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Deryn stood behind Andrea in front of the door to the Church with her hand locked with one of the groomsmen who she had danced with the night before. He glanced at her and grinned, but she scowled and looked away. She had a good time dancing with him, but her mood was so terrible she didn't care about anything.

"You okay?" whispered Lilit from behind her with worry.

Deryn thought a moment, then responded in a low growl, "Let's see. I accidentally kissed the man I'm in love with who thinks I'm a boy, I have to wear this itchy wig, I can't count the amount of times I have tripped over this stupid dress, and to top it all off I have to watch barking Alek get married. What do you think?" she snapped, glaring back at Lilit, who looked stunned.

"Sorry," she muttered with a sad frown. "I know it's tough, but you're being strong," she said in an attempt to comfort her friend, but it wasn't working. Deryn knew she was being strong, but that didn't change anything.

Andrea, the maid of honor, glanced back with a frown. Deryn could tell she was feeling sorry for her new friend, but Deryn felt the same to her. She was locking arms with Adler, the man she was in love with but couldn't have. Deryn was feeling empathetic with her, and begun to wish they could just interrupt the whole wedding together, kidnap Alek and Adler, then run away. She would be so much happier.

Music begun to play and the doors opened slowly, revealing hundreds of people on both sides of a purple velvet carpet. The whole room was purple, like their dresses, and Deryn assumed it was to show that Gabriele would soon become royalty. The thought was almost disgusting.

As the six people walked down the isle, their names were announced, but Deryn wasn't listening. She felt the eyes of the hundreds of people, starting to feel unconfident. After all, she looked what she was, Scottish, a member of a country who had been a previous enemy to the Austrian-Hungarians. Even if the war was over, she was sure the people who still have hard feelings.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen separated to different sides of the alter where the Priest stood with a large book he would read off of. The music continued to play as they waited for the groom to enter.

Alek walked into the room through the large doors, his face serious as he stared straight ahead, not turning once to see his people. Deryn felt a chill through her spine. She never realized how unhappy he was to be doing this, but it was clear from his expression and stature that he wasn't enjoying this. She noticed Adler frowning and giving an almost unnoticeable sigh. Alek turned and stood in front of the alter, facing the door as practiced.

The music slowed down then changed pace as the doors closed and opened once again, revealing Gabriele in her obnoxious white dress with her hands locked with her father's. They begun walking to the beat of the music as the crowd talked quietly amongst themselves at her arrival, even though they were supposed to be quiet.

She only looked at Alek with a smug grin on her soft features, then her eyes met with Deryn's as if telling her, "I win." Deryn wouldn't give her the satisfaction of being angry over it, and instead just kept the same grumpy expression on as before. The bride separated from her father, who took a seat in the front row, and stood in front of Alek, lifting his hands so they were entwined and hanging in front of the two.

"We welcome you to the wedding of Prince Aleksander of Hohenburg and Gabriele Freud," the Priest started and he continued to talk, but Deryn stopped listening. Instead she frowned and occasionally looked at Alek's face, then returned her glance to the crowd. She felt a knot in her stomach as her mind slowly started to understand the situation.

Alek wasn't listening to a word the Priest said. His mind was elsewhere, but he didn't know where. He was thinking about his friend, but he wouldn't let his mind say her name in fear that it would hurt too much. He refused to look to the bridesmaids, and after looking at Gabriele so long he let his eyes drift to the crowd. He saw Dr. Barlow, looking at the couple with a stern face, and Alek couldn't understand her expression. It wasn't easy to figure out what a boffin thought, and he turned his attention to the count, sitting in the front row. Volger was going to be his best man, but he had offered to allow Adler to considering it would look nicer if all "young people" stood up front. Alek was glad to have such a loyal person at his side.

It felt like hours later when Alek heard familiar and important words from the Priest. "If anyone feels this couple should not be united in Holy Matrimony speak now or forever hold your peace." Alek's hear clenched and he finally brought himself to face Deryn, who was staring at him. When their eyes met, she turned away quickly.

Why aren't you saying anything? Said Alek's mind pitifully. He couldn't help it, he knew he wanted her to object. He kept watching her as the moments ticked by. Just then he noticed something appear under her eye, a tear falling down her cheek.

And that was it for him. Strong Deryn was crying over not being able to say anything in protest. Was it for his happiness, or his country, or what? It certainly wasn't for herself. Why? Why wasn't she speaking out? He didn't want her to forever hold her peace.

"I object," Alek muttered inaudibly as he let go of Gabriele's hand.

"Did you say something, Alek?" Gabriele said, her eyes widening as she took a step back. "Alek? Alek, what did you just say?"

