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Chapter Prologue

Konoha village hidden in the leaves

It's been a few days since Kakuzu and Hidan's defeat at the hands of Konoha ninjas, taking Kakuzu in alive as Tsunade ordered. Kakuzu had lost four out of five of his hearts. Nearly alive from the damage Naruto Uzumaki did to him.

Kakuzu was a tough old man but Konoha had ways of making him talk out of all the things they did to him. There was one thing that made him talked and it was money, Kakuzu loved money more hearts collecting but even with the large sum of money Tsunade promise to give to him Kakuzu still didn't truly sell out the Akatsuki.

Kakuzu told them what they already know about Akatsuki but gave one new thing, they had a new member named Tobi and that no matter what Konoha does they can't keep Naruto safe forever.

Tsunade's Office:

It was busy day for the fifth Hokage her life has been quite busy lately beside Kakuzu's capture and trying to keep Naruto out of trouble. Naruto kept coming to her office asking any about what Kakuzu told her of Orochimaru or the Akatsuki.

But the sound of rain pouring down on the roof of Hokage tower was heard, she just finish paper-work for today. Finally given her break she needed "Finally I'm done." She yelled with relief. There was a knock on her door "Come in." she said.

Tsunade smirked "What bring you here?" It was Jiraiya the toad sage one of Tsunade's closest friends. The Godfather of Naruto Uzumaki and sensei of Minato Namikaze "Well aren't looking beautiful today." Jiraiya smiled while Tsunade gave Jiraiya a lazy stare, one again he was trying to win her heart or get in her pants.

"What do you want Jiraiya?" Tsunade asked.

"Came here to tell you I'm leaving again. I'm leaving Naruto in your care again." Jiraiya rubbed the back of his head while grinning at Tsunade "For a man who being picked as his Godfather you should do leave him a lot."

Tsunade glare at Jiraiya "I know I do deserve the stare. But I can't keep having him around me. He's safer with you Tsunade, you're his Godmother."

"Sometime I wish Minato and Kushina were here to help me." Tsunade rubbed her forehead. Jiraiya also wish they were here as well to see their son how well and how strong the boy had grown "You're going to tell Naruto you're leaving?"

"He won't know I'm gone he got his life ahead of him. He still hoping there is still hope for Sasuke, there no hope that boy is an Uchiha." Jiraiya's words were cold but true he knows the true face of the Uchiha clan coldness runs in their veins.

But suddenly there a loud explosion went off that caught Tsunade's and Jiraiya's attention "What the hell was that?" Tsunade yelled.

"We're under attack?" Jiraiya asked.

Another loud sound of explosions went off again; Tsunade saw from the window a giant clay bird flying around. The giant clay bird turned its attention toward the Hokage's Tower. Jiraiya grabbed Tsunade carrying her over his right shoulder Jiraiya quickly jumped out the window right before the Bird made contact with the tower destroying it.

The sound of someone laughing was heard. In the sky was a giant sky dragon which was made out of clay shadow-over Konoha. From the clay dragon's mouth clay birds came out from its mouth. On top of the giant clay dragon was Deidara of the Akatsuki.

"Alright then Itachi, Kisame I got their attention let's do this as planned." Deidara looked back at the two Akatsuki members. Kisame the devil shark could only grin and chuckle "Oh I'm so going to enjoy this."

"Let's hurry the more we wait the more the chances of Naruto Uzumaki will be out trying to fight Deidara rather than us." Itachi hop off the clay dragon as a clay bird flew down to catch Itachi giving him a ride.

Kisame just jumped down "Here we go!"

Deidara thought back a few days back of how this plan comes to be.

Few days ago:

In the land of Grass: Deep within a hidden cave

"Naruto Uzumaki has been a pain in the ass lately." The Akatsuki member Deidara spoke, while everyone agree with him "Yes they killed Sasori, Kakuzu has been capture and we were lately to find Hidan." The Akatsuki leader Pain spoke.

"There been rumors that Orochimaru has killed." Zetsu spoke

"By whom?" Kisame the devil shark asked.

