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She is more than that. My friends are great and I love them. But she is special. She is outspoken to the point that she is not afraid to call me out on it when I'm in the wrong. I can remember one time I said something insulting to a friend of mine. She called me out on it saying, "I understand the message you're delivering but you could have said it without outright insulting him. When everyone else was treating me like some well oiled machine that could make everything right at the snap of my fingers she treated me like someone who had needs (which I did) and someone who needed love (which I did). Just hours ago when I was upset she comforted me. Now as all of this is going on I keep my gaze upon her. Looking at her I feel no horror. She keeps me calm. She keeps me focused. She lets me know I'm not alone. I calm and I fade. I think of her.