It had been days and days and days... And even though Scorpius was really glad that they'd found daddy and super happy that he was able to spend the past few days with Harry and not worrying about where daddy was... he still hadn't been able to see daddy. He was at the hospital, Harry had said and Ron and 'Mione and Mrs. Weas-a-ley and even Mr. Weas-a-ley.

How come he couldn't go see daddy at the hospital? Harry had told him it was because the healers didn't think he should have any visitors yet til they made sure he was all the way okay, but it'd be so long and it wasn't fair.

"Harryyyy," he whined, clinging to Harry's hand. "Pleeeease! I wanna see daddy!"

"I know, Scorpius. I know. That's where we're going."

The boy looked up, puzzled. "You told 'Mione we weren't gonna go to the hop-sikal."

"Well I have to ask him a few questions. We're only stopping in for a few minutes and they still don't want him to have any visitors, so you're going to have to be very quiet while I talk to him."

"But Harry..."

"Trust me, Scorpius. Now you just bundle up in this and walk right behind me. Don't go anywhere else."

The boy did trust Harry, so, eyes wide, he reached out and touched the shimmery cloak. "This is really pretty. Are you sure I can wear it?"

"I'm sure," he promised and draped it over the boy himself. "Stay very quiet." Scorpius nodded, unaware that Harry couldn't see him, and took a hold of his robes as they made their way into the hospital and to the right floor. He argued with the receptionist before simply going right past her and into a room at the far end of the hall. At the door, Harry looked down. "Don't come out from under there until I say you can," he murmured.

"Okay," Scorpius whispered, heart fluttering. Daddydaddydaddydaddy.

He walked in, the child slipping in behind him. "Oh, for Salazar's sake, now what?" Scorpius pressed a hand to his face to keep from squealing. Daddy!

Draco blinked, taken aback when he saw who was there for a moment. "Auror Potter," he greeted, looking the man over carefully. "I was wondering when I'd get someone besides Weasley to get my statement. I assure you it's the exact same one I've been giving."

"I know. We may need you to testify at the trial."

The smallest of smiles graced his features as Harry sank into a chair near his bed. "Yes, well, I do have some experience in that."

"I know." Harry studied the blonde carefully. He seemed much better than he had when Harry had first brought him in. There was color in his cheeks now and there didn't seem to be any bruising from what little Harry could see. His eyes were clear, focused. Harry had no real idea why he wasn't being released. His lips were moving, no longer curved, and Harry abruptly realized that Draco was speaking.

"You're staring, Auror."

"Thinking," Harry corrected, though both were accurate enough. "I know that you said you became aware of who had you captive. Do you know why?"

Draco looked away. "I testified against Greg's father. The Ministry wasn't satisfied with what I'd already given them; they wanted more. They wanted to break me down to make sure that no one would ever trust me when I resumed my dark activities."

"When?" Harry repeated and earned a humorless smile.

"Really, Potter, I thought you would've learned something by now. There was no 'if,' and, in the case of some, there still isn't." He waved a hand dismissively. "But, yes, I do know why as far as Goyle goes. Money and the return of his father through my overturned statements. The Ministry never would've taken my word if I attempted to retract them. Astoria's motivation is a bit more difficult to puzzle out, I'm afraid."

And it wouldn't be best to explain that with Scorpius in the room. Harry only nodded. "Yeah, well, they're questioning her."

A slim, pale brow arched. "And you're not?"

"I have been put back on vacation - also known as Kingsley's making me take a break - now that you've been found."

"Back on it?"

"It was just starting when Scorpius showed up."

Everything about Draco went at attention at the mention of his son. He stood up a little straighter, his eyes got just a little wider, and his lips parted just so. ...And Harry should stop noticing these things right now. "How is he?" Draco asked. "Weasley's said he's just fine, but it's you he's been with."

"He misses you," was the honest reply. "I've lost count on how many times I've heard 'Daddy says' the past few days, and he's actually somewhere 'round here because I smuggled him in."

