As Painful as this is to write, I must conclude that this story has reached its end from my hands.

When I started this story, nigh on 2 and a half years ago, there had been a rash of poorly written stories that essentially started out like this 'woman X hurt Naruto in the past by being his watcher and they pretended to love him but truly loved him now and are extremely sad that he wants nothing to do with them along with the fact that he is amazingly powerful.'

Those stories were poorly written but, it also didn't affect me at all, when the woman was showing remorse you could easily say to yourself 'well whatever' since you held no connection with the story. Held no connection with their past relationship, held no bond with the characters beyond what was canon. Hence, this story was born.

I chose Kurenai for a specific reason... she was the best fit I felt, I could have used Yugao, Hana, Anko, any of the older women we have been introduced to throughout canon and written them in but I avoided the younger girls because their mindsets in canon prevented them from truly accomplishing this task, as I showed with Ino's date. Only a fully mature Kunoichi could handle tricking Naruto to such an extent. However, I chose Kurenai because of a myriad of different reasons. She was the best fit in my opinion for what I wanted to do and I think she filled that role well. If you wish a more in depth explanation feel free to PM me, don't pester me I'm very busy with real life right now but I will answer you if you do not attack me about ending this story.

All of this being said, I have stared at this computer screen for nigh on four months and have about 4k words written down and my fingers refuse to go further at this time. I had initially planned to end this story here, where any of those other stories could have picked up and you could imagine the connection being torn, the heart-wrending separation that Naruto would go through, and still you could read the other stories and imagine this story's characters and feel for them. I believe that the reviews I have enjoyed speak for themselves, only such a story which evokes these passionate reviews that you, my readers, have gifted me with, could show the depth that these characters truly have, and the love that you give to them.

Despite my plans to end this story, I attempted to continue it, if only for the avid readers who have been hounding me to continue the story. Unfortunately, this is not my choice but the characters, they have decided they cannot be written by me anymore, for this story has taken up a life of its own, the past five chapters have flown from my fingers with little thought to them and still they remain some of my best work, some of the best character development chapters I have personally read, as arrogant as that may sound.

So, it is with a heavy heart that I lay my pen down in defeat to the greatest of enemies any writer shall ever face and hope that others may feel inspired by my characters. This is where the story will begin, where I hope many will take up the pen and attempt to write the ending to Naruto and Kurenai's story, whether it be to love and acceptance or betrayal and destruction, you decide.

Farewell to my loyal readers and thank you so much for your dedication to this book,

Your Loyal Writer