"Sasuke Uchiha." Zetsu smiled while Itachi's stare became a glare.

"The time is almost right we need to keep the nine tails busy for awhile." Pain said

Tobi the newest member spoke up "Oh Tobi has an idea."

"Tobi has an idea oh that real rich." Deidara laugh. While Tobi rubbed the back of his head "Don't be so mean Deidara-senpai. Tobi has a good plan if leader-san said we need to keep Naruto-kun busy so let's send him somewhere we know we can get him any-time."

"Oh then what is your idea then Tobi?" Deidara asked.

Tobi took a long while to think but shortly he spoke of what his plan was "How about we send him to another place. Kakuzu-san got capture right? So let make Konoha know we're trying to free Kakuzu but we're really going after Naruto-kun. Like a team of two, one to keep everyone busy while team two go after Naruto-kun."

"And how the hell are we going to send him to another place the brat isn't going to go like easy as pie Tobi." Deidara let out a disappointed sigh at his idiot partner of his, Tobi just chuckle "Oh let that to Tobi Deidara-senpai. The team should be Kisame-san and Itachi-san be team one while team two is me and you Deidara-senpai."

The plan so far sounds not all together but still it was a good plan "But do you really think Kisame and Itachi can handle all of Konoha's best?" Konan the Angel of the Akatsuki asked. Tobi remain silence just for four second before he chuckle "Ah don't worry Tobi's plan is going to work beside I am sure Kisame-san will be willing to have some fun and Itachi-san took care of the Uchiha clan with no problem."

Itachi didn't bother to speak he felt something wasn't right but he finally spoke "I have a better plan Tobi-kun. Kisame and Deidara should be Team one while I alone will be Team two. I know Konoha's holes in their village. I will capture Naruto-kun and take him to a place where we will know the location. Naruto will be under my Genjutsu he has been under it before. "

Tobi remain silence he knew what Itachi was planning 'Fine then do what you want Itachi.'

Kisame grin at first before he spoke up "Itachi is one of our, I liked this plan better." Itachi knew Kisame would like his plan better he was his partner after all. Pain and Konan nod their heads as everyone agree with Itachi's plan.

Present time:

While the rest of Konoha was busy fighting Kisame and Deidara, Itachi went through Konoha defeating anyone who came to his way. But luck was on Itachi's side he had found Naruto Uzumaki, alone in fact. Everyone was busy with Deidara and Kisame giving Itachi the perfect moment.

"Naruto-kun like it or not you're coming with me." Itachi blank stare didn't change his stare was focus on Naruto, Naruto knew the Akatsuki had came for him he was sure of it "Let's have a talk." Itachi said but Naruto didn't listen to him, the young ninja came charging at the Uchiha.

But Itachi grabbed Naruto head having a handful grip on Naruto's hair "Damn it let me go!" Itachi let go of Naruto and push him away but before Naruto was about to fall down, Itachi quickly came at the boy only to have his eyes met with his Sharingan eyes.

Itachi's World: Tsukuyomi

"Now that I have your attention Naruto-kun I wanted to talk with you." Naruto found himself strapped to a tree, the world of red and black. Naruto was powerless he couldn't back free from Itachi's Tsukuyomi "Damn what do you want from me?"

"I just want to talk that is all for now. You have heard of Orochimaru's death hadn't you?"

"Who hasn't?" Naruto gave a cocky smirked to the Akatsuki Uchiha.

"And yet my brother hasn't return to Konoha. Do you know why?" Naruto snap an angry glare at the Uchiha of course he knew the reason why "Because of you, it's all because of you. Sasuke think nothing more than killing you what kind of big brother goes around killing every member of his clan especially killing your mother and father as well?"

"If you were given the choice village or your family what would you choose?" Itachi asked Naruto.


"If you were given the choice would you rather protect the village you love so much or protect the family that raise and loved you but the price is heavy when one is focus to decide." Itachi said to Naruto, the Uzumaki couldn't answer him "Of course you can't answer Naruto, you hadn't give that choice. You will face down that choice one day the lives of the village or the lives of the ones you cherish the most. Life is hell we live through the cold and evils that life gives us, dying is easy living is hard."