"Under that cloak of yours?" Draco looked around avidly. "Scorpius, come here."

There was a sudden impression on the bed and Draco reached out, pulled the invisibility cloak away and his breath caught. "You still need a haircut."

"Daddy." Scorpius threw his arms around his father's neck, clinging for all he was worth. He even let go of Perry, leaving him partially invisible under the cloak. The child sniffled, face pressed against Draco's shirt. "The bad guys took you and I did just what you said. I found Harry and I gave him your wand and I asked him to find you and he said he would and it took lots o' days but he and Ron found you and 'Mione helped and let me touch her belly 'cause there's a baby inside that Ron said comes out with magic and now you're here 'cause they found you and Perry missed you as much as I did and-and-and-"

Already filled in on his son's activities, Draco began to rock and pressed his face into his son's hair. "Shh," he soothed. "It's alright now. Everything's just fine. Ron told me all about your pensieve and how helpful you've been. You've done so well, haven't you?"

"H-harry said I was r-really brave."

"You are extremely brave," Draco praised, stroking the child's back. "If not for you, it would have taken them even more days to find me." Draco flicked his gaze up; Harry nodded mutely as they came to a mutual, quiet understanding. They wouldn't have found him alive. "I'm so proud of you," he murmured and Scorpius looked up with big, damp eyes.

"Harry said you would be."

The adults locked eyes again, Draco's gaze hinting at amusement. "Occasionally, Harry's rather wise."

"Harry's real smart. He gave me a ducky. He's an auror. And he read me stories, but he reads different from you, and he makes the best apple pancakes in the whole wide world and we went to a Muggle store!" In the way of a child, Scorpius was quickly rebounding from his tearful episode. He had his daddy back now, after all, and tons of stories to share. "And Mr. and Mrs. Weas-a-ley have a dog. Can I have a dog? I helped give him a bath. It was fun. And I had nightmares and Harry let me stay in his room. And Harry brought me Perry all the way from at home."

This reminded Draco of something that had been nagging at him for a while. "Which I seem to have forgotten. It's one of the issues the healers here are still troubled by."

"Right..." Harry reached out, quite forgetting that Draco was more than capable of covering Scorpius's ears. "They imperiused you. Had you... convince Ernie to remove the fidelius. Ron and I put it back in place with him as the Secret-Keeper."

"Wonderful. You left Weasley in charge of my home. I feel so secure."

Harry laughed, removing his hands from Scorpius's ears. The boy caught his hands again, though, and held on, snuggled happily in his daddy's lap. Harry smiled at him, letting him play with his fingers. "I'll just have to tell Ron that you need your address. He should've already told you."

Draco sniffed haughtily. "Perhaps he forgot it was mine."

"I like Ron," Scorpius put in. "He kisses 'Mione a lot. Harry said married people kiss lots 'cause they love each other."

"Oh, do they, Harry?" Draco looked up, definitely amused now, and watched Harry's cheeks color.

"I don't know... Ryan. Do only married people kiss?"

Draco didn't blush as Harry had been expecting. Instead, his head tilted to the side and he gave Harry an appraising look. "Found that out, did you?"

"Hermione did. It took three days."

"That's a year and a half for anyone else," Draco mused.

"Careful, Draco. That was almost a compliment."

"It was a compliment." He shrugged at Harry's surprised look. "Clearly, all three of you have had some hand in taking care of my son the past few days. Not only that, but you left your vacation - forced or not - to locate me. Compliments are the least I can provide in return."

"We'd take advanced copies," he tried, unable to resist and surprised a laugh out of the blonde. Scorpius beamed, looking back and forth between the two adults. This was good. This was like friends. Daddy had to let him see Harry after they went home now!

"All three of you?"

"Ron skips certain bits," Harry replied, Draco's smile confirming that he knew which bits those were. "They make him queasy. But he enjoys the rest. Who's your in at the Ministry? You can't possibly know all that without someone giving you information."

