"I looked into her eyes, thinking how the two months of the school year had suddenly become the best two months of my life, two months of Jade. She smiled, her hands resting in her hands, and then I knew it, this emotion was….

Love." ~ Chapter 12

We sat there. It was a little awkward, especially for me, since Beck had this gleam in his eyes that I had never seen before. He just stared at me, sheen over his brown eyes. It confused me, but I tried my best to ignore it. I looked at his face, a plastered smile on my face, wondering why he had that foolish crooked smile on his face, and why his eyes were shining, a layer of glistening water over them. I didn't know if the water in them were going to spill out, for whatever reason, and he was going to cry, or he was just in a random daze, and I should just ignore it. I just sat there, hands on my lap, and he kept staring. I decided, I couldn't take it anymore. I turned to face him, to see his practically stunned and still face.

"Beck!" I yelled, nudging his shoulder hard. I knew it hurt, but it was worth to get him our of whatever state he was in.

"Ow!" he yelled, and I couldn't help but grin. He looked surprised and shocked; it was quite the sight, "What was that for?" He asked, his eyebrows furrowed, his eyes transformed from "in a dream" to "confused".

"You needed to snap out of it!" I smiled mockingly.

"You could've just snapped." He said, his voice slightly raised. I laughed at the irony of what he had just said, and he smiled. I noticed a lot of people smiled when I laughed, it was a rare sight, I suppose. I took a peek at the black clock hanging up on my wall, seeing it was five o'clock. I wondered how long he'd be staying, and when he would leave. It wasn't that I wanted him to leave, just I wanted to know what we'd do until he left.

"So, what do you want to do until then?" I asked.

"I'm kind of hungry." He replied, holding his stomach innocently – obviously an act.

"Lets go down to the kitchen." I said, grabbing his hand, and pulling him out of my room. We walked down stairs, and I noticed that he kept staring, that twinkle in his eyes, once again.

I pulled him to the kitchen, only to realize he had never met my mother, and then there she was.

"Jade." She said, looking at me, and then turning her attention toward Beck, "You must be Beck." She said, a smile on her face.

Beck seemed a little off guard, he began sweating, his palm – which was intertwined with mine – began getting a little soggy, and he began turning his head slightly a few times, finally answering, "Yes."

"Well, you're quite a handsome boy, aren't you?" My mom said, embarrassing me to the limit of where embarrassment was an understatement. Beck turned red, and I looked down, squeezing Becks hand, allowing some of his nervous moisture to spread on my hand. He chuckled anxiously under his breath, and my mom began taking out some food, coincidentally knowing exactly what we wanted.

She placed some cookies on the island, and I led Beck to where we were to sit. He took his seat, rubbing his hands on his chained jeans. It was funny, after being in school for over fifty days, and after being pronounced one of the best actors in the whole freshman Hollywood Arts class, Beck was nervous – too modest, if I must mention.

I grabbed a cookie, and began chewing carelessly, while Becks hand simply hovered over the cookies for a bit, finally tightening grip to grab one and slowly bring it to his mouth.

I looked at him, eyebrows raised, and he suddenly relaxed. His shoulders slouched a little, still keeping his stiff posture, and his tension lines on his forehead calmed. I smirked, causing not only Beck, but also my mother to give me a glance.

We both finished eating, satisfied with a couple cookies. We walked back up to my bedroom, and I opened a door that led into the small extension to my room. This one had gothic wallpaper, and red furniture; it was my all time favorite. It was filled with pictures of bands, musicals, plays, and Joan Jett. She was an idol of mine, so I pretty much plastered the walls with her pictures, along with a frame of butterflies I had purchased. They were squished in between glass and a piece of black cardboard, their possible pain amused me. Ha.

"Nice room." Beck commented, taking a seat in one of my big red sofa chairs.

"Thanks, it's practically new." I said, and nodded, looking around, thinking about how this empty room had suddenly transformed into my favorite room only a year ago. It was fascinating, I had spent the whole year working on this lounge or whatever, and it was really the only thing that had pleased me.

"When'd you get it done?" He asked, looking around, and smirking possibly at all the "what-looked-like-junk" on my walls.

"Last year." I said, rolling my tongue in my mouth carelessly.

"Cool." He said, and we sat there for a while, not really saying anything. I took a seat next to him; it was a big chair, if you will. He put his arm around me lazily, and I smiled. I turned to look at him to only find that sheen over his eyes once again.

"So, are you going to audition for the first play of the year?" He asked, turning to me.

I looked at him in pure shock, putting a hand to my chest, "You thought I wouldn't?" I gasped.

