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Seventeen year old Olivia Benson walked up to the front porch of the house she and her mother, Serena Benson, lived in. Her two best friends, Alexandra Cabot and Casey Novak, followed closely behind, ready to have some fun before Serena showed up from work.

"So, who else is ready for school to be over with?" Casey asked, waiting for Olivia to unlock and open the front door,

Alex nodded enthusiastically, quickly walking through the open door and plopping onto the first piece of furniture she spotted. "I'm just ready for summer already. One more month of school, then I'm off to Uncle Bill's."

Olivia closed the door, making sure to lock it, before laying on the couch opposite of Casey and Alex. "I can't believe you're choosing to waste your summer interning for your uncle in Manhattan," Olivia said, stretching her arms above her head, before letting out a deep yawn.

School had been exhausting. Trying to finish final projects, as well as cramming all the materials teachers should have been teaching all year into one month was taking its toll on her.

Alex looked over at the brunette, and rolled her eyes, before taking off her glasses and rubbing her eyes. "Hey Olivia, how's the police camp looking?" she asked with a smirk, knowing it would annoy the hell out of Olivia.

She was right. Olivia threw a death glare at the blonde, before letting out a deep sigh. She had applied for a summer police program that would help train her and get her ready for her career in law enforcement. It was only a plus that she would be away from home for the whole summer.

Casey looked at Olivia and smiled, before laying her head down in Alex's lap. "Well, all I can say is I'm going to have the best summer ever. Not that I don't love you guys, but I'm going to be in Miami, soaking up the sun, and meeting some hotties at camp."

Alex looked down at the strawberry blonde and shook her head. Leave it up to Casey to come up with the wildest thing to do over the summer. "You know," she began, tucking a piece of her blonde hair behind her ear, "Most sexual incidents occur during teenage summer camps."

"Alex, you're such a lawyer!" Casey exclaimed, smacking Alex's arm lightly. "Besides, who says I don't want a, sexual incident, to happen while in Miami," she said with a wink.

"Casey!" Olivia grabbed the pillow beside her head and flung it at the grinning blonde. "Please, do not lose your virginity to some guy you meet there, who won't even remember your name when the summer's over."

Both Casey and Alex looked at Olivia, then at each other, knowing she was only trying to give advice based on her own personal experiences. They both knew what Olivia had gone through last summer; she was only trying to protect the two of them.

An uncomfortable silence grew, making both Alex and Casey fidget on the couch. Both knew that Olivia was hurting, but neither wanted to bring up what happened during the summer the three of them went to a camp in California. Finally gaining up the courage to speak, Casey sat up, took a deep breath, and walked over to her friend. "Liv, I didn't mean to bring up what happened with-"

"It's fine," she said stopping Casey from bringing up any more of her past. "It's over, it's in the past." Olivia let out another yawn, before sitting up on the couch she had been laying on.

Before anyone else could speak, the three heard the sound of a car drive up to the house. "Oh shit, she's home early," Olivia said, jumping up off the couch, and grabbing her backpack. Alex and Casey, already knowing the routine, grabbed their bags and headed toward the back door.

Alex, not paying much attention to where she was running, bumped into the counter top, knocking down the mail Olivia had grabbed on the way in. "Oh crap, I'm sorry."

Casey quickly knelt down to pick up the mail, stopping when she saw the address on two envelopes. "Liv?"

"Yeah?" Olivia asked, as she tried to tidy up the living room as quick as possible.

"What's this?" Casey held up an envelope with only her address, the emblem of the U.S. Marines on it, and a return address with no name. "Please tell me you're not joining the Marines," she joked, hoping to lighten the mood a bit.

"No," Olivia said, grabbing the envelopes out of her hand and shoving them into her back pocket. When she heard the key enter the lock on the door, she began to panic. "Go, out before she comes in."

The two rushed out of the house, closing the back door, just as Serena entered the house. Olivia quickly stood up, knowing her mother expected her to help with her bags. "Why are you here?" Serena asked, as soon as she spotted the young teenager by the door.

Olivia rolled her eyes. "I live here," she replied as she crossed her arms over her chest. She could tell her mother was drunk, again, and the fact that she didn't remember her own daughter was even more hurtful.

Serena looked at Olivia with disgust. "You look just like your father," she said angrily, before rushing into the kitchen and grabbing the bottle of vodka out of the top cabinet.

Olivia looked at her mother, horrified. When she was 11 her mother told her that she was the product of rape, and from then on Olivia knew her mother's only way to cope was through alcohol. She never made any effort to sober up, not once bothering to care about Olivia's well-being, only where she was going to get her next drink.

A few years ago Olivia had began to wonder about her father, which only made Serena more angry. She would take her anger out on her daughter, hitting, kicking, and taunting her whenever she felt the need to let loose of suppressed anger. Today was no exception.

"Don't you think you've had enough," Olivia said, stepping into the kitchen, watching as her mother took a shot of the hard liquor.

"I'll stop when I damn well please."

