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Seven Deadly Sins: Invidia


Since Uncle and Vanitas will be away for the whole month, Ven will be having meals with my family in our house. But he didn't come the first evening when Vanitas left, excused himself for not feeling too well. So my parents sent me to deliver the food to him.

I was so shocked when I saw him that night. He had bruises on his face. Dry blood clotted at the corner of his lips. Not only his face, his arms were also covered with bruises and cuts! No need to ask, I knew immediately who did this. That fucking bastard!

Rage completely blinded my mind. My heart ached so painfully that I had to hug him tight to comfort him. I want to use whatever insignificant power I have to stop his hurt and ease his pain. How could Vanitas do this to him? How could he? !

He was silently shedding tears in my arms. I couldn't do anything else but let his tears quietly rolling down his bruised cheek. My words stuck in my throats. I didn't dare to ask what happened, that would only bring the horrible memory back to him and hurt him more. All I could do was to let his head rest on my shoulder, circling my arms around his torso to let him know that he was not alone, that everything would be okay.

He eventually broke the long silence between us, starting to thank me. He was mumbling thanks to me for my kindness. He said I was too kind but he didn't deserve it.

No! It's not true! You deserve it!

I no long wanted to hear his self-abandoning words, so I sealed his lips with my own mouth.

Fuck it. I know this is wrong. Completely wrong. Wrong in every fucking sense. But I couldn't care more! I just didn't want to hear those broken words anymore! I just didn't want to see that face, a face so similar to Roxas, stained with desperate tears anymore! That's it. That's just it!

I started kissing him like crazy. His body froze. He didn't push me away but allowed me to kiss him, staying still like a doll…until that moment he started to kiss me back.

That moment, I tasted blood. I tasted sweet, salty, bitter and blood in his mouth.

He kissed me back as lost as I was. The moment our tongues tangled together into a heated dance, all the morals, ethics, rationals and sanity completely evaporated from our mind. He wanted me just as much as I wanted him.

I didn't know what I was doing anymore. I pushed him into his bed, hovered on top of him, tore his shirt open. As soon as I saw all the bruises crawling on his pale torso, my ever-growing rage reddened my eyes. I started kissing his body like mad. My own tears blurred my vision. How the fuck could he hurt him like this!

I kissed him hard on the skin with anger, trying to cover all the bruises with my own marks, ignoring the fact he was moaning painfully and his body was trembling and writhing underneath me. He didn't stop me nevertheless, instead he moaned my name. That moan turned me on hard.

All of our clothes was gone within a second. His golden locks spread against the white sheet as I pinned his slim body down again. I felt completely lost when I started to kiss his face. I knew I shouldn't be thinking this way but I couldn't help myself at all. Roxas…he looked so much like Roxas…Steamy blue eyes written with desire, flushed beautiful face lost in lust, that's one picture I only dare to imagine in my dreams but now it all became real. No matter how much I reminded myself he was not Roxas, this was Ven, Ven was the one I want to comfort, he was the one I was kissing right now, but in the end I could no longer tell the difference between them. Look at his face. He was my Roxas, he was the Roxas I longed to claim as my own from the very beginning…

Fuck it.

I'm not better than Vanitas. No, I'm even worse.

Anger, pain, guilt, all and all only added fuel to my lust. But I didn't know how to proceed next, didn't know how to fulfil the hungry animal inside me. I was inexperienced. I was still a virgin. I never had sex with anybody up till then. All I could do was to pin him underneath me, kissing and biting his neck with blind passion, rubbing my aching member against his. I want him. I so fucking want him.

He noticed my green. So he spread his legs apart for me. He arched his back and lifted his hips to show me where I could penetrate his body. He taught me how to violate him.

He put two of his fingers into his mouth, wetting them with his saliva, then he started stretching himself for me. Watching his fingers sliding in and out of his own anus and him wincing and panting made my cock throbbing like fuck. I no longer could take it so I grabbed his wrist. He smiled to me in turn with understanding. He further spread apart his legs, got a hold on my cock with one hand, guiding my rock-hard thing to aim at his inviting hole. He guided me to intrude his body. He willingly gave himself to me.

