Tempest of Angels

by Layton Colt

Sequel to Host of Apophis

Authors Notes: This was supposed to be a stand alone story but I wanted to do a sequel to Host of Apophis and I figured why not get them both done at once? You don't really *have* to read Host of Apophis to understand this story but it helps. Just know, Apophis is dead and Daniel was his host for a short period of time. And Sam hasn't become a host yet either, so Daniel's the first.

Part One: False Angels and Gods

The being watched as four individuals exited the Circle of the Gods, her eyes glowing brightly as she saw a Jaffa.

The others didn't look like Goa'uld's however, their attire and equipment was strange… like nothing she had seen before. It wasn't Goa'uld technology but who else would hold the company of a Jaffa?

The one she was assuming was the leader stepped forward, searching for potential threats, but even his trained gaze passed over her and her companions. Another looked around with wide eyes filled with curiosity while a woman walked beside the Jaffa talking quietly.

They began to near the city walls so the being motioned to her people. The small group exited the forest and blocked the paths of the newcomers.


O'Neill had a bad feeling about this place. It almost felt haunted, like a ghost city…

Of course he had been even more paranoid than usual as of late. After almost losing Daniel as Apophis host he'd barely let the young linguist out of his sight.

All things considered Daniel had coped well, wanting to get right back to work… right back to searching for Sha'ure.


Jack looked up as Teal'c said his name to see a group of people come out of the forest. They were clad in white robes and though they were walking they almost appeared to glide across the grassy ground.

"Come no further," the woman in front said raising her hand palm out. "You are not welcome here."

The woman was beautiful, she looked to be human but she had a familiar eerie glow about her…

"We mean you no harm," Daniel said quickly. "We're peaceful explorers…"

The woman narrowed her eyes, "Peaceful? You bring with you one who is in service to the false gods."

"Teal'c?" Daniel asked. "He isn't in service to the false gods, not anymore. He betrayed them and joined us."

The girl now looked amused, "Joined you? Who are you that one would choose to allege themselves to you over that of a god?"

"False god," Daniel corrected. "You said so yourself."

She laughed, an enticing melodious sound, "So I did, why have you come here then? What business do you have with the angels of the tempest?"

"The angels of the tempest?" Daniel echoed.

"Yes, do you not know who we are?"

"No," Daniel told her. "We don't…"

"*We* are the angels of the tempest…"

"Angels?" Jack repeated dubiously.

"We are as much angels as the Goa'uld are gods."

"So you aren't angels?" Jack asked.

"No, we are not truly angels, of course. It is just our title."

"Your title?" Sam asked as she adjusted her grip on the gun and watched the 'angels' suspiciously.

The woman looked surprised, "Yes, don't you have one?"

Daniel cut in, "We are called the Tau'ri."

"The Tau'ri!" she exclaimed. "The murderers of Ra? My congratulations. And my apologies for my harsh reaction to your approach, you are most welcome here. I am Traya. Welcome to Tempest."

Daniel smiled, "Thank you, so your people know of the Goa'uld?"

Traya nodded, "Yes, we fight them."

"You fight them?" Jack said eagerly, suddenly interested.

"Yes, we do, but we have yet to make any real difference. Our numbers are still much too small."

"You're like a resistance group…" Daniel concluded.

Traya nodded, "Yes, we are much like the Tok'ra, though we cannot understand how they could share their bodies with vile creatures."

"Well, I agree with you on that," Jack smiled.

Traya smiled back and her eyes glowed.

Jack jumped back in surprise and pulled Daniel with him.

"Why share? It is so much better to simply take complete control."

To be continued…