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Ninja Saiyan

Chapter 1: The Discovery & Transformation.

"Help me somebody!" A little boy shouts as he is being chased by the drunk and angry villagers. No one can help you now "Demon Brat" one of the villagers shouts. As the boy continues running from the villagers he is revealed to be Naruto Uzumaki the container of the Kyubii no Kitsune. "Where should I hide?" Naruto asks himself. "We have you now Demon Brat!" he hears the villagers chasing him yell. As Naruto is running and looking for a place to hide a kunai flies past his head and sticks in the wall in front of him. Looking back he sees that there are ninja in the mob chasing after him. As he nears the park he decides to hide in there thinking that they will never find him with all the trees to hide in or under.

"After him the Demon is going into the park" one of the ninja says. As Naruto is running he sees a tree with a gap in the roots that looks just big enough for him to fit into. "That will be the perfect place to hide." Naruto thinks. As he is getting into the hole he sees the villagers off in the distance looking for him, so he starts squirming faster to get into the hole to hide from the villagers. Right after he gets into his hiding spot the mob stops right at the tree he is hiding underneath. He hears some of the villagers say "Where did the demon brat get to now." The angry villagers search for him for another half hour after that the villagers return to the village and quit searching for him thinking that the demon brat must have escaped them. As the last of the ninja leave the area Naruto lets out a breath that he had been holding saying "phew that was close" he continues to wonder why they chase after him even though he is just six years old and did nothing to them that he knows of.

From the moon light shining into his little hole he sees that it is in fact much bigger than he thought and sees the moon light making something glint in the back of the hole. Naruto being curious decides to see what the object is and sees that it is in fact a weird ball with a window on it. "What is this thing" Naruto says as he looks through the window on the ball like thing. Unfortunately the moon light is not bright enough to see inside and he places his hands to the side of the window to try and get a better look inside. As his hands linger to the sides of the window he feels something prick his hand and draw blood from him. Little does he know but he has just found a Saiyan space pod. "Ouch damn it that hurt" Naruto says and then proceeds to kick the pod. Little does he know but he just kicked the opening mechanism for the pod.

As Naruto is hopping around saying words that Hokage-jiji uses when he is doing his paper work since he hurt his foot. When the pod is finished opening the computer in the pod tells him to enter in the Saiyan language. Naruto in a panic looks up thinking that the villagers have found him says "whose there?" The Saiyan pod switching to Naruto's language tells him to enter the pod again. Naruto being curious and not knowing about computers enters the pod to see who is inside. As soon as Naruto is fully inside the pod the door slams shut on it and the computer says "genetic transformation started Saiyan genetic pattern selected for candidate." After that is said a hand reaches out of the control consol and pushes him onto the needles sticking out of the seat to begin the genetic transformation. As the needles start to puncture his skin Naruto starts screaming bloody murder and trying to escape from the pod. As Naruto tries to get up from the seat the pain increases to levels that he has never experienced and he blacks out.

Minutes later Naruto wakes up inside a sewer system. "What the hell where am I?" Naruto says. Looking ahead of him he sees three different colored pipes. One of the pipes is yellow gold, the second one is blue, while the third one is red. What catches Naruto's attention about the red pipe is that it is labeled fox youkai. Naruto curious like all six year olds follows the pipe and winds up in front of a giant cage with the red pipe going into it. "Hello is anyone in there?" Naruto asks. The response of the cages prisoner is to try and stab Naruto with its gigantic paw while shouting "DIE HUMAN!" The paw stops short of being able to stab Naruto because of the seal on the cage. Naruto being scared unconsciously forms a chi shield around his body.

"So wise human you're not so ignorant after all." Kyubii says glairing at Naruto through her cage bars. "You must have used instinct to pull that off so quickly." Kyubii continues. Naruto asks "who the hell are you?" "I am the reason that stupid villagers have chased you and put you though hell for the past few years." Kyubii answers. "What?" Naruto asked. Kyubiis face cones forward from the shadows of her cage. "What the…" Naruto starts. "SILENCE BOY!" Kyubii commands. Naruto being scared shitless obeys without question.