He chuckled, and I grinned. Of course I was auditioning for the first play of the year. Improv Class was not enough, well not enough for me at least.

"How about you?" I added, already expecting his answer.

"You thought I wouldn't?" He mocked me, making his voice all high and squeaky.

"I don't even sound like that!" I said, hitting his chest playfully, although slightly annoyed, since after that he kept repeating me.

He laughed, his teeth showing. He had a nice smile, he wasn't afraid to show his teeth – I liked that. I smiled, refusing to laugh. He looked at me, amusement filling his brown eyes, a sly grin spreading across his face, replacing his tooth full grin. He slowly moved his hand closer and closer to my stomach, and as it made contact, I attempted to vow myself to not laugh and prepare for what was about to happen. His fingers began to tickle my stomach, and the laughing became uncontrollable. I leaned back, like a young child, on the sofa, gasping for air due to the laughing. Beck was practically on top of me, tickling me, his one hand on my stomach, and the other on the back of my head. It felt nice to have some fun, cute fun. We were both laughing crazily, and finally he let go of me, breathless. I didn't even try to compose myself, I probably looked like a mess, and there was no point, the odds of something like this happening again were very high. We both sat, panting, our huffs lingering in the air, our laughter washing away, but hovering in our minds.

Beck turned away for a second, looking at the time. I wondered why, it wasn't that late, but it was the weekend right before a school day. It was only half hour past the time we had ate the cookies, and Beck looked back, a smug smile on his face.

We sat there quietly once again, just staring into space. It wasn't awkward, peaceful, if you will. It was pleasant, nice, the silence. It was one of those times all the bitter thoughts in my mind vanished, and yes, I was aware of them, and when my mind was just filled with Beck and harmony. – They went well together.

We sat for a while, and during that time, I thought meticulously about our newly found relationship. I didn't know how long it would last, when it end, if we were meant to be, or just another pairing that would slowly vanish into the sea of high school couples. I pondered about it, and suddenly a tang of yet another feeling crossed my stomach. It felt like a bunch of happy butterflies were buzzing around in my stomach, and it was one of the oddest feelings I had every felt. I couldn't decide if it was a good or bad feeling, better or worse than the feeling I get before performing or auditioning. It confused me, and I was barely ever confused – way to be modest…

I ignored it, much like Beck's glassy eyes, which had appeared in his eyes once again. Maybe I was just imagining things, I decided, playing with the red strand falling from the root of my hair.

We sat there for a couple more minutes, savoring the silence – Well, until Beck broke it.

"Jade?" He asked, turning to me, and lightly placing his palm on my knee.

"Hm?" I mumbled, still in a trace of thought.

"Do you want to run lines?" He asked, and my head snapped up.

"What?" I asked back.

"We could practice, rehearse…before auditions." He said.

"I guess, let me grab the script." I said, lazily getting up and grabbing a small book that was lying on the messy table in the corner. It was quite funny, as messy as I got, I still knew where I kept everything.

Beck got up, snatching the book from me, aggravating me slightly. I hmphed and he chuckled.

He slowly read the lines, his brown orbs moving fairly quickly from line to line. His eyebrows scrunched together, and his concentration was amazing. I just stared at him, swaying restlessly back and forth. He read a couple of times, or so I thought, and gave me the book back. I took it, reading the lines, only to discover a romantic comedy script. Hollywood Arts really knew how to start everything off.

Beck, shut his eyes, and suddenly I could feel the intensity of his character filing the room. No doubt, this kid was dedicated. I shook my head, brushing the hair out of my face, and quickly read the script.

We began to run lines, one by one. Beck's voice was loud, articulate, and he seemed so into it, and I had no doubt in my mind that he would get the part. He was perfect for the boy character, perfect, I say. He stared at me intently, the gaze dizzying in the best way possible.

We got through the first page, consisting of thirty or so lines, back and forth, an opening for the leads, and introduction about the love that had been developed through the rest of the script.

We got through to the end, Beck's character slightly breaking, and the gloss over his eyes in suddenly more visible then ever.

He began to stutter, his articulate lines, his strong voice, crumbling. I looked around, wondering what in the world was happening.

He moved closer to me, mumbling his second to last line, jumbling the words, and suddenly-

"I love you." He said, so abruptly and unexpectedly. He seemed shocked, but not quite as shocked as me. He slowly tried to cover up, muttering random words, while I just stared, the book now on the floor. I bit my lip, unknowing of what to say.

We stared at each other, my lip drawing tiny droplets of blood, and his mouth slightly open.

I didn't know what to say, I blinked a couple of times, and looked away. He sighed, and I was to stunned to understand what the sigh meant. I took a deep breath and opened my mouth to say -

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