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When he left his office with a goodbye wave for Ron and a handful of Floo Powder, it was with the full intention of shucking off his robes and going to bed. It had been a grueling week and he was tired. Week, he thought to himself. Try month, Harry. A grueling, exhausting month and now he had two weeks all to himself.

When he felt something inside him shift, all thought of going home to his bed vanished and was Apparating to Number Twelve Grimmauld Place. Someone had set off the wards. They were silent trips, not designed to harm so much as to keep entrapped. Apparition became impossible, port keys would shut down, the floo literally folded in on itself, and the doors became blocked. They were the same wards he kept on his own home, when he'd realized that he could stay at Number Twelve. There were too many memories, too much weight. And none of it had ever or would ever feel like his.

He removed the wards at the front door with ease, stepped in. "Kreacher?" he questioned and the ugly old elf was before him.

"There is a boy here saying he is looking for Master Potter. Kreacher can't find out why and the boy will not stop asking for Master Potter. He is in the parlor sitting on the furniture."

"A boy...?"

Kreacher nodded emphatically so, curious now rather than alarmed, Harry strode down the hall towards the parlor. He kept his hand on his wand, however, his other hand going for the polyjuice potion antidote he kept handy at all times. He'd used it too often in his younger days to take anyone he saw at face value.

But when he saw the child, his fingers tightened on his wand. He couldn't have been older than five, making him a little younger than Teddy. But the youth wasn't what startled him, it was the child himself. This very obvious Draco Malfoy clone. His hair was pale blonde and a little long; Harry watched him nervously twist his little fingers in the strands and tug. He chewed on his bottom lip, legs swinging as he waited. And when the child finally looked up, Harry was caught by the silver orbs just as the boy seemed caught by Harry's presence.

Harry looked down at Kreacher, tearing his gaze away from the boy. "Have you eaten yet, Kreacher?"

"Yes, Master Potter."

"Do you mind whipping something up for me and Mr. Malfoy?"

Kreacher looked at the child suspiciously, but seemed more relaxed since he was a of pure blood. He nodded his big head and Harry wondered - for the millionth time - how his large head stayed on such a skinny neck. "Yes, Master Potter." And he was gone.

The boy's big eyes had gotten even bigger now that they were wide and round. "How'd you know my name's Malfoy?"

"You look just like Draco Malfoy," Harry explained and walked forward. He pulled out his wand and the boy sucked in a breath, saying nothing as Harry went through the spells Aurors used when taking someone to an interrogation room. No weapons, no dark artifacts, no w... he had a wand. "You have a wand," Harry said and his stance changed just slightly. No five year old had a wand.

The boy nodded emphatically and Harry was stunned once again when the boy produced it from up his sleeve. Harry took the proffered wand and his breath caught a second time that evening. It was a ten-inch long hawthorne, reasonably springy, and Harry was willing to bet that the core was unicorn hair. "This is Draco Malfoy's wand," he breathed and only stared when the boy clapped his hands.

"Daddy said you'd recognize it," were his next surprising words and Harry sank down into a chair opposite of the one the boy still sat in.

"Your father is Draco Malfoy," he processed. "Did he send you here?"

"Well... not really..."

Shaking his head, Harry produced the polyjuice potion antidote and threw it on the boy, ignoring his squeal. When it settled and the child was wiping at his face, unchanged, Harry did a quick drying spell and tried not to laugh at the child's now standing-on-end hair. His lips twitched, though, the corners quirking upwards. "Sorry. Just making sure you are who you say you are."

"Okay..." Relieved to be dry again, but unsure what else to say, the boy squirmed.

"What's your name?" Harry finally asked.

"Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy," he said proudly, sitting up a little straighter.

"Why are you here and why do you have your father's wand?"

He looked down then, little hands twisting together in his lap. He went back to chewing on his bottom lip and Harry sighed, relenting. His time with Teddy had taught him how to deal with children and being short with them wasn't how it was done. Harry went to Scorpius, knelt at his feet, and looked up into those so familiar, yet so different eyes.

"Scorpius," he said quietly, "are you okay?" A little nod and Harry saw that those eyes were welling with tears. "Did something happen to your dad?" Another little nod was accompanied by hitching breaths. "Can you tell me what happened?"