"What are you going to do with me?" The young Uzumaki asked.

"I will send you to a placeā€¦no harm shall come to you. You will remain there until we have decided the time has come you shall be stripped from the nine tails." Naruto knew he wasn't going to like this so called no harm will come to you place which Itachi spoke of.

"You've lost Naruto Uzumaki accept defeat. You were defeated the moment our eyes met."

"Damn it."

Itachi took out a long sword "I will have to make sure you won't put up a fight." Naruto grin his teeth

In the real world:

Moments has past Itachi dispel his Sharingan power on Naruto he had weaken Naruto, Naruto felt he was stabbed over million times yet he lives. Naruto got down on his knees "Damn it that really hurts." And just before Itachi was about to reach out to him, suddenly Tobi appeared from behind Naruto.

With Naruto weaken and on his knees, Itachi saw Tobi's right eye Sharingan glow bright. Naruto looked up at Itachi and saw Itachi's Sharingan were glowing bright red. Both Itachi and Tobi used their Mangekyou Sharingan on Naruto.

With both Mangekyou Sharingan set on one person at the same time, two black hole portals appeared to Naruto's left and right side. Both portal were sucking Naruto in each side was powerful as its counterpart. Naruto felt as if he was being torn in half he let out a powerful scream in agony.

Naruto's anger builds up inside him he unleashes the Kyuubi's chakra, bit by bit. So his whole body was covered in red chakra but that alone wasn't enough to protect him from the wrath of the two Mangekyou Sharingans.

So the two black holes were getting closer to one another consuming Naruto as they gotten closer. Naruto felt as if he was dying he felt his body about to break on the edge of being torn apart. But however the two black holes suddenly slap against one another and in a hit of bust energy Naruto was gone there was nothing left of him.

No blood no body no remains nothing.

Itachi snap a pissed glare at Tobi while the foolish Akatsuki rubbed the back of his head as he could only say "Oopsie." Tobi chuckle as the two were unsure where Naruto Uzumaki was sent too or the fact he was even alive was the importation question.

'Leader-san we got a problem.' Itachi send his thoughts out so Pain could read them. After explain what had happen Pain order all active members to pull back and return to HQ as Pain wanted to have a long talk with them.

Akatsuki HQ:

"What the hell Tobi fucked up now we don't know where the Kyuubi kid went!" Deidara yelled "How could you not know where you send him? Tobi this is all you're fucking fault dumbass!"

"Deidara-senpai calm down it's not Tobi's fault. Its Itachi-san fault as well Tobi was trying to capture him." Tobi explain to his senpai.

"ENOUGH!" Pain scout to get everyone's attention "Itachi, Tobi do any of you have a single clue where Naruto Uzumaki is or where he has been send?" the two remain silence as Pain knew what their answer was "Very well than until we can find the location of Naruto Uzumaki until we will go and find the rest of the tailed beast. And be careful once Konoha knows of Naruto's disappears they will come looking for us."

"Way a go Tobi." Deidara frown

"I'm sorry Senpai." Tobi lower his head.

Elsewhere: Naruto's Location

Falling down through the darkness of the black portal that sucked him up throwing him into the unknown weaken greatly by the power of the Sharingan. Naruto just fell deeper in the darkness until there was a light at the end of the darkness.

Naruto was spit out of the portal his clothed were torn, bleeding from his shoulders, knees, neck. Naruto's body was in great pain. Naruto landed on soft ground he open his eyes slowly he rolled on his back to look up at the sky.

The sky was dark there was stars in the sky it was earth he was on yes. But Naruto was greatly weaken he couldn't do much but shortly Naruto's version went black he lost consciousness. As the sound of someone's footstep were heard.

A pair of hands reached out grabbing Naruto by the shoulders as he was dragged by his unknown rescuer.

So a voice was heard "Is it wise to share a mortal's life?" a deep old man's voice spoke.

"He is weaken look at his wounds." A woman's spoke

"And what is it you want me to do about it?"

