I'm alive!

^/^; Hello, everyone - for those of you reading this that have read my past work, you'd know that it has been over 8 years since I last touched this account. Earlier this year I stumbled upon it, and decided to try reviving it and posting some new things - mainly yaoi. Unfortunately, after a 5 month struggle of trying to see if I could salvage my past work, I deemed it all a lost cause an deleted it in hopes of giving myself a fresh start.

Anyways, this story is dedicated to Metamorcy since her work was what kind of inspired me to get my ass in gear in decided the fate of my account. Hope you enjoy it~

I don't own Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

Reborn frowned deeply from the end of the bed, the metal hospital chart seeming too big in his hands as he studied the diagnoses. Coal colored eyes narrowed in anger before he threw the chart across the room, the trailing clatter bring only a hit of satisfaction to the cursed hitman.

His attention turned to the room's other occupant, looking entirely too small in the sterile whiteness of the hospital bed, and helpless enough to make the bile in the baby's throat bubble in disgust.

This shouldn't have happened.

He honestly couldn't figure out how the hell it had, but he hadn't been there to see the actual quarrel. He had gone on a seemingly short day of errands with Nana, Bianchi and the children, only to return to find Tsuna in the back yard, beaten, bloody and bound by the cord of what used to belong to the clothes line.

Fractured skull, four broken facial bones, broken collar bone, dislocated shoulder, seven broken ribs, a tib-fib break and an open fracture of his right radial bone. Both of his hands had been apparently crushed as well, but the extent of the damage wasn't totally known at this point. The 15 year old sported a variety of bruising from vicious black and blue to a mild dusty pink color scattered around him, with a putrid shade covering his right lower abdomen where his appendix had ruptured.

The damage was unbelievable, and the tiny hitman was practically going mad trying to contain himself from going wild rogue and hunting down the culprits. But he had to control himself for now; he couldn't do anything until Tsuna actually woke up and told him what happened.

Reborn's eyes lifted to Tsuna's swollen face for a minute, staring hard at the boy as if that would answer any questions he had. His dark eyes traveled down to the boy's left hand, the knuckles wrapped tightly and a variety of tubes stuck into a pale arm that suddenly looked too small for a 15 year old boy. Reborn's eyes narrowed at the thought.

For all the damage done to his student, there wasn't a single defensive wound. Not even a mild singe or burn from his sky flames. Why didn't he fight back? His gloves and pills had been in his pocket, there was no reason why he shouldn't have. He may give the kid about as much shit as he could possibly manage, but that's because he knew Tsuna could handle it. He only pushed Tsuna so hard because he was trying to make the Vongola heir realize that.

Tsuna was strong, if nothing else, especially after everything he had been through. So then, why? Why didn't he try to defend himself? Why did he allow himself to be beaten to the verge of death when he could have beaten his assailants back?

"How is he doing?" a voice called from his left, and Reborn didn't have to look up as Bianchi walked into the room hesitantly, seating herself on the opposite edge of Tsuna's bed. Pale green eyes couldn't leave the boy's face, and for once the redhead was ashamed of all the death threats she had tossed at the boy in the name of her love interest. Seeing him so small and broken made her stomach stir in discomfort. How could she have ever wanted something like this to happen to him?

"He's alive," the baby forced out as calmly as possible. It would get him nowhere to allow his anger to snap at everyone around him, especially his allies. "The doctors have decided to keep him sedated until some of the swelling goes down. How is Nana?"

"Hysterical, as expected," Bianchi sighed, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear and extending the raise extremity toward the boy as if to touch his face, but she caught herself. She was afraid to touch him. "She just took the kids to cafeteria to try to calm down and get something to eat. She also called Iemitsu; he's on his way with the CEDEF and the Ninth is coming as well."

Reborn clenched his chubby hands as another wave of anger and frustration hit him low in his belly. Great, now he had to explain his fuck up to not only Iemitsu, but to Timoteo, too. What else could go wrong?

The sound of a relatively cheerful alternative song rung from the bedside table and Reborn wanted to put Leon to his temple and pull the trigger. How could he had forgotten about that?

"Reborn?" Bianchi blinked as the tune came to and end and an series of beeps followed in declaration of a missed call. The infant jumped to the table and picked up the cell phone, flipping it open and staring at the screen with a darkening scowl.

It had been Gokudera again. The tiny cell phone had been ringing none stop since yesterday evening when they had found Tsuna, and every guardian had either called or texted at this point. Even Hibari had sent a few threatening text messages asking Tsuna of his whereabouts and an explanation of why his wasn't in school. The mailbox was full at this point, but that didn't stop the boys (and Chrome, surprisingly) from calling what seemed like every ten minutes.

"…I haven't told his guardians yet."

Bianchi sighed heavily, obviously feeling just as apprehensive and Reborn on the matter. "They're not going to take this well; it will probably be even worse since you waited this long. When are you going to tell them?"

Reborn breathed deeply, lifting his hat off his head long enough to run his pudgy finger through the spiky locks. "I'm not sure. I suppose it should be soon before they break down the door to Nana's house. This is all of our faults, but with a wild bunch like them, it's going to be difficult to explain that before they loose their damn heads. And I believe another course of order is necessary."

The young woman's brow furrowed at the serious tone in her lover's voice. "What can I do to help?"

"Call the guardians, but don't tell them what happened and don't let them in this room yet; keep them in the waiting room, and don't let them hound Nana when she get's back from the cafeteria with the kids. Call Shamal, too; we'll need his help. I'll take care of my business within the hour and then I'll handle everyone from there."

"What are you going to do?"

Reborn placed his fedora back on his head and pulled the rim down low over his eyes. Leon, whom had been curled up in the crook of Tsuna's neck above his undamaged shoulder, scurried to his master's outstretched hand and climbed until he rested on the infant's hat. The baby glanced at the woman once before he turned and headed toward the door.

"I'm going to call the other Arcobaleno."