I thrust into him without any hesitation and I felt heaven. Fucking god, he was so tight. He was so fucking tight that it was almost painful at the beginning. But beyond the pain, this ungodly blissful friction completely blew up my mind. The sensation of having my cock completely sheathed in his ass was hundred and thousand times better than me jerking myself off. Masturbating was nothing compare to this. Feeling his hot tight ass squeezing around my throbbing cock completely drove me crazy. Out of male instincts, I started to move, but then I heard his painful moan. If it was even painful to me, I bet it was hurting like a bitch to him. I froze despite the wanting to move, I could feel the sweat start wetting my forehead. I had to hold back my breath to prevent myself from moving, to let him adjust. But then he smiled weakly at me again, telling me he was fine, I can keep going. So I kept going with my instinct. I experimentally slid myself out of his ass a little, then pounded back all the way in. Fucking god. The stimulation was just too much. I wanted nothing but more of this euphoric bliss so I started to ram into him fiercely, again and again. At one point I retreated myself wholly and then thrust back into his hole with full strength. I must have hit something inside him so hard for he screamed my name out in ecstasy.

His screaming…sounded so fucking delicious.

Roxas, scream more for me!

I lifted his legs up to hook on my shoulders. I firmly grabbed his butt cheeks with both of my hands, lifting his ass higher into the air so that I have more access to his ungodly tight entrance. I picked up my pace, pulling out and ramming back in faster and faster. The slight pain from before was all gone by now, only the unbelievable heat and tightness of his passage welcomed me, creating this god-forsaken friction that made I craving for more. I forged all my strength to the lower half of my body for I wanted to fuck him as hard as I could. I wanted to hit that something inside him again to make him scream for me more and louder.

And he did scream louder, though I could no longer tell whether he screamed out in pain or in ecstasy. His moans sounded he was in pain but at the same time he made it sound like he was in pure euphoria as well.

I could care less. As long as he was screaming for me, as long as he was moaning my name along with his breathless panting, I could care nothing else in this world anymore but pounding all I have into his body.

"...Ngh, ahhh…Sora! Oh god, Sora…Sora…Agh, ngh, ngh…there…Harder! Oh Sora! Harder!..."

I kept thrusting, thrusting, thrusting into him, not wanting to stop. I thrust faster and faster, harder and harder, deeper and deeper. I penetrated him as deep as possible, not caring anymore if I was hurting him. I want to reach the deepest inside him, making him completely mine.

I finally made Roxas belong to me! He is mine now, mine!

I lost all my controls, all my sanity. I could see nothing but blissful white lights behind my eyelids. I could hear nothing but his sinfully delicious moaning of my name. I could feel nothing but how tight his inner wall clenching on my pulsing cock, making the heat that was building up in my lower abdomen so unbearable that I felt like to explode. Suddenly, his ring of muscle tightened almost impossibly around my member as he reached his orgasm.

That pushed me over the edge too.

"Roxas! I'm cumming!"

I shouted out as I ejaculated all my semen inside his ass.

Not till my mind cooled down a bit from cloud nine a moment after did I realize what I have just done.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck. What have I done! I just shouted out his name while releasing my load inside Ven.

I felt Ven's body trembling uncontrollably underneath me. I saw tears rolling down from the corner of his eyes onto the white sheet. His tears tore my heart apart. Regret overwhelmed me.

"I'm sorry Ven. I'm so sorry. I-I…"

I embraced him as tight as possible, I kept telling him how sorry I was. I wanted to say I didn't mean to but both of us knew what a fat lie it was.

I'm the worst, worse than Vanitas.

"…Sora, don't say sorry, coz I'm not sorry…" He whispered weakly with his husky voice, smiling softly at me like he always does despite his tears still streaming down his flushed cheeks.

"…I don't mind…I don't mind who you see through me…
…I don't mind of being his substitution.
…All I want is your tenderness, your gentle embrace that Vanitas is never willing to give me.
…See? I'm using you too. We both are taking advantage of each other. So don't say sorry."

"…Sora, it's not your fault. Don't be sorry…"

I held him closer to me. My own tears started running down my face. I couldn't hold it back anymore. I thought I already forgot what crying was like ever since my realization of how hopeless my love for Roxas was. I thought I was already numbed by the cruel reality. But that night, in his arms, I cried. I cried like a baby.

That night was only the beginning of our twisted 'relationship'.

He's fucking gorgeous. I don't care about my choice of words. I never thought a guy could look so gorgeous and erotic like him. Like now, he crawled himself in between my legs, working so hard to please me with his little wicked tongue slowly licking along my erected shaft. His golden locks stuck to his scalp due to the sweats left by our last sex session not long ago. His naked slim body was still tainted with flushed pink color and my marks all over, while his pale ass perking seductively into the air, so fucking inviting. He then parted his bruised lips to suck my tip, engulfing my cock into his warm moist cavern, bobbing his head up and down to give me that god-forsaken pleasure again.