"Daddy and I were walking home from the park," the boy whispered, wiping at his face. "And then he picked me up and started running. Lots of spells were getting sent to us, but daddy pulled out his wand - not that one," he gestured to the hawthorne, "but his other one. And then he started sending spells back at them and then he stopped and gave me that wand and pushed me into this alley and then he hit me on the head with his wand and I thought something slimy was going all over me. He told me to be very, very quiet and stay hid. Then he said that if he didn't come back, I had to find you. He said you'd get me someplace safe if I showed you the wand. He said you'd know it..."

"And he didn't come back," Harry filled in and was surprised when Scorpius shook his head.

"He did come back, but he was with really mad men who kept shouting at him. They wanted to know where I was, but he wouldn't tell them. He spit at one of them and they hit him really, really hard... I wanted to come out and tell them I was there, but daddy had told me to stay hid..." Scorpius wiped his sleeve across his running nose, transferring ick that Harry made a mental note to clean when the boy was calm again.

"And then daddy said they would never find me and he had all this red stuff coming out of his nose. It was all gross, but he didn't do anything. So then the bad man who was holding daddy moved his arm weird and there was this really loud snapping sound and then the other man put his wand under daddy's chin and said that they'd could just take daddy. And then they were gone!" Scorpius sniffled, rubbing his eyes. "I waited all night and daddy didn't come back. So I thought I had to find you, so I came here."

"How did you know to come here?" Harry knew that Number Twelve's location wasn't common knowledge, even if the Fidelius Charm had been removed years before. Even fewer knew what the place meant to Harry.

"Daddy says all the time that when he was younger, a house elf came to his house and told his mummy that Harry Potter was safe at Number Twelve. So daddy says all the time that if I ever need to be safe, I needed to come here. So I thought that you would be here and then that mean old elf said that you didn't live here anymore, but I couldn't get out..."

Harry spoke before the boy could dissolve into inconsolable sobs. He'd held on this long, and Harry was pretty impressed with the boy. "Who knows you're here, Scorpius?"

"Nobody. Daddy said to find you."

"What about your mum?"

His eyes were cast downward once again. "Mother doesn't like me..."

Harry covered the boy's hands with one of his own, catching Scorpius's eye again. "If I showed you some pictures, do you think you could pick out the two that took your daddy?" He knuckled away a few more tears and nodded. Harry smiled. "You're being really brave, Scorpius. You know that?"

His answering smile was shy and watery. "Daddy says that if I get too braver, I'll end up in Gryffindor. Then he smiles and says as long as I'm not dumb, being that brave is okay. I promise I'm not dumb."

Harry tried not to look too surprised at the news that Draco Malfoy (Slytherin posterboy) had essentially told his son that being sorted into Gryffindor was alright. Kreacher's return was a blessed relief. "Will Master Potter and Mr. Malfoy be dining in the parlor?"

"No, Kreacher, the dining room is alright."

The elf was visibly pleased and Harry managed a small smile when he disappeared again. Kreacher was always happiest, it seemed, when Harry did something Kreacher thought of as normal. Harry didn't get to his feet immediately, turning his attention back on the child. Draco Malfoy's child. "Here," he said, offering a handkerchief. With Hermione pregnant, Harry and Ron had both fallen into the habit of carrying them. Pregnant Hermione really liked to cry.

The boy wiped his eyes with it carefully and Harry's smile went wry. Of course Draco Malfoy's son would know how to use a handkerchief properly. "Har... um... Mr. Potter... I know daddy said you'd just take me someplace safe, but... but will you find my daddy for me?"

Harry gazed into the red-rimmed eyes with surprise. He'd already been intending to find him and was about to say so when Scorpius continued. "Y-you don't have to. But he's all I have."

"What about your grandparents?" Harry hadn't heard anything about the Malfoys in... ages and, really, he hadn't exactly looked into what had happened to them. He'd kept them out of Azkaban, even Lucius, after the war because he'd recognized that they were a unit. They'd been huddled so close together and been so... alone in the Great Hall after that final battle that Harry couldn't do it. He couldn't let a single one of them suffer any longer. He couldn't imagine now, after seeing them as a unit, the three Malfoys separating so much that Narcissa and Lucius didn't know their own grandson.

"Daddy says they went to a better place, but he never tells me where. He says I'll understand when I'm older."

Harry wondered how they'd died, but he knew how to go about finding out. He had the weeks off; Ron didn't. "Scorpius, I promise that I will do everything I can to bring your daddy back to you." And the hope that shone in those bright, silver eyes almost hurt.

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