Chapter 3: The Story Is Between The Lines

Ciel was inside his room going insane. He couldn't dress himself for bed because of his frustration, oh who was he kidding he couldn't dress himself any of the time without Sebastian. Sebastian, the name of his beloved butler brought back the tingling on the tip of his lips. That kiss, that warm electric kiss that brought Ciel to admit his love had also very shattered his poor Lizzy's heart. What Sebastian had done was probably one of the most wrongful things he had ever done to Ciel. If that was the case, why didn't Ciel feel bad? Sure when he had seen his fiance standing there is was like a 'hello sorry darling i'm cheating on you with a man' but he loved the way Sebastian's lips molded against him. The very feel of them was pure bliss. Was this truly what love was? Yes, it was. This is what Ciel has been feeling this whole time deep inside his aching chest. Ciel had decided that he needed to speak to his butler, not only about how he wrongfully included Lizzy but also about his feelings toward him. He sat up and called for his love. "Sebastian."

Within seconds there was a knock at his door followed by a voice,"Master?"

"Come in." Ciel said as adjusting himself on the edge of his bed.

Sebastian eyed the attempt Ciel had tried on dressing himself. Shaking his head Sebastian said with a smile, "You really are hopeless at doing things for yourself?"

"I am, aren't I? I hate to admit it, but Sebastian I have loved you for sometime. I don't care if you laugh at me or hate me because of me, a human , fell in love with a demon, no less a man."

"I could never laugh at you my lord. You see we demons act upon the feelings of possession and lust. Mostly for souls we act on possesion, doing what ever we need to possess out contractors soul. Unfortunately for you my lord, I have lusted for you as well. And we demons feel great jealously toward those who possess out lusted target." Sebastian said as his eyes turned to their demonic hue.

"So you were just playing me to get at Elizabeth?"Ciel questioned.

"Not entirely, We demons rarely fall in love, usually its not even possible, but being with you for so long has brought the human emotion out of me. So, young master do you understand? It is not only lust I feel for you anymore, but love as well."

"I think I understand, but you will appologize to Lizzy tomorrow and explain the situation. I don't think I could bare to see her cry again."

"Yes my lord. As for now, are you willing to take on the responsibility for making a demon fall in love?" Sebastian asked as inching toward his master.

"Of course, what good is life without a challenge and a chase?" Ciel said as Sebastian closed the distance between them bringing their lips together.

A/N: I know this story/ chapter were short and choppy bu tI am planning on writing more short stories between one to two chapters possibly 3. So look forward to those. Review please. :) hugs and loves.:)