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Chapter 18-The Missing Lin Kuei Part III

The Netherrealm

The Netherrealm, a place where all evil souls dwelled and suffered eternal torment for their crimes as living beings. Watching the eternal torment of his victims from one of the realm's towers was Quan Chi, Shinnok's right-hand man. He paced back and forth, as if he was waiting for someone.

From the floor, a shadow appeared, and the dark warrior Noob Saibot emerged from it. Saibot genuflected before Quan Chi and said, "I regret to report that Sub-Zero cannot be found. I've searched the realms but wherever he is, he is beyond my sight."

The Netherrealm Sorcerer frowned at the knowledge that the cryomancer still lived, but then his frown was soon replaced by an evil smile. "This doesn't affect my master's plans," he said. "Everything will transpire as he has predicted. Noob Saibot, go and see what the Brotherhood of Shadows are doing. We will need them to be ready when the time is right."

Noob Saibot bowed his head but before he even had a chance to complete his task, a voice said from behind the two, "The Brotherhood of Shadow is ready as ever. They only wait in the dark under the command of Shinnok."

The person standing behind them was a young man with short black hair. He had a mask-like tattoo over his eyes, and wore a standard red ninja outfit. The young man's name was Reiko.

The shadow warrior stared at Reiko. Noob Saibot didn't trust Reiko as he was different from the other members of the Brotherhood of Shadow: Reiko worked for both Shao Kahn and Shinnok as a double agent for Shinnok.

"I have heard news the Emperor was defeated and Outworld is without a leader," Reiko said, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Yes, much has changed since the first plan failed. But both Outworld and Earthrealm are weakened from the attack. But there is a possible threat that could keep us from reaching our ultimate goal."Quan Chi frowned.

"Who would that be? The Thunder God?" Reiko laughed.

"No, Raiden doesn't, but that new Champion of Outworld does. He helped Raiden and Liu Kang defeat Shao Kahn. The boy...I sense he has strong power within him. He's not from this world."

"Plan on killing him?" Reiko asked.

"If that is needed, yes, but my master believes we can use him to bring the odds in our favor," Quan Chi explained.

"Corruption seems the choice at hand," Reiko said with a nod.

"He is a man from another world. And he is young. All young men have their weakness in desire," a woman's voice was heard from behind Reiko. Neither of the men looked to see who it was in the shadow.

"You believe you can bring him to our side?" Reiko said

"It worked on you Reiko, I don't see why not," the woman chuckled.

"We'll see, for now he's all yours Tanya." His piece said, Reiko walked off. Quan Chi nodded to Tanya, and she left.

Noob Saibot turned his attention toward Quan Chi. "You believe she can do it?" he asked.

"No, but this can buy us time for the attack on Outworld and Edenia. Earthrealm we will strike last. If Tanya plays her part well I won't need to have Ashrah to dispose of the boy. But I will have someone keep an eye on both the boy and Tanya. I will not have our plans ruined by a traitor." Noob Saibot nodded and left Quan Chi's presence.

Outworld: Palace Garden

Skarlet was sitting down on the stairs to the palace garden, her mind wandering off to the battle she had with Itachi and Kisame. Though she has survived the encounter, her mind couldn't shake off the memories of being nearly burned to death. She was a creature of blood and magic, Shao Kahn's strongest soldier, and yet one man from Naruto's world had nearly ended her life.

"Trouble, Skarlet?" Skarlet heard Tsunade's voice. The red-headed assassin let out a small sigh. Skarlet looked troubled. "What's the problem?" Tsunade asked.

"Weeks ago, I encountered the one Naruto calls Itachi Uchiha. It was I who beheaded Hidan. I was trying to delay them from pursuing Naruto. I lost my battle against Itachi." Tsunade could detect the sorrow in the blood warrior's voice.

"Go on." Tsunade sat down beside Skarlet.

"I was defeated with a simple black fire. I've been set on fire before, but those flames were different, I couldn't put it out. He could have burned me to death but he didn't." Tsunade closed her eyes and nodded.

"I see. You tasted defeat. Judging from how hard you're taking it, this was your first defeat, wasn't it?" Tsunade opened her eyes to look at Skarlet, who nodded.

"Shao Kahn must have made you to be his best, didn't he?" Tsunade asked.

"He used his own blood and magic to create me. In a way I am his daughter. I am basically a sister to Ermac and Mileena. But Shao Kahn made me for a special cause, but to this day I don't know what it is. I only stand ready whenever he calls."

"Don't let defeat scar you. Take it from me, I've been in many battles and when defeat comes, just bare your teeth and spit in their face and move on. It took me courage to come to you." Tsunade laughed nervously, which confused Skarlet.

"It happened long ago. My boyfriend Dan died in front of my very eyes. I tried to save his life but he was already gone. The memories of my failure scarred me for life." The Fifth Hokage frowned. "But then Naruto came along and changed my life." The frown became a smile.

