Aria Meloetta was trying to hold in her bladder as she was waiting for the taxi cab, being that she was in downtown Castelia during rush hour in the afternoon. Meloetta groaned as she had her eyes closed, doing a potty dance as she had her paddle shaped hands down on her dress.

A male Tyranitar in a black suit noticed, rubbing his chin. "Hmm... that girl should know better not to over drink caffeine."

A female Skarmory in a suit approached the Tyranitar, bopping her head back and forth in agreement. "I agree with ya. I mean come on, coffee tastes great, but too much is too much."

Meloetta tilted her head to the right at the two Pokemon, glaring at them as she kept doing her pee dance. "Do you mind? This is embarrassing for me as it is, but you're making it worse!" She groaned as she looked up at the orange sunset sky. "And it had to happen in rush hour, of all times!"

A speeding yellow orange taxi cab drove past Meloetta, splashing her with the dirty water in the puddle below. Meloetta peed herself, the yellow urine splashing on the sidewalk. Of course, none of the other Pokemon there aside from Meloetta noticed, as all they could tell is that Meloetta was soaked.

"Man, this chick just got wet from one of dem crazy taxis," A sassy female Corsola commented as she shook herself. "This city sometimes, yo."

Meloetta groaned, looking at the yellow urine down below her. "Damn it..." She sighed, noticing that the yellow urine was surrounded by the dirty water that splashed on her. "Well, at least I don't have to worry about holding it in anymore..."