True Origins

Chapter 6

Ending, the next fic will be...violent.

~Shadow and Rouge's house~

Rouge was sitting in her bed, still awake cause it was still early in the night(for a bat of course).

Shadow was laying in his own bed across from hers.

Still awake, he just laid there, motionless, staring at the ceiling.

Rouge glanced over.

"Shadow," she stated "say something."


"At least blink." she requested

Shadow blinked once.

"I realize that the past was shocking and full of lies," Rouge said "but your past wasn't nearly as bad as Sonic's."

"What's your point?" Shadow asked

"You're a natural born hedgehog and you don't have to call yourself a mutant anymore." Rouge stated

"Not a mutant." Shadow said

"Mutt maybe," Rouge stated "but not a mutant."

"Good night." Shadow said flatly

"Damn." Rouge muttered

~Sonic's house~

Sonic was sleeping in his bed.

Tikal was sleeping in her own room.

While he slept his mind focused on what he had just learned.

His parents were genocidal criminals.

He was born to kill.

And his dark side continued to tempt him.

"It's only a matter of time, Sonic," the dark form said "your future is set in stone."

He heard Cinder's words too "Temptation is like disease, it cannot be ignored, it can only be conquered." "Not everyone can fight temptation."

Sonic woke up.

"There's only one thing I can do." he said

He left the house and went to the Chaos Altar where the Emeralds were.

He put them close together.

"Seven Chaos," Sonic said "I wish to purge the dark form from within me."

The Emeralds started glowing and Sonic felt a strange energy pulsate through his body.

He fell on the ground with the sensation of what felt similar to being turned inside out.

He tried to scream, but the strong energy prevented him from doing so.

He heard the dark voice laugh "You can't get rid of me that easily."

Then it was over.

Sonic laid there on the ground, breathing heavily.

He felt as though he had just survived a rockslide.

With the last of his energy he grabbed one of the emeralds.

"Ch-Chaos Control." he said weakly

He transported himself back to his house and in his own bad, where he finally passed out.

The dark voice was gone, but the bad feeling wasn't.

~Black Asteroid~

Black Doom went back to his secret room, only to find the capsule inside open and empty.

"Impossible." he said

"Black Doom." he heard

The Black Arms king turned around and saw the female hedgehog he had crossed.

"Cinder," he questioned "who released you?"

"That's none of your business," the hedgehog queen replied "but I'm glad it happened, because now I can do what i've wanted to do for a long time."

Cinder held up one of the Selenerix Sapphires she retrieved.

"No," Black Doom bagged "please."

"Selenerix Damnation." Cinder stated

Suddenly a band of shadowy demons rose up out of the ground, seized the dark king, and dragged him down to Hell.

"Told you." Cinder said before walking out of the fort

Sorry for the bad ending, the next fic will be better.