"I'm not as afraid of blood as I used to be, but every now and then it gets to me. When I was told you were made of blood I got bit nervous. But Naruto sees more than blood in you. Naruto always has a way with people be they normal or not. He changed me from being a drunken bitch to a drunken leader!" The busty Kage sighed but smiled at Skarlet. Skarlet smiled underneath her mask. She now could see why Naruto had so much respect for Tsunade. She was like a grandmother to him.

"I heard you can use your blood to teleport and heal, but have you ever thought of using it as a weapon?" Tsunade asked.

"I throw my own blood like daggers but never pass that," was the response.

Tsunade smiled. It looked like she might have some helpful advice for one of the brat's lovers.

Jade's Chamber

Naruto couldn't stifle a smile when he felt Jade wrap her arms around him, the lovely assassin moaning lightly as she slept. While his green-eyed beauty was asleep, Naruto thought back to the chat he and Smoke had a while back.


"So Smoke, besides wanting your friend to be safe, why are you looking for him?" Naruto asked.

"I am worry for his safety," the Lin Kuei said. "Because not long ago Sonya Blade and Jax told him that the one who killed Bi-Han was a warrior by the name of Scorpion. Scorpion was killed by Bi-Han in the past but he came back to life to get his revenge."

"Scorpion, I've seen him before. But why do you believe he's after your Sub-Zero if he killed this Bi-Han?" Naruto asked.

"Because Bi-Han was my friend's Kuai-Liang's older brother, who was also Sub-Zero. Kuai-Liang now bears that title." Smoke sighed.

"Oh." Naruto's eyes widened.

"Yes, though he killed Bi-Han, I'm afraid that if Scorpion does encounter him, he could believe Bi-Han lives and try to take Kuai-Liang's life."

"Surely this is more than just revenge for being killed, isn't it?" Naruto frowned.

"Yes it is." Smoke closed his eyes while nodding his head.

"Explain." Naruto crossed his arms.

"I tell you the Lin Kuei has nothing to do with this, But Cyrax told me this beforeā€¦he was told that Scorpion claimed we were the one who destroy his clan and murdered his wife and son."

'So that's why Scorpion said those words,' Naruto thought.

"Do you know who the ones who caused it were?" he asked.

"No, but my brothers were glad to be rid of the Shirai Ryu." Some sighed again."Revenge is a poision, leaving you only when you have nothing left."

Naruto nodded, thinking of Sasuke.

End of Flashback

Naruto slowly got out of bed without waking Jade, though she mumbled quietly and curled up a bit. The young Champion of Outworld got dressed and walked out of the room. He really needed to clear his head.

The Living Forest

Kitana was fighting alone against ten White Zetsu clones. The Princess of Edenia was holding her own quite well against the clones, but every time she killed one, another replaced it. The fight was going nowhere, and the fan-wielding princess was getting tired.

'This is never-ending,' she thought, panting.

The Zetsus surrounded Kitana and lunged at her. The princess closed her eyes, waiting to meet her end when...


Five bolts of lighting came from above, striking at least five Zetsu out of the ten. The remaining five Zetsu gasped as they turned around only to be frozen solid by an unknown force.

Kitana saw two men. One was Sub-Zero of the Lin Kuei, but this one seemed different from the one she knew. As for the second man, he had spiky silver hair, a mask that concealed his face, and a headband that covered his left eye. He wore a green vest with dark blue pants.

"Who are you? You can't be Sub-Zero. He's dead," Kitana said.

"The Sub-Zero you speak of was my older brother, and this is Kakashi Hatake," the new Sub-Zero replied.

"The plant man was a Akatsuki member," Kakashi added.

"So that was one of them. His clones were endless." Kitana fell to her knees, exhausted. "I came here to deliver a message to Naruto Uzumaki."

"Naruto? Naruto's here?" Kakashi asked, surprised. Kitana nodded "Do you know where he is?"

"Yes, follow me." She rose to her feet.

Shao Kahn's Throne Room

Naruto stood in the Emperor's throne room, staring at the empty throne and wondering what Mileena was doing. Was she safe? Was everything alright on her end?

"Naruto!" A familiar voice cried. Naruto's eyes widened in shock. Turning around, he was greeted to the sight of Kakashi Hatake.

"Kakashi-sensei what are you doing here?!" he yelled.

"It's a long story." The copy ninja rubbed the back of his head.

Kitana again fell to her knees.

"Hey, you alright?" Kakashi asked.

"I'm fine, just tired." Sub-Zero noticed a large cut o Kitana's right shoulder.

"You're wounded," he said.

"One of them must have got me before you struck him." Kitana groaned in pain.

"I'll get Baa-chan, she'll fix you right up." Naruto ran off to get Tsunade.

He returned moments later with Tsunade, Skarlet and Jade. While Tsunade was using her heal abilities to heal Kitana's wound, Kakashi and Sub-Zero explained how they had arrived in Outworld.

