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"Hey Kyo," Haru greeted as he confidently strutted into the hospital room. Kyo groaned and rolled over so that his face was planted in the flimsy pillow. Haru, unperturbed, strolled over to Kyo's bedside before seating himself on the edge of it. Haru knew that Kyo was just agitated from his limited amount of movement, scenery, and people to talk to. The only people who visited Kyo were Tohru and him. Well, Kagura had made a few attempts but Hatori had declared that it would be too overwhelming for him so she dutifully stayed away.

"How are you doing?" Haru preceded to talk to Kyo. The cat just mumbled a few words in the pillow.

"Well, you must be doing pretty good since Hatori's talking about letting you out soon," Haru continued. At this, Kyo did look up at him with weary eyes.

"I'm going home?" he sounded so small and helpless that Haru couldn't stop his heart from going out to him.

"Any day now," Haru chuckled, leaning in close to Kyo. Only a few inches separated the two and Kyo immediately noticed a change in the atmosphere.

"Haru, don't," Kyo warned, edging away slightly. The ox merely cocked an eyebrow.

"I won't do anything you don't want to do," he promised before sitting up straight to allow Kyo his space. Kyo grimaced and looked out the window. His time in the hospital had temporarily mellowed him out. After all, anytime Kyo did raise a temper, he was sedated with more drugs. Kyo was doing his best to make sure that wouldn't happen again for he was just now regaining recollections of when he first entered the hospital and he only knew that an event with Yuki wasn't a dream because of a very uncomfortable nurse. Remembering that detail, a blush covered Kyo's features which did not go unnoticed by the ox.

"Something the matter, Kyo?" Haru smiled. Kyo suddenly panicked. Did the ox know what he had been thinking about just then? Kyo calmed himself down but couldn't help a slight stammer when he answered.


"Are you sure? You can talk about it if you want?" Haru grinned.

"I said no," Kyo growled while pushing Haru off the bed. Haru landed on the floor and stood up laughing.

"You have no idea how good it is too see you back to your normal self," Haru grinned.

"Whatever," Kyo rolled his eyes, but inside he was pleased as well. It felt good not to have to seem so watered down. He always had to be so calm and compliant with the doctors and nurses that to express annoyance was actually enjoyable.

"So when am I getting out of here?" Kyo demanded of Haru.

"Right now if your up to it," Hatori answered as he entered the room. So after two weeks, which had felt like a year to Kyo, the cat was finally being dismissed from the hospital. As Hatori drove Kyo to Shigure's, the doctor went over once more all the conditions of his release. Kyo was to stay in bed still for the most of the day but should walk around the house at least once a day to help build up his strength. Kyo wasn't allowed to do anything that would stress him out too much and if any symptoms of coughing or difficulty breathing increased, Kyo was to contact Hatori immediately. By the time Kyo was at Shigure's house, he had heard these regulations at least nine times. Kyo practically ran upstairs to get away from Hatori as the doctor went over the rules once more with Shigure present.

Kyo flung open the door to his bedroom. In all reality, Kyo was itching to go up on the roof instead but Hatori had forbid it until he built up his strength for a few days. Haru, who had joined on the ride to Shigure's, stood behind Kyo as the cat took in the familiarity of his room.

"Well, at least your bed is actually comfortable," Haru commented.

"It's away from those probing needles and IV's, so it could be a rock for all I care," Kyo responded before taking a seat on his bed.

"Yeah, alright. While you re-associate yourself with your room, I'm going to stop and say hello to Yuki," Haru excused himself. For a brief moment, Kyo wanted to say he'd go with him before realizing that it would be too suspicious. Besides, Kyo hadn't moved around this much in ages and he was already feeling a bit weak. So instead, Kyo took out the small piece of paper in his pocket and fiddled with it. He still wasn't sure what he had meant when he had written 'I don't'. He wasn't even sure if he was the one who wrote it but it certainly looked like his handwriting. He plopped onto his bed and let his eyes close in deep thought.

Meanwhile, Haru knocked on the door of Yuki's room before sliding the door open. There sat Yuki at his desk working on some homework. Yuki glanced up and nodded at Haru before returning the problem. Haru peered over Yuki's shoulder and waited for him to finish the current problem on the worksheet before speaking up.

"So, Kyo's back home," Haru commented,

"I heard," Yuki grumbled.

"Hmm, I thought you'd be more enthusiastic than that," Haru commented.

