Chapter One: The Begining Always Starts In The Truth

Ciel Phantomhive sat feeling bored perusual as he sat in his office watching the sun cast shadows upon the land. He didn't know what there was to do all he knew is that he didn't want to go out of that room. For if he did he would no longer be able to compose himself. Long ago after the contract between him and his demon butler Sebastian was created Ciel began to grow quite fond of his butler. Of course he well reconized that he was a male as well as his love interest, but he tried to push thoughts like that past him. He wanted love, not a bethrothed that he wanted nothing to do with, he wanted real love. Not that he had anything against his bride-to-be he just couldn't connect with her. With Sebastian, he understood everything. Ciel didn't even need to really use any words anymore to explain what he wanted his butler just...knew.

Pushing his own thoughts away he heard a knock at the door. "Master? I have your tea ready for you." That voice that tempting, devilish voice. That voice was one of the reasons Ciel couldn't sleep at night. All he could hear was that beautiful voice speak to him in his thoughts as he slept.

"Come in." Ciel said as sitting up in his comfortable chair turning his head to the side avoiding Sebastian's face.

"Master? Is there something troubling you?" His butler asked with a concerned tone.

"No nothing Sebastian." Ciel lied as taking a sip from his beloved Earl Grey Tea. "Is there anything on the scedule for today?"

"Only your violin lessons with your guest coming at about three." Sebastian stated calmly as checking his pocket watch before putting it back in its place inside his waistcoat.

"Who is the guest?" Ciel asked curiously.

"Lady Elizbeth and her maid Palua my lord. She seems quite excited to see you."

Ciel looked down, if only he felt the same. "When is my violin lesson?"

"Around 2:30 but my lord if I may be so bold as to ask you a question?"

That surprised Ciel, feeling curious he responded,"What is it?"

"If I have mistaken your tone and facial expression just now please tell me I'm wrong but is there a reason you wish to not have Lady Elizabeth come here? I mean currently there are no investigations going on which mean there is no paper work for you to do and before even though you disliked the idea you still obliged to have Lady Elizabeth here in the past is there anything that has caused your change in behavior?"

Ciel was not shocked, his butler had done it again. Read him like a book from the inside out. Ciel opened his mouth to reject the 'nonsense' that Sebastian was speaking of but a gloved hand placed itself firmly on his lips.

"I believe the young master has something he wishes to tell me. For I myself have something to confess." Sebastian inched closer his breath now cascading on Ciel's neck. "I desire your soul so very much, by now for a person such as yourself I don't think that comes off as that much of a surprise but I have come to lust your very soul and body. Your personality has driven me to the brink of madness and brought me back with a heated love for you Bocchan. I also can feel your very emotions in my hand burning through my skin Ciel I have come to notice that I am not the only one who has fallen for someone of the forbidden fruit. A demon loving a human...sounds like such a silly idea, a contractor non the less, but I did. I did fall for you bocchan."

Sebastian slowly released Ciel's mouth allowing him to speak. "Why do you do this to me Sebastian? You drive me mad with all your lies! How dare you say that you can feel how I feel when I don't even feel myself. Get out. Prepare the music room for my violin lesson."

Smirking knowingly Sebastian bowed as his master walked past him toward his bed chambers. "I believe young master you will soon find out how much I can let you feel, let alone understand that demons do not lie."

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