A/N: So..it's probably a little heavy with the over-protectiveness, and in the first chapter but .. I just love overprotective Dean. And it fits, I promise...anyway I know this idea has been done so often before.. but I want to try my own one. Anyway just read and tell me what you think...be nice. Thanks!

Damn, damn it to hell, damn-

Sam used every cuss word he knew, and then some more. He stole Dean's vocabulary, something Dean would have hated him to do so because even though he swore, it didn't mean his little brother had to.

But-damn-damn this day, damn school and damn the new teacher. His brow furrowed deeper as he remembered the way the teacher targeted him, the A student, hell bent on breaking him to the point of no return.

And it had only been a freaking week. Sam scowled as he trudged up to the door, only to spin around in fright as tires came screeching up the motel park way. Sam saw the Impala come to a jerking stop before it was smoothly parked. His eyes widened as a very pissed off Dean stepped out, eyes searching, before landing an intense glare in his direction.


Sam scurried for his keys and had just opened the door when it came.

"Sam, I'm going to kill you! I freaking mean it little brother!" Crap, crap damn it to hell…Sam scurried inside and slammed the door, cutting off his brother's heavy footsteps.

A pissed off Dean was good when he was on your side. If you hurt Sam Winchester in any form, you better believe you were going to pay for it. And good luck to you. If Sam Winchester pissed off Dean regarding his safety or putting himself in danger… well then Sam Winchester was in trouble. Dean didn't like it very much when Sam wasn't in his view, or if he didn't know what Sam was doing, where he was going. Or, if Sam disobeyed something Dean had told him numerous times to do...No, he didn't like that very much at all. An exploding Dean meant to run and take cover-if you could get away.

And Sam tried. He was just unlocking the bathroom door when a hand wrenched him back, careful enough not to cause any injury but harsh enough to get the message through. Dean spun Sam around to face him, and Sam felt the intensity of his brother's anger before he even looked at him.

So, he didn't. He stared at the floor, finding the fading pattern of the carpet very interesting.

"You little brat! This is the third time I've told you to wait for me…and not walk the five miles home! I didn't raise you to be an idiot!" Sam tried to push away from Dean, but Dean's hold didn't relent, only tightened. Sam balanced at the insult, snapping back,

"'M not an idiot! I can take care of myself! That's how you raised me!"

"Yes but that's when I'm not around to take care of you." Sam rolled his eyes at this.

"I'm not a baby! And I needed the air!" Dean looked at him in disbelief now.

"You're my baby brother. And, I don't care if you needed the air! You could have stuck your head out the window. Sam, anything could have happened to you!"

"Oh yeah…it's daylight and there were people around! And…it's just the road Dean!" Now Sam was getting fired up, but Sam's anger was no match against an older brother's. But Dean's voice was quiet in volume when he spoke next, but loud with desperation.

"Sam, you don't know what could happen. You need to follow orders when I give them. I need you to trust me and I need you to do what I say."

Sam clamped his mouth shut, and Dean sighed, loosening his grip slightly but leaning in close to his brother, preventing him from doing anything but looking straight at Dean.

"You've never pulling this crap before." Sam gulped. Crap, Dean was suspicious. A suspicious Dean was almost as scary as an angry Dean, because if Dean was suspcious about Sam Winchester, you knew he was gonna damn well find out.

"We've never stayed in a place long enough." Sam tried. Dean looked at him closely, most of the anger now gone and replaced by thoughtfulness.

Sam continued.

"Not a big deal, anyway. 'M thirteen years old-almost fourteen."

"Don't care if you're eighteen, Sam. You do as I tell you." Dean's voice was gruff, the intention hidden among it.

"Fine." Sam sulked. Always a lesser-never an equal. Too bad he didn't know Dean thought very differently.

"Understand me Sam? Next time I won't be so forgiving."

'Call this forgiving?' But Sam was smart enough not to say that out loud.

"Yep. Now, can I go?"

"Go where?"

Sam fought the urge to roll his eyes.

"To my room?" Sam didn't wait for an answer, instead, he hurled himself out of his brother's hold and went to walk past him.

"Wait." He didn't have a choice as Dean stepped in front of him, blocking his path.

"Why'd you need air? Something going on that I should know about?" Sam wasn't prepared for that, so of course he tensed the hell up.

Why was Dean so observant today? Of course he was always observant, but to this extent was, well, scary.

Dean was looking at him, a smug kind of look on his face.

"So. What is it?" Dean pressed.

"Nothing-just surprised me." Sam muttered, looking away, knowing full well that that answer wasn't going to go down well.

Dean's face was now full of open disbelief now.

"Yeah, Sam. I get scaed too when I'm just surprised. Wanna try again?"

"No." Sam said wearily.

"Wasn't a suggestion." Dean's hawk gaze had intensfied, burning.

"Just had a bad day Dean. Bound to happen-can't protect me from them."

Dean's expression showed just the opposite-that Sam better believe that he damn well could.

"The hell I can't. You had three bad days, Sammy?" This, to Sam, was getting beyond the point of ridiciolous, and he wondered what Dean's problem was.

"Nah, the other two were just nice days."

"Sam." Dean barked, also fed up with this.

"Dean I'm fine. Please just drop it."

Their eyes met, and there was an almost deathly silence. Sam clenched his fists as he tried to copy his brother's poker face. But no one could do it as well as Dean-not even his father.

Dean stared, impressed by Sam's commitmet to keep up the facade. To the naked eye Sam was blank, but Dean knew his brother so well that it was damn near scary. Dean could pinpoint when something was wrong, could pinpoint the exact reason of Sam's moods, which was why he was pressing this matter so strongly. Sam rarely ever disobeyed Dean, and he'd done it three times in a row. So yeah, Dean was angry, and Dean was worried. He took one of his brother's clenched fists gently.

"Sam," he coaxed, but Sam only blinked.

"Just a bad day Dean," Sam repeated, blowing out an annoyed breath. "School's hard, and it doesn't help with our lives."

Dean frowned-this arguement was so often that it was routine.

"I try my best for you. Dad and I, well, we try. You know we do. You know I do." Sam instantly felt a clench of guilt in his stomach, so painful that it felt as if Dean had punched him. Cause, Dean was right. Dad often had him back from hunts for school, and important school days such as mid terms and assessment days. Dean always provided every essential thing that Sam needed for school. They tried, but often it just wasn't enough.

"I know," he whispered, and Dean let go of his fist.

"So long as you do." Dean looked carefully at him again, still searching.

"Sam, you know I'm here." he reminded gently. 'I'll always be here.'

Sam grinned one of those rare, heart warming grins, so of course Dean had no other option but to smile back at him. The smile was beautiful, innocent, and just, well, his baby brother.

"I know. Me too." He then brushed past Dean, and this time Dean let him. John often told him that Dean always kept Sam on a tight leash, but it wasn't to scold him but to congragulate him. It was his duty to look after Sam, and he took pride in that. Sam was everything to Dean, it was a simple as that. Maybe he just had to tighten the leash to find out what was going on with him.