Thanks for reading, the title was based off Taylor Swift's song "Speak Now," but this isn't a songfic! This idea kind of sparked from the April Fool's prank by Scott a while back. Anyway, enjoy! This is my first Leviathan fanfiction, so I feel free to give me constructive criticism.

Disclaimer: I do not know Alek, Deryn, Lilit, Volger, or Bovril. Scott Westerfeld does.

"There it is!" Lilit said as the horse-drawn carriage pulled up the long dirt pathway revealing a large mansion, or perhaps even a palace, in the distance. Lilit's eyes were wide with amazement, despite her own home being fairly close in size. Although Deryn had to admit, it was more extravagant. Trimmed bushes lined the path with newly blossomed spring flowers growing on them. "Hey, are you alright?" the girl's voice broke Deryn's trance and she turned to her.

"Aye, I'm fine." Deryn told her grumpily. The truth was, Deryn felt the opposite of fine. Barking prince, she thought with anger. There was a chuckle from next to her and she noticed Lilit was holding in a laugh. "What?" growled Deryn with skeptical eyes.

"You are either going to be found out extremely soon, or tell him this weekend. I can tell!" said the long-haired beautiful girl chirpily. Deryn decided against responding, knowing there must have been some truth to what she said. She then noticed Lilit frowning at her, "I'm sorry. This must hurt you," apologized Lilit.

"Are you daft? Why would I be hurt?" questioned Deryn a little more loudly than she had planned. The carriage driver looked back from his post to the girls curiously, but returned his eyes to the road when he noticed Deryn's frustrated expression.

Lilit gave a sad smile. "I guess you wouldn't be," she sighed, then turned away from Deryn to look out at the beautiful scenery. The building was quickly approaching, although it had seemed closer than thought. After a moment of silence between the two, Lilit's spirits were finally lifted. "It's huge!" she gasped.

Deryn looked at what she thought was a mansion. Clearly, it wasn't, it was a palace as she thought. She always knew Alek was wealthy because his father was an archduke, but for a commoner like herself it was hard to imagine such an amazing place. "Barking huge," she muttered to herself with a gapping jaw. She looked towards Lilit, who also faced herself, and they grinned at each other. The two had met up in Scotland after the war had finished – Lilit had wanted to see the world and would start with an old friend. They had been fairly close since, despite their odd parting during the war.

They stepped out of the carriage and up to the door as the carriage driver steered his horse away from the mansion. Deryn knocked on the large wooden doors loudly. "Blisters, Alek! Open the door!" she yelled after a few moments of obnoxious knocking. Finally, the doors creaked open and a man was standing there. "Volger?"

The wildcount's expression changed from curiosity to dread. "I forgot you two were coming early," he sighed, but gestured for the two to enter the building. It opened up to a huge room with many doors attached to it. "Alek will be down in a minute," Volger told them.

"Not very hospitable, is he?" whispered Lilit into Deryn's ear. Deryn just nodded, realizing Lilit had yet to meet the Count. He had seemed like the type of person to be hospitable to any guest, but his obvious dislike for Deryn gave him an excuse to not care for her. Although he didn't have to take it out on Lilit.

"Mr. Sharp," said a familiar voice. Deryn turned to see Bovril, the perspicacious loris. He was a fabricated beastie, one that had hooked onto Alek as though he was a mother hen.

"Dylan! Lilit!" When Alek's voice rang through the corridors of the giant building, Deryn almost forgot to turn to see who had called her name. It had been a very long time since she had been called Dylan, considering she had to leave the air to return home after the war, despite how much she detested doing so. Her mother had wanted to see her, and that was that.

"Alek!" cried Lilit as she pounced on the Prince. The girl hadn't seen him since before the end, and she could be excitable sometimes, especially since the three met. At first, Lilit had been defiant and kind of a bum-rag. It was almost as though she was a different person, and Deryn thought it was for the better. Her temper might not have lasted long if she had been the same as before. Finally, the girl let go of the struggling boy and returned to Deryn's side. "Hey, doesn't De-lyan," she stuttered a moment, almost calling Deryn her real name, then continued without fault: "looking smashing?"

Deryn's hair had grown out some and she was slowly starting to look more like her own gender. Luckily, Alek wasn't very observant. "Sure," he said with a grin. "It's been a while!" Alek went over and gave his friend a hug, much to Deryn's discomfort.

"Get off me, you ninny! I've never met a guy that hugs as much as you," grunted Deryn as she pushed him away awkwardly, the folding her arms over her chest. Her diddies may have grown a little over time, but still not enough to make them shown effectively. Alek smiled a little and nodded.

