Casey stared down at her daughter as she pulled the loose strands of hair out of her face.

"Mom, did you know that the divorce rates have been dropping in Canada since the 90s?"

"No." Casey said, letting out with a chuckle, "I have not kept up with those stats in a while Abby."

"Well they have and it just got me wondering..." Abby dragged on. "Why did you and dad divorce each other?"

Casey stared soulfully down at her only daughter and let out a sigh. She knew this question was bound to come up some day, she just wasn't expecting it to come now, right in the middle of Tangled. "I don't know how to tell you this." Casey began as she was cut off by the overly excited Abby sitting on the couch next to her.

"You don't know how! Come on mom... start using words to form a sentence."

Casey changed the subject quickly in attempt to change topics. "How did you learn about Canadian divorce rates? What are they teaching 6th graders these days?" Abby didn't look impressed and crossed her arms. "Fine. Fine." Casey continued, "I never married your father. We were engaged, but I ended it before the wedding. You were already growing inside of me," Casey paused when Abby gave her a weird look. "I didn't know I was pregnant with you until after. You never once effected us splitting up."

Abby looked up with brighter spirits before bluntly asking her to continue. "Like I said, I almost married your father, but my heart wasn't there and even though I loved him, I just couldn't. It's hard to explain." Abby nodded, entranced with her mother's story. She awaited for more information, but received nothing else.

"That's it! Come one. I am eleven years old, I can handle what ever it is that happened!" Casey watched Abby, hesitant about continuing and flooding her daughter's mind with the events from her past. Finally, because of puppy dog eyes, Casey gave in.

"So, tell me Casey..." Casey gave Abby a stern eye as Abby continued. "...Mom, how did it happen?" Casey looked back at her daughter with a weird look in her eyes as her young daughter fixed her mother's confusion. "Not the sex mom, gosh." Casey gulped at the sight of her daughter saying sex and looked back for clarification. "How did you fall in love with dad and then decide that you didn't love him?" Abby started to look pained and a small bit of whining was sensed in her voice.

"I never said I didn't love him anymore."

"But then why didn't you marry him." Casey felt an unsettling feeling rise from her chest.

"Because just because you love someone, doesn't mean you should marry them and my love for your father is a different sort of love" Abby looked back in confusion. "Like the way I love you is different from the way I love strawberry ice cream."

"Oh! Okay!" Abby said with sudden realization forming in her eyes for a few seconds before she appeared baffled again. "What caused your love to change for him?:

"It wasn't sudden. You have to know that for starters. It was gradual. And as time passed I began to realize why we couldn't get married." The thoughts of those weeks over eleven years ago flooded in as she was taken back by her own imagination. "Before I agreed to marry your father, I was mixed up in emotions with two other guys."

Abby gasped as Casey got up to start dinner. "Mom... were you a...?" Abby let on as she motioned with her hands for her mom to make a guess at the word she did not want to leave her lips.

"No." Casey said, not sure of what to think of her daughter's reaction. She wasn't a slut. Not even close. It wasn't like she dated them all at the same time. She hadn't even dated one of them in fact. She came back strong, " These guys that impacted my life stayed in my mind after our initial confrontation, that's all."

Abby nodded as a wide grin spread across her face. "So, are you gonna tell me about these other guys then?" Casey smirked at her cleverness as a familiar image popped into her mind of another smirk that she used to be so accustomed to.

Stirring the pot of spaghetti, Casey pondered whether or not to go through with this parenting choice. Of course she felt closer to Abby then most parents did, since it was usually just the two of them, but giving her the specifics was unsettling. Finally, Casey agreed to start her story, under one condition.

"So are you gonna tell me or not?" Begged impatient Abby as she drifted toward the kitchen taking down two plates, two glasses, two sets of silverware, two recently washed cloth napkins.

"Okay, fine" Said Casey with added dramatization on her voice. "But there is one catch; I will not tell you who your father is in this story and to ensure that, I will switch up the names as well."

Instead of looking gloomy like Casey had expected, Abby looked up with eager eyes, determined to figure out her mother's true love.