"He can aid us. His wounds are serious but not fatal. It would please the Emperor if we have another warrior to our aid. The tournament so will be over. The Earthrealm warriors will win. Even you know that, Lin Kung defeated Ermac and Scorpion it won't be long until he face you."

"Lin Kung will not win he have to face Goro before me. Fine then but if he doesn't his soul will be just another collection I will gain."

"You won't regret this Shang Tsung."

"We shall see."

End of Chapter Prologue

Next Chapter: Chapter II-Warrior of Outworld

Hello everyone it is I Bunji the wolf, once again to bring you a another Naruto X Mortal Kombat Crossover I know you are sick of these crossovers and are thinking just pick one and finish it through Bunji-san.

I know I know I know my mind and life is going through problems here and there.

And doing a simple one shot isn't gonna cut it. And also I am not gonna break my 90 limit, one-shots are one-shots they don't really count as story they are more like OVA or Specials or like one hour movie specials.

Ever since the MK came out my ideas for Naruto X MK fics has been overflowing with ideas, fight battles and many others. But anyway this Mortal Kombat X Naruto is different. How you say from the other MK X Naruto fics?

Well for starters Naruto in the Mortal Kombat World, he is not in his world nor is their world the same. Naruto will go to the MK world and get trapped there with no way of how to get back home. A one way trip, I got the idea from reading a fic called No Reading which is one of my favorite fan-fics ^_^ you guys and girls should check it out.

Anyway I'm not in no way copying or stealing that idea, because its Naruto X Marvel not Naruto X Mortal Kombat, I just got an idea of seeing how Naruto would affect the MK world if he was there and had no way back home.

If Naruto Uzumaki have special moves of his own, if he was a special character in the game like how Kratos from God of War series was a special guest in the ps3 version. Naruto's move special would be like this well from my view and thoughts.

Rasengan-Down Right X-Can be also done in mid air and in-combo.

Shadow Clone Headbutt-Right Right Circle-Two at a time,-like how Noob Saibot got his shadow fighting along side him.

Healing-Down Left Down-Heal small amount of health

Demon Wind Bomb-Right Up Down-Naruto launch his shadow clone at his enemy hold down as the real Naruto comes in and knee you in the face.

-Specials with One Bar-

Double Rasengan-Striking you with double Rasengan to the stomach,

Naruto's Hand Book-10-Combo of shadow clones.

Recover-Heals completely full health


I'll Rip You Apart-Goes One Tail Kyuubi, stabs you in the stomach and rips out your stomach, liver, spinal cord.

You Ask For It-Naruto goes three tails Kyuubi, Naruto grabs his enemy by their shoulder and gives them an evil grin as the screen goes black follow by the sound of the enemy screaming bloody murder.

Original-Naruto used the Original Rasengan on his enemy however unlike the one he did on Pain, Naruto right through his enemy destroying their heart, rib cage, Spinal Cord and lungs. Although he covered in blood Naruto gives out his infamous big grin smile in the end.


Giving a mean right hook to the chin breaking the jaw, while the person is flying in the air Naruto held out his right foot and right before the person hit the ground. Naruto smash his foot down on the person's back of their head destroying the back of their skull.


Depends on what gender they are,

Male-Naruto transform into his sexy jutsu form Naruko and the male enemy falls down from nose-bleed (unknown if it killed him or not) Naruto changed back to his male form and laughs.

Female-Naruto rubs the back of his head while blushing, giving the female enemy a pack of flowers hoping she would accept it. The ending of this depends who they are, as Naruto either jump with joy or just laughs friendly or sighed but still smiles.


Naruto and Kyuubi make a deal and into a giant fox and eats his enemy.


Turning into a two month old baby, Naruto is in front of a bowl of Ramen and Naruto pump his arms out and give out a cute giggle. If the person who turns him into baby is female she will pick Naruto up and say "Aren't you a cute little fellow." And give Naruto a kiss on his forehead.

-Story and Arcs-

Will Naruto be the only character from his world to be in here in the Mk world? Yes for now he will be I am trying my best to have him only being the character from his world be in here, maybe later on I might have some enemy from Naruto come in well that if they are not dead.

