in fact she wrapped her fingers tighter around his.

Nobody knew how long ago that had been, but that was how Madison entered their family and became Madison Gracie Hewitt.

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