Meloetta's Peeing Problem

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Let's see, how many fetishes have been placed upon sweet little Meloetta, who's not even officially released by Nintendo or GameFREAK? Pleasuring oneself with icing, hunger (via stomach growling), farting, burping, hiccuping, having normal sex, and now, peeing. I wouldn't be surprised if I did a crying fetish fic soon at the rate I'm going. Oh Meloetta, how your beauty overtook me. Though I do hope that I don't go overboard. Cause if I do, then... I'll give myself a demotion. So with all that said and explained, enjoy the story, folks!

Meloetta sighed as she placed her hands down together, looking up at the elevator signal. She started humming to herself, wondering when the elevator was going to reach the highest floor. Meloetta's stomach growled, prompting Meloetta to giggle in embarrassment, as she wondered what was taking so long.

"Gee, I sure hope it doesn't take too long to reach the top," Meloetta lampshaded.

Meloetta's stomach growled again. However, this time, it wasn't from hunger. Meloetta gasped as she rubbed her stomach, hoping it would feel better. Meloetta snapped her fingers, figuring that it was just gas.

"A little toot never hurt anyone," Meloetta admitted as she placed her hands on her stomach, leaning a bit forward. Meloetta farted, of which sounded like a long trombone. Sighing, Meloetta giggled as she patted her butt, letting out a cute little poot.

The elevator was still going rather slow. Meloetta sighed as she folded her arms. She opened her eyes as she heard her stomach growl again.

"I still have gas...?" Meloetta asked in confusion as she patted her butt with both of her hands, not feeling anything down there. She rubbed the back of her neck. "If... I'm not hungry, and if it's not gas... what is it?"

It was then that Meloetta felt an odd chill in her crotch. She gasped as she realized what that feeling was.

"Oh no," She muttered as she slammed her hands on her face in shock, "I gotta pee. Superbad."

Meloetta crossed her legs together as she placed her hands down her crotch, trying to hold in as much as she could. But the elevator was going so slow... so agonizingly slow. Meloetta groaned as she tried her best not to leak, but the urge to do so was starting to overpower her. As the elevator kept moving slower and slower, Meloetta felt the urge to relieve herself, but at the same time wanted to hold her dignity. Finally, there seemed to have been signs of hope, as the elevator reached the top.

Gasping in joy, Meloetta dashed immediately out from the elevator, looking around for a bathroom. Much to her horror, the only thing on the roof was a beautiful garden, and not a single place to urinate.

"Well, this is great!" Meloetta demoaned as she continued squirming while doing her best to hold in her urine, "Just how much did I drink today, anyway?"

Quick flashback to several hours earlier, where Meloetta was having a drinking contest against Lilligant, obviously winning as she drank fruit punch after fruit punch, with Keldeo and Genesect cheering her on.

Realizing this, Meloetta slapped herself as she ran back to the elevator, but the elevator went down already. Groaning in pain and annoyance, Meloetta looked around the roof, to see that she was above all the other surrounding buildings. Meloetta trembled as she realized that she would have no choice but to let it go, even if it haunted her in embarrassment for all eternity. Suddenly, Meloetta turned around, to see an old plastic up. Gasping in joy, Meloetta grabbed the cup and ran behind a couple of Yache Berry bushes, placing the cup on the ground as she stood over the cup. Meloetta panted as she looked around, to see that no one was there. Meloetta peed into the cup, sighing of relief as she felt much better. Upon finishing fifteen seconds later, Meloetta got up, patting her stomach as she smiled, picking up the plastic cup filled of her urine, which was scarily near the very top.

"Yeesh... that's the last time I over drink on anything," Meloetta reassured herself as she placed the cup back down, figuring that no one would bother with it. Her hands behind her back, Meloetta whistled innocently as she went to the middle of the roof garden, to take in the view and appreciate the beauty of it, feeling much better overall. Unfortunately for her... there just so happened to have been a Garbador keeping watch of the garden... and not only did he see Meloetta pee, but he didn't take kindly to strangers.