The story will go from Mortal Kombat 2 to Armageddon.

Will there be elements of the new Mortal Kombat? Of course there things different here and there on their reasons and needs like so like Ermac and Mileena are only a year old of their creation. Ermac was just made during MK1 part and Mileena was just made in MK2 part.

Will there be Cyber-Sub-Zero in this or will be there Cyber-Smoke? To answer your question I have no freaking idea but that's the fun part-Laugh-but anyway Naruto won't super strong, I won't kill the story if Naruto is overpower nor will kill it if Naruto is weak, he is in a different world they way of power and strength are different from his own everyone if Naruto loses a few fights here and there don't frown or get upset.


Naruto's pairing will be limited I don't want to kill the fic because of too much Harem so I limit it to two I really hadn't made up my mind, although the man can make over two thousands of himself, but having too much Harem can kill the story it can keep away from the main reason of the fic. Naruto in the Mortal Kombat, Naruto will have to make their world his new home.

But Naruto will have to watch out for in this world the cheapest Boss was made here, Goro, Kintaro and yours truly the Boss of Bosses and King of Cheapest Boss Shao Kahn! And also the ladies of MK aren't pushovers nor they helpless their strong deadly as they are beautiful that means Mileena as well-smirked-they can kill you in the ways you never want to ever break their hearts or mess with them.

-The Ladies I have in Mind-And Possible Reasons why or possible Naruto should date them

Princess Kitana-The Daughter of Queen Sindel and King Jerrod of Edenia, she has pure Edenian running through her veins. She is over ten thousand years old yet she has the looks of a twenty year old woman in her prime. Though she is an Assassin of Shao Kahn and she is his step-daughter, Kitana has a pure heart and wish to have peace rather than end things in blood-shed.

Naruto X Kitana-Both Are kind hearted people, both doesn't want to fight nor cause pain to others, while Kitana is a Princess of Royal Blood, Naruto is the last of his race and clan from what he was told by his Mother Kushina Uzumaki. The Uzumaki helped build Konoha and yet Konoha treated Naruto like crap it would seem Konoha have forgotten their former allies after the years. Both have lost their mother and father while they were young.

Jade-Like Princess Kitana, Jade is over ten thousand years. She is Kitana best friend and her childhood friend, where Kitana is Jade is follows her in the shadows. Jade is an Assassin, stealthy silence and quick. Her beautiful Green eyes are the last thing you see before you meet your end.

Naruto X Jade-While Naruto and Jade come from a different background and worlds, Jade is an Assassin what a true Ninja job is, to protect your master or lord being the ultimate assassin. While Jade is like a sister to Kitana as well being her best friend she would never truly betray Kitana. As for Naruto, Sasuke was Naruto first true friend and would never betray him but sadly Naruto is like the ultimate friend but he picked the wrong guy to be pick as his best friend and still Naruto believes there is still some good left in Sasuke dark heart and still this day won't betray him.

Mileena-While Kitana is Beautiful and pure blooded Edenian, Mileena is not as beautiful as her half sister. Born from Shang Tsung's Flesh Pits with her DNA infuse with Tarkatan DNA, though her personally is a bit childish she is a child in an adult body. Jealous her sister Kitana for being gifted, wanting to be accept like Kitana, Mileena is Evil because of she knows she nothing but a clone and nothing more.

Naruto X Mileena-Like Mileena, Naruto knows what is like to be treated different and knows what is like not given a chance. As a child he was treated as a treat, never had any friends at his early childhood. But Naruto can see through people's hearts he has the ability to chance people even for those who were evil or those who are just in the wrong side. While Mileena is treated different because of her face, I can see Naruto being a good ally to Mileena to from friend/ally to being a brother or big brother or even being a possible lover for her as even Mileena should be given a chance for love and life.

Nitara-A Female Vampire Warrior with large Bat Wings who's realm was fuse with Outworld long ago, Shao Kahn enslave her people, for years Nitara search a way to free her realm and her people from Shao Kahn's Wrath. She only want to save her world nothing more, even helped Cyrax and made a true fair deal with him.