"When do we get to meet the lucky woman?" asked Lilit bluntly. Alek gave a light blush and a frown, turning away to hide the embarrassment. There's something about that frown, Deryn thought curiously.

Right on cue, footsteps were heard through one of the corridors and a short, beautiful, woman stepped into view. Her hair was the same blond shade of Deryn's, and she had a perfect form like Lilit. "Alek, dearest? Who is it?" she said in a soft voice. Deryn couldn't help but think how fake it sounded. She walked up to the Prince and wrapped her arms around one of his lovingly. When Alek wasn't looking at her, she gave Lilit and Deryn menacing looks – especially Deryn. It was as though she didn't approve of her. "I wasn't aware two girls were staying with us," she said, obvious anger in her voice.

"W-What?" stuttered Deryn. Careful not to reveal anything, she said, "Are you expecting another girl?" This comment seemed to make the bride-to-be smile cleverly. Alek, for one, looked utterly confused.

"Oh, never mind, I was just joking," the girl said with a sinister smile. "May I ask what your names are?" she asked sweetly, squeezing Alek's arm a little tighter.

Alek slid out of her grasp awkwardly and gave her an annoyed look. Something tells me this wasn't his idea, Deryn thought, pleased with her discovery. Alek let out a cough and said, "This is my good friend, Dylan Sharp, and this is Lilit. Dylan, Lilit, this is my... this is Gabriele Freud." the host gained a sharp glare from her woman due to his hesitation.

"It's a pleasure," she said, not glancing at Lilit but instead keeping her eyes on Deryn. "Now darling, I would like to talk to your friend, Dylan, for a moment. Would you show Lilit her room?" Alek cocked him eyebrows suspiciously towards his wife-to-be but nodded, gesturing with his hands for Lilit to follow. Lilit glanced at Deryn worriedly, but obliged. "I am so very sorry I was so rude," said Gabriele, feigning a true apologetic voice.

"Aye, don't let it happen again!" muttered Deryn to herself, just loud enough so Gabriele would be able to hear. "Now what do you want?" she grunted.

"My, you have such an attitude. That would be terrible for our wedding guests. They want to see properly behaving members of the wedding, I assure you," said Gabriele matter-of-factly.

"Who barking cares how I talk?" growled Deryn, the last of her patience slowly fading while in the presence of such an annoying human. No wonder she had always preferred beasties. Speaking of beasties, Bovril had made his way up to Deryn's shoulder and sat, happily watching the two interact.

"Hm, I'll figure that out later. Would you mind telling me, Dylan Sharp, why you are disguised as a male?" the inquisitive woman said with a smirk of triumph. Deryn simply sighed, knowing she had figured it out, just as Dr. Barlow must have, even though she never spoke out loud about it. Instead of responding, she lifted her luggage up and started to walk to the stairs. "Excuse me? You don't even know where your room is."

"I'll find it," Deryn told Gabriele as she walked up, truly having no idea where to go, but instead of showing the annoying woman she was right, Deryn just continued to walk until she heard foot steps walking next to her.

Gabriele sighed, but said, "Fine, I guess I shall figure that out later as well. Your room is at the very end of the right hallway, the door on the right." Deryn paused and looked back at the angered woman and nodded with a successful smile of achievement.

"Thank you," she said, then walked in the direction she had been told. When she opened the door, an extravagant room was before her eyes. It was almost exactly like the room Alek had stayed in in Istanbul, and Deryn was a little jealous he lived here. Of course, the one thing that ruined the picture was the fact Lilit was in the other room, stuffing what she had brought into a dresser. "Lilit?" questioned Deryn.

"Deryn? What are you doing here? Need something?" she quizzed back with confusion, standing up from her kneeling position.

"Barking spiders! That girl told me this was my room. Lying little-." Deryn would have continued if not for Lilit there to interrupt.

"Actually, Alek did say something about you coming up here. I had assumed he meant for you to visit. I guess I was wrong," Lilit told an angered Deryn, who put her things on the opposite side of the bed where Lilit stood. She noticed the girl was looking at her with embarrassment. "Do they think... we're a couple?"

Deryn stared at her for a moment. "Blisters, I guess so," she said after a moment, laying down on the queen bed. "I wish I didn't have to come," she murmured with a sigh of discomfort. Not only does she have to watch Alek, her crush, get married, but she has to share a room with Lilit as her romantic partner.

A small knock was heard on the door and the two girls turned their heads. "Come in," Lilit said, and someone dressed in a black suit stepped into the room.

"Dinner is served, I will show you the way to the dining hall," he said with a small bow of respect. Lilit and Deryn nodded and went to follow him to eat.

"Alek, you bum-rag. How can I look at you eating with her?" whispered Deryn to herself with a sorrowful frown.