"So because of what Lady Tsunade did to the statue the Akatsuki used to seal the Tailed Beast, you were sucked into a portal?" Jade asked.

"We believe the Akatsuki were trying to recreate a portal to go after Naruto, but have caused the portal to go out of control and create many," Kakashi replied.

"I believe when Shang Tsung used his magic on me, tt somehow pulled me toward your realm," Sub-Zero added.

"I guess Smoke's search for Sub-Zero is over," Jade chuckled.

"Search?" Sub-Zero looked confuse.

"Yes. For the past few days Naruto has been helping your friend Smoke search for you. Smoke is in Earthrealm right now. He's helping Raiden and the others repair the damage from the invasion."

"Ah I see, thank you for aiding Smoke." Sub-Zero bowed his head to Naruto, who responded in kind.

"Sub-Zero, I have a question for you," Naruto said.

"What is it?" The ice ninja asked

"Did the Lin Kuei destroy the Shirai Ryu Clan?" Sub-Zero closed his eyes as he knew why Naruto asked him that question.

"You have faced him, haven't you?" He asked.

"Smoke told me you were looking for him. He also told me that Scorpion killed your older brother. But your brother ended his life. Did you and your clan murder Scorpion's clan and family?" Naruto had a look of anger within his eyes.

"My brother, long before he die, told me of the one whom ended the Shirai Ryu but I don't think Scorpion would believe me," the ice ninja said, his voice grave.

"Who was it then?" Naruto asked, his eyes narrowing.

"The sorcerer Quan Chi."

End of Chapter 18

Omake time-FINISH THEM!

Scorpion, Shao Kahn was there but however Naruto wasn't. The two wonder where he was as this being the first time he didn't show.

Suddenly a large orange fur fox came in sitting in Naruto's spot. The two looked at the large orange fox as the fox looked down at them.

"And you are?" Scorpion asked the giant fox.

"Ah yes, Naruto isn't going to make it this time. He's busy with other businesses at the moment." The large fox said.

"And that would be?" Shao Kahn asked.

"Saving the world from a giant demon beast known as the Juubi. Having sexually problem with a Princess by the name of Zelda, and others things." The fox said.

"I understand the first, but the second one?" Scorpion sweatdrop.

"Ever heard of Mario's Party?" The fox said.

"Yeah?" The two said.

"Now think of it but only with Naruto being the only guy in the game and not having it as Mario's Party but Naruto's Party, only the mini games are bit...let say its at the adult rated and Naruto is partners with Zelda while their fighting Peach and Daisy." The fox explained to them.

"Don't know if he's lucky or not. Wait which Zelda he's partners with?" Scorpion asked.

"Twilight Princess Zelda." The fox said.

"Oh he and her should be fine then."

"Nope he's fucked." Shao kahn and Scorpion suddenly sweatdrop again.

"Why is that?"

"Because that version of Zelda is no 'Princess' She's a Queen...actually she's more like a sexually tiger on a chain-collar and from looks she gave him. She gonna fuck him whenever change she gets." The giant fox snap his finger a large cup of tea appear in his right claw.

"Anyway back to the show." Scorpion changed the subject.

"Bring out the next ones!" Shao Kahn yell.

There was nothing only complete silence. Shao Kahn yell again but again nothing happen no one shown up or came out. Which bother the two judges but however the large fox wasn't so worry about it.

Shao Kahn rose from his chair and jumped on stage and looked around to see if anyone was there. But however there was nobody on stage or behind stage.

"Where is everyone!" He yelled.

Somewhere very close by:

Everyone who was listed on today's event was sitting together while watching Juri Han and Karin Uzumaki was fighting one another in the new game 'Injustice Gods Among Us' Juri was using Harley Quin and Karin was using Catwoman. Juri had the upperhand during the battle performing combats and doing max damage.

"Harley Quin wins!" The screen said.

"Yes I won! Ha-ha-ha-ha now stay away from Naruto. He doesn't need you his contest." Juri smirked.

"You were spamming and beside I've never play this game before. YOU HAVE!" Karin yelled.

"Don't be a bitching baby you're just a sucky player...beside other things." Juri laughed.

"Why are you picking on me?" She asked Juri.

"One what you did in the manga was just...stupid and two I don't like you. Three you're so useless even Sakura more useful then you and everyone knows that for a fact! If I ever get a chance to show up here again I will enjoy taking my time tearing you apart." Juri licked her lips while Karin sweatdrop with a worry look.

"WHERE IS EVERYONE!" Shao Kahn yelled.

"Oh Daddy's calling we better show up or he'll get mad." Mileena gasp.

"Mileena am I on the list for today?" Karin asked as Mileena checked the list.

"Not yet." She said.

"Good I'm going to beat this bitch and show her who's really stupid." Karin bare her teeth at Juri.

"Bring it on flatty." Juri put her rape grin on.

'Oh fuck me.' Karin thought.

END of Omake