He didn't respond. He just looked down then glanced at the door, then decided to leave. He had to leave or he wasn't sure what kind of choices he would make. He wasn't sure he would handle how selfish he was being.

He left outside the doors, leaving them wide open in hopes a certain someone would follow.

Deryn's heart lurched as she watched the scene unfold around her. She hadn't heard Alek, but judging from what had just happened, it wasn't hard to guess. Gabriele's fists were clenched and her eyes were on fire from anger. The guests were muttering with worry as they stared at the door, Deryn following their gaze.

"What are you waiting for?" Adler had appeared behind her, a knowing smile on his face and he shoved Deryn lightly on the back, almost making her trip over the long dress.

Deryn looked at him, then at Andrea who was happily surprised at his appearance. Deryn nodded, knowing what she had to do, but first she had to be sure she could run.

She took the bottom of her dress and begun to tore it until it reached her knee, then tore around it until the bottom was a torn mess. She grinned at her work, then began to run swiftly out of the building. She felt the shocked stares from behind her, as well as a threatening aura coming from a certain dumped bride.

"Alek! Alek!" she shouted when she reached the outside. There was a gazebo not far from the church and she could make out a figure inside of it, then sprinted towards it. "Alek" She said, reading the entrance, behind Alek who was looking out at a meadow. "W-why?" she mumbled. "I thought... I thought you had to do this. For your people."

"Are you saying I shouldn't have left?" he said in a low voice, not turning to her. Why wasn't he looking at her? They were friends, just friends. Deryn thought that she had been a trustworthy person to him, even though she was hiding one secret from him still.

However she couldn't respond to him. Of course she wasn't saying that, but could she tell him without revealing anything?

"Deryn, I know. I know you're a girl," he whimpered after a moment of silence, finally twisting his body to face her with sad and confused eyes.

Deryn stared at him, her saw opening slightly. "You... you know? And you never told me?" she snapped with astonishment, as if momentarily forgetting their situation.

"You hid it for so long I figured it could be payback," said Alek with a light smile, but Deryn could tell he was lying about the payback part. It was too serious to just be payback.

"Why aren't you still in there and... you know, getting married?" Deryn said, her voice hoarse.

"Because you didn't object," said Alek back, turning around again to look out at the meadow, the grass swaying in the wind.

Deryn walked up next to him and looked out as well. "It would be kind of weird if your male friend objected to you being married," she muttered.

"You're dressed as a girl," he said, not believing her excuse.

"Aye, to everyone else! Not to you! I didn't know you knew. How did you find out anyway?" Deryn protested in defense.

Alek gave a slight laugh and said, "The loris."

"Barking spiders!" Deryn said, a little louder then necessary as she leaned her elbows on the rim of the gazebo and placed her face in the palms of her hands in exasperation. "I should have guessed!"

Alek shrugged and said, "I'm glad I found out. If I had found out after being married I'm not sure what I would have done."

Deryn slowly turned her head to look into his eyes. "Why would it have mattered?" she asked, her voice low.

"Because...," Alek started, then paused as he blushed fiercely. "Well, because... I... Well since I found out I've been feeling really...," he moaned and followed Deryn's actions with her elbows and palms. He then mumbled something that Deryn couldn't hear.

"What'd you say?" she asked. He mumbled it again, but she couldn't hear it. "Louder, you ninny! Just say it!"

"I love you!" he yelled, stepping back with his face flushed and frowning from pure embarrassment.

Deryn's face also turned crimson as she heard the words and stared at him with wide eyes. "You... love... me?" she asked with astonishment.

"D-Don't make me say it again," he mumbled, turning away. Deryn was really enjoying this embarrassed Alek. She didn't respond, only walked up to him and embraced him in a long hug, and he hugged back.

"I love you, too," she whispered, and Alek hugged tighter before finally letting go and staring into her eyes, which he actually had to look down into as he was finally taller than her. Deryn's face then turned into realization. "Wait.. so we, I tripped, and you knew I was a girl?" she stammered, blushing.

Alek grinned and leaned his lips onto hers in response, kissing her lightly then coming closer to her and wrapping his arms around her waist as she kissed back. "Yeah, I knew. It brought my heart into the biggest state of confusion it has ever been in," he mumbled with a smile, not letting her go.

Deryn sighed and smiled, glad all this pent up information was let out at last. However, something else bothered her. "Your people, what will they think of you?" Deryn asked.

Alek shrugged. "I don't know, but I do hope they will accept it. It may take getting used to," he added. "It wont be easy," he continued, hoping she will understand.

"My life's never been easy!" exclaimed Deryn as she placed her hands on her hips.

Alek laughed and said, "Yes, I suppose it hasn't been. "

The End.

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