Fuck it. Just by watching him like this, I could already shoot my whole load into his mouth right there right then. I couldn't stop my wild fantasy, imagining it was Roxas blowing me, but I knew I would never be able see such a wanton expression on Roxas' face. Only if I could see Roxas' face like this…oh fuck! My cock immediately responded to my thought, it hardened even more right inside his mouth. He moaned as my member suddenly got larger without warning, he could hardly capture my enlarged fucking pole in between his lips.

But he tried anyway. Next moment, he deepthroated my cock without gagging a single bit. I know what it meant. He must be so used to do this with Vanitas. Dark emotions of jealousy washed over my mind as I grabbed his head by a fistful of blond hair. He moaned at my action, skilfully using the ring of muscle in his throat to grind around my member, squeezing my leaking tip, while his experienced tongue stroking along the base of my shaft teasingly. Fucking god. His blow job always brought me the equal amount of pleasure as I fuck his ass.

I was in no mood to hold back so I already started to thrust into his throat. He mewled submissively as I hit deeper, the vibration only increasing the sensation. He mewled and moaned intentionally so that more electrics were generated along my fucking pole, sending more thrills up to my spine.

He's so fucking good…

I groaned like an animal, firming my grip of his head, forcefully thrusting my cock into his mouth without any restrain like I was actually fucking his asshole. He kept moaning like he was in torment which turned me on even more, his overflooding saliva dripping from the corner of his mouth as I kept sliding in and out of his heavenly cavern. I'm so close, so close, so fucking close.

"Roxas…I'm gonna cum!"

It's not the first time I shouted out his name in my orgasm, but his body still froze at my grunt, so that so he didn't manage to catch my cock with his mouth when I exploded. I jerked all my seeds right onto his face.

My creamy essences covered his pretty face, streaming down along his chin, dripping onto the white sheet beneath us. He lifted his head up to look into my eyes. I saw hurt in his cerulean eyes, but he was still smiling at me, his eyes still full of lust and want along with the hurt. I was completely enchanted by his seductive expression. He's so fucking arousing. I can't resist him. It didn't take too long that my buddy down there came back to life.

"Ven…I'm sorry. Can't control myself…"

"It's okay, Sora…it's okay…"

He let me cup and caress his cheeks. I slowly licked off my own liquid from his face in apology. He then lied himself down on his back, inviting me to lie on top of him, wanting me to cover his body with mine.

"Sora…embrace me…love me…fuck me…"

He snaked his arms around my neck, his lips rubbing gently against my ear lobe as he whispered the needing words into my ear, his legs wrapping around my waist, stroking my sensitive spots on my sides with his inner thighs. He writhed slightly underneath me, teasingly rubbing my cock with his butt cheeks.

The hot blood in my head was boiling. All my reasoning was long gone. I couldn't say no to him. How could I resist to his lewd seduction? He told me his body was all mine now, I could do whatever I wanted to him. He turned me into a fucking hungry animal, always hungry for his body. I just can't have enough of him.

So I did what I wanted. I once again penetrated his hole with all my force. I learnt quickly from experience that he liked it rough. So I did him raw. He didn't need preparation anyway, for his hole was still full of my cum from our last session, making his entrance all slick and easy to enter.

I fucked him hard, so hard that I became afraid that I might break him. But much to my surprise, he asked for more. His feminine voice screamed my name in high pitch, asking me to fuck him deeper, faster, HARDER.

"Ah! Agh! Sora! Sora! You're stretching me sooooo good! I want more! Give me more! Ngh! Agnh! Sora! Fuck me harder!"

It's not enough, not enough yet. I want more too, more, more, MORE!

"Oh Roxas!..Ha…ha...My Roxas! Ha…ha…Roxas! Roxas! Cum for me, Roxas!"

I panted like a beast as I continuously pounding in and out of his ass, my hoarse voice calling out that name again and again. I called him Roxas on purpose. I did it on purpose, for I know every time I called him Roxas, he would violently shake his head in pain against the pillow, his blond hair all messed up, covering his tear-stained and lust-written face and spreading across the white pillow. It's one of the most erotic scenes I'd love to see again and again.

Every time I called him Roxas, he would violently writhe his body underneath me, his nails would dig deeper and harder into the muscles of my back, scratching wildly across my back like crazy kitten, leaving trails of angry red on my skins and creating prickling pains that only further stimulated my sex drive.

Every time I called him Roxas, his inner walls would spasm uncontrollably, grinding, clenching, clamping onto my joy stick like no tomorrow, his asshole would tighten around my cock than ever, bringing me up to the highest heaven possible.

"Arhh! Sora!"

"Roxas! Cum with me!"

I growled Roxas' name and shot all of my semen into Ven's ass once again.

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