"I am the Kyubii no Kitsune ruler of all demons." Kyubii continues after silencing Naruto. "Awe damn it I'm dead and in hell right… I guess that ball thing I found was a trap setup by the villagers after all." Naruto deadpans. Kyubiis face taking on a friendlier tone says "wrong kit you are in your mindscape, you passed out from the pain of the genetic transformation you are going through." as her explanation as to what he is experiencing at the current time. "Genetic transformation what's a genetic transformation?" Naruto asks with a curious tone. (A.N. I really don't want to explain genetics and such so if you want to know about genetics go to Google so in other words on with the story :D). "So that's what's happening to me." Naruto says awestruck. "Correct kit I know that you have more questions to ask but not all of them need answering at this time." Kyubii tells Naruto.

"At the moment that question doesn't need to be answered." Kyubii growls out embarrassed. In a rush to ask his questions Naruto asks the Kyubii "What's happening to me?, Who are my parents?, Why did they abandon me to this life of hell in the village?" "WHOA, WHOA, WHOA KIT SLOW DOWN ONE QUESTION AT A TIME ALRIGHT!" Kyubii shouts. Naruto falls silent at Kyubii's shout and starts whimpering in fear. "Hey what can I say I'm only six year old and I don't know who my parents are." Naruto says. "Well kit if you would calm down I would tell you who your parents are." Kyubii says with a grin. Naruto wanting to know who his parents are becomes silent in a heartbeat. "Much better kit now your mother's name is Kushina Uzumaki also known as the crimson death when she was an ANBU ninja for the village." Kyubii says with respect. Being eager and hyper as always Naruto is about to interrupt Kyubii but is told to wait while he is told who his father is.

"Now your father is the one that sealed me into you Naruto." Kyubii says cryptically. "The one who sealed you into me is my father!" Naruto blurts out. Naruto continues by saying "the one who sealed the kyubii away was the fourth Hokage so that would make me his son." Naruto finishes awestruck. "Yes kit your father is the fourth Hokage his name is Minato Namikaze, but to the Iwa ninja village he was know by his alias when in battle as the yellow flash." Kyubii says with some anger in her voice. Even though Naruto is in his mindscape passes out from the shock of finding out who his father is. Kyubii being concerned for Naruto starts prodding him with her tails trying to wake him up. Naruto beginning to stir asks "what happened to me Kyubii?" "You passed out from finding out who your father is kit." Kyubii says while checking to see if Naruto is alright. Naruto about to fly off telling about how the fourth Hokage is his hero and idol is told by Kyubii after she finishes checking him to see if he is alright to ask his other questions.

"What is happening to me at this time while I'm talking to you Kyubii?" Naruto asks concerned for his wellbeing. "Your DNA is being transformed into that of a Saiyan." Kyubii explains relieving Naruto's fears. "So that's what I'm becoming" Naruto says relieved. "Yes kit apparently from the rate of the genetic transformation you will end up being either a full blooded Saiyan or a half-Saiyan." Kyubii explains. Kyubii continues with "Saiyan's no matter how much Saiyan blood they grow a tail and experience periods of violence and bloodlust. As the full moon approaches the bloodlust and the violence increase. On the night of the full moon if a Saiyan with a tail looks at the moon they will transform into a giant ape." "Why would saiyans transform into giant apes when the full moon is in the sky?" Naruto ask curiously.

"The reason Saiyans transform into giant apes is because of a gland in the tail that absorbs moon light through the eyes and the gland then produces hormones that causes the transformation." Kyubii explains to Naruto with the use of diagrams that show the process. "Alright thank you for explaining that to me Kyubii." Naruto says with respect. "Now you have time to ask me one more question since your body is starting to wake up from the transformation process." Kyubii tells Naruto so he doesn't freak out from waking up suddenly.

"Why did my parents abandon me to this life of hell here?" Naruto asks with curiosity. "They didn't abandon you Naruto" Kyubii says with sadly starting to tear up. Kyubii continues by saying "Your father had to sacrifice his life to seal me away in you while your mother died from having me ripped from her by Madara Uchiha." Naruto blurts out before he leaves his mindscape "so when you attacked the village did you do it on purpose of was it because of Madara?" Kyubii replies with anger in her voice "I attacked the village because of Madara, he used his DAMN eternal mangekyou sharingan to place me under a genjutsu." "I'm sorry Kyubii I'll make it where you can see and experience what I'm doing at the time and also make it where we can talk with each other when I'm not in my mindscape." Naruto says since he feels sorry for the Kyubii. After Naruto finishes saying that he fades away from his mindscape. "Thank you kit you have no idea how much this means to me" Kyubii thinks with some hope.