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It was the first day of Senior year, and everyone was ready to see each other again and explain everything that happened during the summer.

Alex, who had enjoyed her time in the city working for her uncle, was excited to start her last year of school before college. She and Trevor had been doing well. Occasionally, when he wasn't out of town with his parents, would make the trip to the city and take his girlfriend out. The two were enjoying their summer together, dreading when they would have to start hiding secrets when they got back to school.

Casey, who had partied non-stop for two months, was happy to be back. Chester, who had taken Olivia's advice to heart, had met her at the airport and officially asked her on a date. Of course she had said yes, and in a few days the two made it public that they were officially dating.

Melinda, who had still been having issues with Fin and college, had started her first college classes a few days ago. Despite Fin's opinion and disapproval, she had gone to college a few hours away, hoping a little distance would help their relationship.

Olivia, who had spent the whole summer at camp, had also wrote and received many letters from Elliot. The two had also spent many hours talking via Skype, and on the phone. It was like nothing had changed. Slowly but surely, he was turning into her best friend again, and she wasn't sure if she was ready for that.

She knew Alex and Casey would be happy, but skeptical, when she told them about her summer. Sure, she was happy that she and Elliot were talking again, but she was also scared. Scared that she would get hurt again.

Olivia parked her car in the school's parking lot and looked at the school in the rear view mirror. She had just gotten home from camp a few days earlier, and was still trying to unwind from a busy summer. Of course Serena had done nothing but complain and bitch Olivia out, which made her almost grateful to be going to school.

She got out of the car, reached over and grabbed her backpack, before shutting the car door. It was her last year of high school, so she was going to make the best of it.

She quickly walked over to the front of the school and waited for everyone else to come. Chester was bringing Casey, before heading over to the community college, and Trevor was bringing Alex, so Olivia had drove to school by herself.

"Olivia," someone shouted from behind. Olivia turned to see Casey and Chester walk towards her, a smile on her face.

Olivia waited until the two stood in front of her, before she spoke. "How was your summer?" she asked Casey.

Casey smiled when she saw Olivia's eyes glance down at her and Chester's hands intertwined. "It was fun. But I'm glad to be back. I missed you."

Olivia nodded. "I missed you too," she replied, giving her friend a hug.

"I hope I get a hug."

Olivia turned around and saw Alex and Trevor climbing the stairs. "Of course," she said, once the two had reached the top. "I've always got some love for you," she said with a wink, wrapping her arms around Alex.

Alex let out a chuckle, hugging her friend back. When she was done, she gave Casey a small hug, happy they were back together. "So how was your summer?" she asked both Casey and Chester. She and Olivia and spoke during the weekend before the start of school, when Casey was still at camp. She knew all about the whole Elliot situation, and camp, and even though she was skeptical about Elliot coming back into their lives, she knew Olivia was ready for at least some happiness.

Casey smiled. "It was fun. The beach, the sun, the sand. It was glorious." She looked over at Chester, her smile growing.

Alex looked at the two and smiled. "What about you Chester? I heard you were at the same camp as Olivia."

Chester nodded. "It was really interesting."

The bell rang, signaling that everyone needed to head to class. Luckily everyone had the same first class. Chester quickly said his goodbyes, gave Casey a quick kiss, before walking to his car. Casey watched as he got his car started and drove to college, before turning to Alex, Olivia and Trevor. The four walked through the front doors of the school and headed down the hallway, before stopping at one of the classes on the left.

Without a word the four walked into their first class of the day, American Government, and joined the other students already taking their seats. "I think there are some seats over there," Trevor said, pointing towards the middle of the room.

It was an unspoken rule that whatever seat you had on your first day of classes was the seat you were stuck with for the rest of the year, so the four were determined not to ruin their Senior year with crappy seats.

The four quickly took their seats, Casey and Olivia in the fourth row from the front, Alex and Trevor in the fifth. Olivia took out a notebook and a pen, before turning in her seat to face Alex. Alex, who was in the middle of taking out a binder and pencil, knew Olivia was staring at her. "If this is how it's going to be all year I'm switching seats," she said quietly. She looked up, allowing Olivia to see the smirk on her face. "So I saw Melinda a few weeks ago while in the city," she began, pulling a strand of hair behind her ear. She watched as Olivia raised an eyebrow, curious as to what Alex was getting at. "She and Fin are having some major problems," she said sadly.

Olivia's face fell. She knew Melinda really cared for Fin, but with the amount of problems the two were having lately, things weren't looking too well. "I need to call her," she said.

Alex nodded. "So, how's Elliot?" she said, grinning widely.

Olivia looked at her friend, rolled her eyes, and sighed. She had been getting really close with Elliot lately, and she knew Alex and Casey were going to be nagging her about it nonstop now. "He's doing well," she said. She had talked to him last night, and she knew how well he was really doing, but she wasn't going to tell Alex that.

Alex smiled. "So how's the whole situation between you two going?"

Olivia turned and watched as their teacher, Adrian Bowman, walked in. He placed his textbook on his desk, which was decorated with pictures of his wife and kids, and began to write on the whiteboard.

Olivia, knowing class was going to start soon, quickly turned back to Alex and sighed. "I can definitely say I'm crushing on him big time."

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