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Pov: Bella

Most people in the world today would say that I'm lucky. I wouldn't day what I had was luck. I would call her my guardian angel. My grandma Swan. I remember once when I was little my grandmother sat me down and said, "Swan women are strong whatever happens later in your life. When you grow into a strong beautiful young woman, remember where you came from and remember who you are.

Also remember that you are loved deep down, no matter where I am fifty, sixty, seventy years from now. Look deep inside yourself to know the love is there." Grandmother's voice would always come when I needed her most. She gave me that strength to carry on and to know I am not alone.

After I knew that I couldn't hide anymore I opened my eyes from the darkness. And I saw the three people who I hated most in the world. Edward, Carlisle and that brown eyed girl I saw hanging in the alley with Jake once.

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