Naruto X Nitara-Though much of her Origin is still unknown, Nitara during Deadly Alliance had her mark on Neutral. Nitara is also a hunter of many rare items such as Jewels, Gems and Scrolls I can see Nitara being curious about Naruto's behavior of helping strangers. But for some reasons I can picture Nitara being the wild one in the group if the pairing becomes a Harem. Nitara being like the Anko of the team, being great friends with Mileena and possible rival or a tease foe to Scorpion (Being a Ghost Ninja he must know about Vampires and other monsters) but also tease other women who might have a crush on Naruto.

Sheeva-The Female Four Arms Shokan, she once was Queen Sindel's Bodyguard before her death and after she was revive from the dead. She is brutal as Goro and fast Kintaro, honor and loyal is what importation to her, she cares about the future of her race the most.

Naruto X Sheeva-Well this is a tough one I'll tell ya, Sheeva is a tough woman. But in the new Mk it show she does have a soft side in her, she grow worry about the future of her race in Outworld and believes they will go out favor of Shao Kahn. Well I can see Naruto try his best to help Sheeva find a place for her and her race to live in peace and find a new home as Naruto said in one of the filler arcs "I don't need a reason to help others."

Frost-A young female Lin Kuei who wishes to become the Grand-Master herself and become leader of the Lin Kuei. She is one of the new Lin Kuei that Grand-Master took under his wing as his student.

Naruto X Frost-This is somewhat rare and yet the Normal type, both Naruto and Frost one day wishes to become leader of their village/clan. Both are young Ninjas who share the same dream of being leader, I can see Naruto and Frost being rivals at first then become friends later on, Naruto can help pull Frost to a different path rather the evil path of becoming Grand-Master.

As for pairing as such Naruto X Sindel, Naruto X Li Mei and Naruto X Tanya,

Naruto X Sindel-Well It is possible for this happen however, Naruto much younger then Sindel by a thousand years lol, but Sindel is kind mother and Queen before she was brought back from the dead but hell there are Naruto X Tsunade and well Tsunade is over fifty and there been good stories of that pairing so there is yet hope for this one.

Naruto X Li Mei-Although I know about Li Mei's background and why she fights to get revenge on her village that Quan Chi and Shang Tsung enslave and destroyed. I can only see her as one of the friends Naruto can be make without the whole lover thing but I can be wrong.

Naruto X Tanya-There one Naruto hates more than being alone and unloved is traitors and betrayal, Tanya is a traitor to Edenia and for that she became Jade's rival and nemesis. There were many evil people Naruto did change in the past, but Tanya betray Edenia she was following orders from Quan Chi and later on became the Deadly Alliance Enforcer but she rather prefer herself as The Deadly Alliance Ambassador. Tanya rather be treated as Queen rather than a Princess she'll serve anyone who powerful and betray those who are weak or have the will weak to control. Naruto might be able to turn Tanya around and maybe even win her betrayal heart.

It really hard trying to have one main pairing since many can or almost or kind of fit Naruto's background or what he shares but I really don't want Naruto be the only pairing well I plan of that at least.

I have to admit I do have some favorite Mortal Kombat Pairing that is not Naruto related such as.

Scorpion X Mileena-Even since my fanfic Last Shirai ryu and reading a Mileena fic on fanfic, I can't get enough of this pairing.

Scorpion X Jade-A indeed rare pairing and one of my favorite tag on the new MK

Scorpion X Nitara-I can't really explain just a ghost ninja and a female vampire something about makes me smile.

Scorpion and his wife who we don't of her name but still,

Sub-Zero-The younger brother X Kitana-I find this pairing cute and I enjoy reading this pairing

Ermac X Jade and even Ermac X Sindel, Ermac X Ashrah-With many souls in one body, Ermac be quite the ladies man.

Noob Saibot X Tanya-I don't know why I enjoy seeing them together for some reason.

So my last question will be who should be the main woman for Naruto?

Mileena, Kitana, Jade, Sheeva, Nitara, Sindel, Li Mei, Tanya?

Picked one to be Naruto's main woman

Well that's all for now everyone!