"Why what?"

"Why did you help me..back in the club?"

The assasin's eyes watched her a brief moment, before travelling in the other direction. Mi-Jung rubbed her arm in embarassment, feeling like a schoolgirl. She had never noticed how handsome he was..

Mi-Jung smiled to herself. Nowadays, things were still incredibly tense, but the couple still found time for each other. In all honesty, she wasn't sure if they could be considered a couple. They kissed, they hugged, they were all over each other at any hour of the day, but not once had she or he say 'I love you'.

He laid beside her, strong arms wrapped loosely around her thinner shoulders. Mi-Jung's smile grew. He could never be so relaxed anywhere else; always worried about who he had to kill, or who was going to kill him. Always on guard, never a day to lay back and watch the world roll by. He breathed evenly, and Mi-Jung knew that she was happiest when his tanned, muscular arms slowly pulled themselves around her.

Gently, she kissed his nose. He hardly made a movement. "I.. I know I don't say this often.." Mi-Jung whispered, "But I love you, Vick."

Suddenly, he shot up, the sheets falling from his body and pooling in his lap. His face remained emotionless, though his eyes shone, "...Where is that coming from?"

"Eh?" She, too, sat up, only she held the sheets to her bare chest. She looked shocked, "What do you mean? I.. I love you!"

"You...have never said it before."

"I am hoping to change that." Mi-Jung avoided his eyes. They were always so warm, so dark and alluring, but more suffocating than anything. They intensly gazed at her round face, her tousled hair and pouting pink lips. A smirk threatened to peel its way onto Vick's mouth. He scooted a little closer to her, their thighs touching. He watched her visibly stiffen.

"If I.." Vick started, snaking his arms around her tiny waist. He whispered in her ear, "Say it to you, will you do something for me?"

"You jerk.." Mi-Jung murmured, her smaller hands slowly touching his chest. "If I said it first, then you have to say it..it's an equal exchange."

"I don't think so." Purred Vick, "I think that you are just frightened..remember, you and I have done crazier things before."

She scoffed lightly, though her body continued to become rigid, especially when his teeth grazed along her neck. "I'll say it, so you won't whine about it later. I," He smirked and placed a red hickey onto her skin, "Love you."