Olivia watched as her mother took another three shots, before she finally snapped. She knew her mother needed help, but she wasn't going to find it at the bottom of a bottle. Before the glass could touch Serena's lips, Olivia slapped her hand, sending the liquid flying to the floor, the glass shattering on the kitchen tile.

"You bitch!" Serena turned to her daughter, anger in her eyes. Before either knew what was happening, Olivia was on the floor, surprised by the blow to the face her mother had delivered. Olivia looked up at her mother, tears in her eyes, as her now broken nose began to bleed, the blood running down her face. "Now clean up this mess," Serena said, before she grabbed her bag near the door and went to her room, locking herself inside to make sure Olivia didn't distract her drinking again.

Once she was sure her mother was gone, Olivia let the tears fall. Her mother had broken her nose, and didn't even bother to glance back, before returning to her alcohol. She wiped her bloody nose with the bottom of her shirt, wincing at the pain, before picking up the broken glass from the floor. She quickly cleaned up the mess her mother had made, before running to her room, taking out her phone, and calling the only person she knew who could help with this.

"So, what's your excuse this time?"

Olivia looked up at Melinda and sighed, wincing at the pain her nose was causing her.

"I tripped on the stairs."

Melinda shook her head, flaring her nostrils. "Now, what's the real reason this time?"

Melinda pinched Olivia's nose, hoping to stop the bleeding enough to set it. She and Olivia had been friends ever since Olivia and her mother moved in next door 12 years ago. Even though Melinda was a year older than Olivia, and a senior at the same high school, the two had remained good friends, and besides Alex and Casey, she was the only one who knew everything Serena put Olivia through.

"I knocked her glass of vodka out of her hands, she punched me in the face. End of story."

Melinda looked down at Olivia sympathetically. She placed her fingers gently on Olivia's nose, feeling sorry when she saw the girl's eyes water up once more because of the pain. "Liv, you need to tell someone. She can't keep doing this to you."

"I know Mel, I just- ouch! Holy Mother fu-"

"I'm sorry. I need to set this Liv, it's going to hurt, but it needs to be done." She waited for Olivia to nod, before taking a deep breath. "By the way, Alex was seen making out with Tyler Akman today after lunch."

Olivia's eyes got wide. "What the he-" Before she could finish, Melinda popped her nose back into place, causing Olivia to stop mid-sentence and fall back onto her bed. Her hand instinctively went to cover her once again bleeding nose, as her eyes watered up once more.

"I'm just kidding, this is Alex we're talking about."

Olivia raised her head slightly off her bed, before letting it fall back with a quiet thud. "I hate you," she mumbled, not caring that her hand was now just as bloody as her face.

Melinda let out a small chuckle, before grabbing an ice pack off the nightstand, and placing it gently on Olivia's nose. "You love me," she said smugly, as she stuck out her tongue. Looking down at her watch, Melinda let out a sigh. "I have to go. Call me if you need anything else." With that, she climbed out the window and climbed down the tree that was placed so conviently close to Olivia's bedroom window.

Olivia let out a small sigh, before taking a breath through her mouth, afraid the pain would return if she breathed through her nose. She got up, figuring she should get some homework done, before looking down to realize her now blood stained t-shirt and jeans. Quickly stripping out of her clothes, she threw them on the floor at the foot of her bed, completely unaware that the two envelopes that had been in her back pocket slid out onto the floor.

She changed into a pair of sweats and a tank top, and made her way to the bed where her backpack sat, only to slip on one of the envelopes. Before she knew what happened, her face made contact with the end of her bed, causing her to double over in pain, covering her face as her nose began to bleed once more. "I hate my life," she mumbled to herself, picking the two envelopes up from the floor.

She quickly made her way to the bed, making sure to wipe the blood from her face, and got under the covers, where she hoped she would stay safe, before opening one of the envelopes. One of the letters was her acceptance to the police camp she had applied to, which ment she would be away from home this summer; away from all the drama, away from all the drinking, away from all the abuse. She would be surrounded by people who would help her with her future career, and those who could potentially be her future co-workers.

She placed the acceptance letter on her nightstand deciding to turn in early for the night, when she noticed the other envelope, the one Casey had noticed before. Being curious, she opened the envelope, took out the single sheet of paper, and read what was written in black ink.

I made it. Training has been hell, but I'm getting through it. Can't wait to see you again.

Olivia looked at the paper, wondering if this was all a prank. She shook her head, trying to ignore the letter, before turning out the lights and closing her eyes. She tried to fall asleep for an hour, but the letter on her nightstand kept nagging at her. Finally, she turned on the light, grabbed the letter and a blank piece of paper and began to write.

Dear Marine,

I don't know who you are, but I'm glad you made it. I'm pretty sure my hell outbeats yours. This is the wrong address, and I don't know who you were trying to write to, but good luck.


Olivia laughed at her letter, knowing she was seriously going to piss off some poor Marine, before grabbing an envelope out of her desk and putting the correct information on it. She would mail it in the morning and try to forget it, not knowing how much her life would be impacted by this single sheet of paper.


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