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Some would say "that you don't know what you have until it's gone." I could tell you that they're right, but I don't want to admit that to anyone. Not even myself. What Bella and I had was something special. I know that we're only in this situation, because she's hurt and didn't know how to cope with everything that has happened in the past month. Hell, I didn't even know how to cope. So, now sitting here across from Dr. Garrett Denali sobbing uncontrollably has led me to believe that I'm at my breaking point. As I try to control my sobs Dr. Denali walked across the room picked up a tissue box, brought it over to me, and proceeded to sit down on the couch, "Let's talk." "So what I want to talk about first is... By seeing how hurt you seem to be and how broken you are. That I want to comment on how I think towards the end of your relationship with Isabella was unhealthy." "So now tell me about what you thought when you first saw and met Ms. Isabella."

"When I first laid eyes on Bella, I had just moved from big city life, because my mom wanted a change of scenery, a new memory in her life. So she packed up the house, put a for sale sign up and said we were moving. So the day I saw Bella I was at the high school for orientation, and was exploring the school when we literally ran into one another. You could say things were a little awkward after that, but we become friends, partners and lovers soon after that."

"Okay, from what you're telling me, Edward, I gather that you both leaned on each other from the moment you met, and relied on one another. So from this conclusion I might suggest that we now combine sessions with you and Ms. Swan so you two will have the opportunity to work through all of your issues."

Part 2

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