"Why would you think that?" Yuki glowered at the ox.

"Well, you have been moping around for the last couple of weeks. I thought having your kitty back might make you feel better," Haru commented casually.

"I honestly have no idea where you get such ridiculous notions, Haru," Yuki scowled. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have homework that needs to be finished."

"You know, you might feel better if you were just truthful with yourself about how you feel," Haru pressed.

"What the hell are you talking about Haru? Actually, never mind. I don't want to know. Can you just leave me alone now?"

"What? You don't enjoy my company?" Haru only received a glare from Yuki so he continued. "Fine, I'll go. Just promise me you'll stop by Kyo's room later?"

"Why would I do that?" Yuki continued glaring at Haru.

"Can't you just do it for me?" Silence persisted so Haru turned to another means of reasoning. "I won't leave until you agree to it."

"Fine," Yuki sighed. "Can I finish my homework now?

"Of course," the ox grinned and dutifully exited the room. Yuki shook his head at the weird antics of the ox. Of course Yuki had no intention of going to Kyo's room. He had been avoiding that place even when Kyo was in the hospital. Besides, Haru hadn't specified a time to it. He had merely said 'later' and that could mean two years from now really. Yuki wandered over to the window and watched as Haru left the grounds. He went back to his homework but found his conscience wouldn't let him rest. At last, he eased himself of his chair and resolved himself to just take a peek into Kyo's room.

Chances were the cat would be downstairs socializing with Tohru or something since he had the whole two weeks to lye in a bed. Just a quick peek inside so that way he wouldn't feel bad about lying to the ox. Yuki didn't know why he was so worked up over this. It had been stressful at school with everyone wondering how "poor Kyo-chan" was doing. People also fretted about how he was holding up which made no sense to Yuki. Couldn't they see he didn't care at all about how the stupid cat was doing?

So caught up in these thoughts, Yuki didn't even pause as he barged into Kyo's room without knocking or anything. He was taken aback as Kyo's piercing eyes turned toward him. Yuki had a deer caught in the headlights moment and froze. Yuki's eyes widened in surprise at what he had just done. Dammit, now what do I do? Yuki mentally screamed at himself. Why isn't the cat yelling at me to get out by now?

"Um, what are you doing here?" Yuki spoke to break the silence, not realizing the stupidity of his words.

"This is my room," Kyo reminded him with only a hint of a scowl. Yuki was surprised at how calm Kyo behaved. They both remained quiet for another beat of awkward silence.

"What are you doing here?" Kyo finally asked of Yuki, but the rat drew a blank.

"Haru," Yuki remembered. "He made me promise to stop by your room. Now that I've done that I'll be on my way."

"You don't really think you can get away with that crap, do you?" Kyo's question kept Yuki from leaving but also returned Yuki's hatred toward the cat.

"What are you talking about, cat?" Yuki narrowed his eyes in disgust.

"You!" Kyo responded. "I can't believe you're doing this. I feel like hell, and you want to go pick a fight. You really don't care, do you? You haven't visited me in the hospital or anything!" Yuki wanted to point out that he had visited him once but seeing as that ended in them kissing…Yuki was fine to let Kyo believe he hadn't visited him at all.

"Please," Yuki's voice was soft yet full of intensity. "If the roles had been reversed, you wouldn't have seen me."

"You're wrong," Kyo said without hesitation. Yuki was taken aback but refused to let his show. He muttered a 'whatever' and left the room feeling even more discomforted than when he had entered.

Kyo couldn't believe how angry he felt. He also hadn't realized how much it bugged him that Yuki hadn't visited him except for that one time. Not that Kyo didn't understand it. Obviously Yuki was disgusted at what had happened and therefore didn't visit him anymore. But still…

And then the rat feels like ha has the right to barge into his room without even knocking. At first, the cat had been a little pleased, it really was surprising at how much he missed the rat's company. But as he spent more time with the rat hanging uncomfortably in the doorway, Kyo found himself annoyed and all the anger he had ever felt for the boy came bubbling back to him. He was seething in fury and really wished he could punch something but Hatori had forbidden his temper.

In all actuality, that was the stupidest thing Hatori could do. Forbid him from getting mad? What was he supposed to do when he had rats coming into his room trying to piss him off?

And Yuki had just stood there acting perfectly innocent. The least the rat could do was apologize before he had left. The anger instilled by the damn rat almost made him wish he had stayed at the hospital so he wouldn't have to face Yuki. But only almost.

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