True Origins

Chapter 1

I have a habit of making characters OOC, plus this whole fic purely refers to a dream I had the other night so that's another reason it's...well...demented.

I may delete my first Sonic fic "Twains" though.


Rouge was on her computer, being a bat she preferred the night.

She had her headphones in so the noise wouldn't wake Shadow, he had chided her many times about it.

She had the noise turned way down too so it wouldn't drown everything out.

Rouge was updating personal stuff, then she started to hear Shadow moan softly in his sleep.

"Hmm," she mumbled "must be dreaming about Maria again."

He did still have those dreams, but he had gotten used to them.

Before Shadow would wake up screaming bloody murder, now he just woke up shaking breifly.

He was having that same dream, and heard Maria's voice, after the last few years the voice went from painful to soothing.

"Shadow..." he heard her say "thank you. Shadow"

Suddenly the voice changed to another, another female voice.

"Shadow," the unknown female soothed "you are my life, my world, my strength."

He didn't recognize the voice, but he felt like he knew it from somewhere.

His vision of Maria turned into something else, a vision of him in a younger state with an unclear figure looking down at him lovingly.

He opened his eyes.

Rouge took off her headphones.

"Bad dream?" she asked

Shadow looked around.

"No," he said "just confusing."

Shadow tried going back to sleep.

However, all night he started to have what he thought were dreams.

The same unknown female voice rang throughout the visions:

"My dear Shadow, there's no end to how much I cherish you."

"You will bring salvation and serenity to our knid and humanity, little prince."

"My son, you will bring hope to all species, including our race, the ebonytes."

"Shadow! I'll find you! I promise!"

Finally, Shadow woke up and stayed up.

~Sonic's house, same time~

Sonic himself was starting to have some pretty strange dreams.

He could hear someone addressing him, encouraging him in a dark way:

"Ha ha ha ha, Sonic, born of the seven Chaos and the shoadows of the night, you will bring humanity to its knees."

"You will reform the world our way and reign superior to all life forms on earth."

"When you are of age, with your dark form you will cloak this world in darkness and all creatures will bow to their new master, my son, Sonic the Hedgehog!"

When the dream ended, Sonic awoke in cold sweat.

"I won't!" he shrieked

He looked around his room, seeing that it was still dark out.

"Okay," he sighed, rubbing his face, "it was just a dream, just a crazy dream."

Sonic then laid back down and closed his eyes again.

Again it's all from a dream, sorry if it sucks hardcore.