Draco sighed. "He's an abhorrent twit, really. I won't say his name as he's requested I never divulge it. He's not entirely pleased with the idea that he's helping me write things that hold those certain bits your Weasley isn't fond of."

"Why would you use someone who doesn't like your books?"

Lifting a brow, Draco took a chance. "I don't really see how that matters unless you're offering your services."

Rather than looking at father, Harry turned his attention to son. "D'you think I should help him, Scorpius?"

The boy giggled, curling his hands around Harry's fingers. "Yes!" He looked up at his father, smiling. "Harry's the best auror ever."

"I have little doubt of that," was the reply and Harry wasn't entirely sure if it was a sarcastic response or an honest one.

He took it as honesty since Draco had, after all, sent Scorpius his way. "Then perhaps I am offering my services." His lips twitched. "Do I get those advanced copies now?"

"You want them that badly, do you?"

Harry smiled. "The sister was kidnapped. You can't just expect me not to want the next one after a cliffhanger like that."

Draco's eyes danced with mischief. "Ah, yes. My, what did I do to that girl?"

"That's what I'd like to know."

"You will know." There was a short pause. "When the next book comes out."

"That's really not fair," Harry decided and a smile lit Draco's face. This was nice, the blonde realized. Chatting face to face with someone who read his books, who knew it was him writing them, was nice.

"I'm afraid you'll just have to suffer, Potter."

Scorpius looked up, surprised. "Daddy, you can't be mean to Harry!"

"Yeah, Draco. You can't be mean to Harry."

Draco smirked. "Well, Harry, what if I told you right now that she dies?"

The auror's eyes narrowed a fraction. "You're lying."

"Am I?" He was. He very clearly was, but watching certainty become uncertainty was incredibly amusing.

"Bugger. What if-"

"Auror Potter!" The healer's voice rang out through the room and Scorpius was quickly covered by the invisibility cloak, much to his confusion. "Mr. Malfoy has had enough questions for one day, if you please. He's still not fully healed."

"I'm healed enough to go home," he argued and was entirely ignored.

"Auror Potter, I must insist that you go."

Harry nodded, getting to his feet. "One more question and then I'll be through. If you could step out." And he loomed over the apprentice healer until she wrung her hands together and sighed.

"Of course. But only one more." She sent Draco a look that promised a swift returning before striding away again.

Draco flung the cloak off his son and gathered the boy close for a tight, tight squeeze. Scorpius giggled, wrapping his arms around his father's neck and burying his face in the curve. "I love you, daddy."

"I love you too, Scorpius," he whispered.

The child sniffled, pressing his small body closer. He didn't wanna go yet. But then he felt strong hands at his waist, lightly tugging him back. "Come on," Harry murmured. "He'll be out soon, Scorpius."

He turned damp silver eyes on the brunette, lower lip quivering. "Promise?"

"I absolutely promise." Harry flicked his gaze to Draco.

He nodded once and released his son. "Scorpius, go ahead. We'll be able to go home very soon. Just like he said."

The little boy finally released his father. "Daddy, when we get home, I can still see Harry, right? I want to see Harry lots."

"And what does Harry think about that?" Draco wondered, running his fingers through Scorpius's hair.

The auror smiled. "Harry's perfectly alright with that."

Draco looked from the brunette to his son, who was nodding emphatically. He gave Scorpius a last squeeze before bundling him beneath the invisibility cloak. "Well, Potter, it seems we'll be seeing quite a bit of one another."

He felt Scorpius clasp onto his robes, and smiled slowly. "I'm looking forward to it... and to those advanced copies."

Draco laughed, waving a hand. "Out, Potter. I'm suddenly feeling faint."

"Don't be a git, Malfoy, or I'll have to regret saving you."

Draco leaned back, pressed the back of a hand dramatically up to his brow. "You only want me for my books, Potter! Admit it."

"Freely," Harry joked and threw a grin over his shoulder before walking out. Scorpius peeked out from under the cloak to wave happily at his daddy before scrambling after Harry. He'd found his daddy, and everything was okay now.

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