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Tommy peeked into the living room, where Madison was happily reading one of her new books. He'd figured out early on that Madison loved reading, and she'd exhausted all the books in the house - twice. She would sit down beside him after dinner and start talking to him (well, signing) about a book, discussing about the characters and how amazing the plot was - or how it just incredibly sucked - and he would have no idea what she was talking about. He was horrible at reading, and therefore didn't read much; so he didn't know most of the characters she was talking about. Mostly he would just agree with her; nod and smile, then pull her into a hug to make her forget they'd even been talking about reading in the first place.

He walked in and sat down beside her, and waited for a moment. Sometimes she got so into her book that she seriously just tuned everything else out, and this appeared to be one of those times. He reached over and closed her book with just one hand, and leaned down to press his forehead to hers. He'd also figured out that doing that would make her smile and push him away lightly, but at the same time it distracted her from the book.

"What is it, Tommy?" she asked, pushing him away as usual. She took her book and placed it on the end table.

"Mama wants us to come down to the store," he answered, holding up the keys to Monty's truck. "Said she needs our help for something. Uncle Monty's asleep, and I'm driving."

A grin just about split Madison's face, and she jumped up from the couch. She tapped Tommy on the shoulder before signing, "I call shotgun!" and running outside.

Tommy suppressed a laugh and quickly followed her, shuffling to find the right key. She was already in the front seat by the time he got there. She'd strapped her seatbelt on, and he felt proud as he climbed in. She hadn't been able to do that when she first got here; the very first time she'd ridden in the truck he'd had to help her do that. He remembered how frustrated she'd gotten when she couldn't get it right; she'd just jumped out of the truck and laid on the ground crying. She had come a long way from then, and he was proud to have helped.

He started up the truck and began to drive, albeit a little recklessly. He wasn't as good a driver as Hoyt, but there weren't many people on these streets anymore so it wasn't much an issue. At least he didn't have to worry about causing an accident.

Madison tapped him on the shoulder. "What do you think Miss Mae needs us for?"

He shrugged. "I dunno, maybe it's-"

"Tomma!" Madison suddenly shrieked, reaching over and grabbing the wheel with both hands. In doing so, her chest was pushing up on his and she was just about in his lap.

Tommy felt a heat under the mask he was wearing, and pulled away, leaning back to give her some room. What was she...? He snapped his eyes up and saw that she was trying to steer them back onto the road. He blinked and furrowed his eyebrows, but then realized it must have happened when he'd let go of the wheel to answer her. Whoops.

He took the wheel back and turned it, getting them back onto the road. They both flew up in their seats as the wheels passed over the bump that was the boundary between the road and the grass. He leaned forward again, taking a deep breath and concentrating on looking ahead, and then he heard Madison giggling.

He glanced over just slightly and saw that she had an arm over her eyes and forehead and she was trying to hold back a round of all-out laughter. A few seconds later, he felt her smack him on the back of the head, but she was still laughing.

He grinned and nudged her shoulder with his own. This was... nice. He'd finally found someone he could be with like this. Like this. Just smiling, laughing, joking with each other and saying "oh, you idiot!" without really meaning it, or saying it in a mean way, just so that the other person could say "oh, well you're a bigger one!" and they could laugh at themselves.

She wasn't like the others. She didn't give him a smirk while calling him stupid, like she really wanted him to believe her; she grinned and winked, like she wanted him to call her stupid back. She'd never raised a hand to him, even though he may have to her at times. She didn't care, because she didn't want to hurt him. He didn't want to hurt her either, he tried so hard not to.

He pulled into an empty parking space by Last Chance, and got out. He went to motion to Madison that she could as well, but she was already out and running into the gas station. He sighed and shook his head, but he was still smiling. He looked over at the rest of the lot, and saw a car he didn't recognize. A more sinister smile overtook his lips as he realized now what Luda Mae had called them down for.

She just needed a little help making dinner, that was all.

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