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Kyo felt sick to his stomach. He knew he needed to get up and get ready for school but it felt like such an impossible task when his stomach was twisted in knots and his entire body ached from the simple act of being sick. His head felt fuzzy and it seemed like a heavy fog was dragging his entire being down. Kyo was very tempted to just let himself curl back into bed and let himself ignore all the pain by drifting off into sleep. However, he knew that if he didn't go downstairs soon, someone in the household would come up to check on him. He couldn't let them know he was feeling sick. He'd been hiding it well enough for three days so what could one more day hurt. Besides, he didn't want Torhu fussing over him. Knowing her, she'd probably be so worried about taking care of him that she'd forget to take care of herself first. He'd never get what he really wanted, time to himself and sleep, with her constant fretting.

But the real reason Kyo didn't want anyone to know that h was sick was Yuki. He couldn't let that damn rat think he was weak. Not when Yuki never got sick himself. Sure, he had problems with his lungs but a common cold seemed to never touch Yuki's perfect image. Stupid rat and his stupid perfection, Kyo thought. Curse Yuki and his perfect grades, perfect charming personality, perfect deep violet eyes, and his perfect charming smile-not that the damn rat would ever smile at him but he'd seen the rat smile at Torhu- not that he had been paying much attention to the rat but…

And that was another thing Kyo hated about being sick. His thoughts often rambled on and on about things he didn't actually care about. Stupid sicknesses, Kyo added to his mentally list of all things stupid. Pushing his hate thoughts to the back of his mind, Kyo went back to getting ready for school.

Kyo came down a few minutes later than usual but he didn't think anyone would really notice. Besides, he'd needed those couple of minutes to keep from passing out from the simple process of standing up.

Kyo trudged down the stairs slowly to keep his nausea from getting worse and then mentally prepared himself for hiding his discomfort for the rest of the day. Kyo let one more grimace pass on his face before entering the kitchen where Torhu was making breakfast, Shigure was giddily talking about something perverted, and Yuki seemed to be falling asleep while sitting at the table. He hoped Yuki would stay asleep so the rat wouldn't do anything that would cause the others to expect a fight.

"Oh, there you are, Kyo," Torhu chimed. "I was beginning to think you were turning into Yuki, you slept in so late."

"Like I'd ever do something the same way as that damn rat," Kyo snorted half-heartedly. He was dimly aware that he was supposed to say something more about the rat's damn sleeping habits but he couldn't think straight. Instead, he just quietly took his seat at the table and tuned his thoughts to a small nick in the table. He became so focused on this dent that he didn't realize someone was speaking to him until Kyo found himself being smacked on the side of his head by none other than Yuki.

"What?" Kyo yelled, but again at only half the volume that he normally would have. Kyo cursed himself for being so obviously out of it this morning. He just wanted his cold to disappear but it seemed to only get more agonizing and strenuous.

"Miss Honda was speaking to you, and you weren't listening like the feeble-minded idiot you are. I suggest you pat more attention if you don't want to be hit upside the head in the future," Yuki calmly explained. Kyo couldn't think of a decent response so he just grunted and turned his head to Torhu's direction.

"Oh, it was really nothing" Torhu smiled nervously. "I just wanted to make sure that eggs were okay for breakfast." (A/N: Do they even have eggs for breakfast in Japan? Whatever, just deal with it.)

"Whatever," Kyo sighed, returning his attention to the table. He felt himself being hit once more. "Hey!" Kyo turned to Yuki, rubbing the lump he was sure was going to develop if he was continuously subjected to this abuse.

"You could at least be nice to Miss Honda," Yuki explained.

"I didn't say anything wrong!"

"Well, you should thank Miss Honda for her generosity for making your meals, you ungrateful wretch," Yuki snarled.

"Oh, no. It's okay, really," Torhu whimpered from the side.

"Now your just looking to pick a fight!" Kyo yelled.

"Did you figure that out all by yourself?" Yuki tossed back.

"Guys, please," Torhu pleaded. But even if Kyo had had the ability to focus on more than one thing in his current condition, he would have ignored her. The damn rat was purposely baiting him and he wasn't about to make himself look like a loser by backing out.

Yuki and Kyo stood up and Kyo made the first move with a brash swing meant for Yuki's face. Of course Yuki dodged and made to wrap this fight up quickly by delivering a kick into Kyo's stomach. Since Kyo was weakened from being sick, the blow seemed a hundred times worse. Kyo was knocked into the wall and hunched over on all fours. One arm wrapped around his gut and he promptly started dry heaving.

"What, do you have hairball, stupid cat?" Yuki taunted, still not understanding the condition Kyo was in.

Kyo just groaned and made to stand up. He tottered as the edges of his vision grew blurry and he eventually collapsed when it went completely black.

Torhu and Shigure were stunned for a few seconds but immediately snapped out of it. Torhu dashed to Kyo's side and Shigure reached to telephone Hatori. However, no one was left to take care of Yuki who was still staring wide-eyed and looked to be sick himself from the thing he had just done.

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