March 23rd:

Academy Graduation: Naruto, Neji, and Sasuke all decided to graduate early and graduate together. Rather than having three more years to worry about how Naruto will fare out in the field, I have a week to hope and pray that Naruto fails the final test.

March 31:

Genin Teams: The Hokage who apparently hasn't learned the lesson we Hyuuga had learned long ago has in his infinite wisdom decided to place Naruto, Neji, and Sasuke all on the same team in hopes that the Uchiha boy will come out of the shell he's been increasingly drawing himself into since the massacre of his clan. The sensei they have chosen for this team is Hatake Kakashi. It seems to be a sensible choice on the surface, but I'm uncertain that a burnout like Kakashi will even attempt to rein this little trio of hellions in.

July 7:

Tora: During the mission to capture the feline, Naruto, Neji, and Sasuke caused a massive amount of property destruction. With all of the rebuilding and the compensation to the other clans and the village, it's a wonder that the Hyuuga clan isn't completely bankrupt. At this point, we've got every able-bodied Hyuuga who's ever been issued a hitai-ate running missions just to stay in the black. Which reminds me, I've got a C-rank this afternoon.

October 10:

The Clan Elders: I've been informed by the elders of my clan that now that Naruto is a shinobi of the leaf and therefore an adult in the eyes of the law, it is time for me and my wife to turn him loose. Even though he's made my life a living hell at times, corrupted my nephew, and destroyed my home, I find myself strangely reluctant to do so. I also have serious doubts that Naruto would be able to cope in the outside world since he is only ten years old.

December 27:

Hizashi: As if the pony from two years ago wasn't enough, my brother went out and bought my daughter a dog for her birthday. If this keeps up, the girl will have quite the menagerie, and I'll look like the villain in all of this for saying no in the first place. If I were even slightly less kind and loving towards my brother than I am, I would have activated his seal long ago.

June 1st:

Rent Collection: My bright idea to convert an unused building on the Hyuuga property into affordable communal Genin housing last year has proven to be less than stellar. Aside from the fact that not all my tenants are Genin as one room is occupied by a single Chunin with three kids to support, I find that I constantly have to remind the children that are living in the small complex about little things like the rent which is always due on the first of the month. Naruto has been more punctual in paying the rent than he was when he first moved in however.

September 24:

C-ranked Missions: Every time my nephew's and Naruto's team goes on one, some sort of mishap occurs. This time Neji has returned with a broken leg, and a hawk of some sort has adopted Naruto.

January 1st:

Chunin Exams: Both Naruto and my nephew were displeased to learn that they would not be participating in the Chunin Exams which will be taking place in Suna. They have made their displeasure known in a manner which has landed their sensei in the hospital. I will of course be the one who is forced to make a formal apology, even though it was mostly accidental on my nephew and Naruto's part.

June 15:

Chunin Exams again: I wish that I could tell Naruto exactly why he will never be allowed to participate in any Chunin Exams that take place in a foreign country. It would quite likely reduce the boy's extreme behavior upon discovering that he won't be entered the next time the Exams roll around. Unfortunately, there are laws about that.

July 24:

Birthday Parties: Naruto and Neji decided to throw a loud and raucous one for Sasuke's twelfth birthday. The boy didn't appreciate it, as his teammates hadn't requested his permission before designating his house as the venue. Several members of my clan returned home between the hours of midnight and ten a.m. quite obviously under the influence of the alcohol that Naruto ordered as a prank. Not all of them were adults.

October 10:

Birthday Parties again: Sasuke returned the favor.