A bit later than promised, but here it is – the bonus chapter! *fanfare*

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Private chat created.

Finnstermonster: Uh…... Hi…...

Mr. Anderson: Hi, Finn, how are you?

Finnstermonster: Okay… I guess… how… are you?

Mr. Anderson: Fine, thanks :) I'm assuming you're hoping to get a scoop about our little adventure with Kurt?

Finnstermonster: Oh no! NO. I mean… well….. kind of… but… no.

Mr. Anderson: Finn, that's not really something to be so stressed about o_O

Finnstermonster: Ummmm… it's not? o_O

Mr. Anderson: Not really. o_O Maybe a while ago, but now it's so common – everbody does it, so it seems that discussing it openly is absolutely acceptable.

Finnstermonster: Well, I dunno…

Mr. Anderson: I mean, I've already told the other guys in the chat; they seemed to be dying from curiosity.

FinnstermonsterL Really? o_O

Mr. Anderson: Really :)

Finnstermonster: Oh, cool. So… how… uhh… 'blush'

Mr. Anderson: To cut the long story short: we got there, but didn't get through all the way.

Finnstermonster: Oh… kay… not too TMI…

Mr. Anderson: Kurt realized (only then, lol) that it was going to hurt, and, well, passed out at the most crucial moment.

Finnstermonster: Hurt?

Mr. Anderson: Of course. That's an inevitable part of the process, isn't it?

Finnstermonster: Dunno bout that…

Mr. Anderson: I mean, the whole thing is partially a 'ritual' to show off how tough and manly you are, right?

Finnstermonster: Whatever, man, just don't get Kurt to do something that will make me want to knock your teeth out!

Mr. Anderson: What? !

Finnstermonster: Dang, this is way too awkward!

Finnstermonster left the channel.

Mr. Anderson: What. The. HELL.

Mr. Anderson: For some reason, I have a weird feeling like we weren't talking about the same thing.

Mr. Anderson: Sheesh.

Mr. Anderson left the channel.

The end.

So, did anybody enjoy this little bonus? I had a blast writing it X)