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In the beginning, there was only Chaos, a formless being with vast power and wisdom. It soon created a race of godlike beings known as the Primordial Gods. After their births, Chaos moved its attention to something else, allowing these beings to take solid forms, representing their powers and personality.

And soon after that, they created sides. One side was those whose forms were pure and noble, while the others were the forms of corrupted monstrosities and evil thinking. Chaos had sensed bad feelings between its children and so created their own domains to rule.

Those who were more of justice named their domain the Veil, and were called the Divine Gods and created the ruling council known as the Order of Charu Nu or Light, named after the being who was the founder and leader of the Council and first one to be given the title as Divine God. Those who sought more sinister goals named their world the Fade and were given the title the Damned Gods and ruled with a Brotherhood called the Brotherhood of the Chotuka, meaning Darkness/Shadows.

Chaos had soon left again but not without leaving someone to watch and keep the two domains in balance. Knowing full well that its children would soon go to war with each other with their now new armies, it created a being to watch over them and enforce its law.

And thus the Pentagram Council was created, a being with various independent intellects but one soul, through them Chaos's laws were laid down. They had gained the title, 'Voice of Chaos' and both the Fade and Veil respected their authority and the Will of Chaos.

And Chaos brought forth the enforcers of its laws as well as the punishers, an order of warriors known as the Vanguard of the Void. They are made up of beings called the Firstborn, a race of beings created by Chaos before the Primordial, and who swear a dying oath of loyalty to their creator. They were swift, merciless, wise and powerful, enough to rival that of two gods.

The reason for the creation of the Vanguards was because soon Chaos had created a third domain: The Material, a domain where instead of a unified space like the other two domains, but instead it is composed of millions of planets separated by space and unaware of each other's existence. The beings on these worlds were more simple like and not as god like.

The Council had decreed that by the will of Chaos, this third domain would act as a balance between all three domains and thus the species would learn in time of the other two domains and all three would coexist in pure order.

Unfortunately as well as unforeseen, those of the Fade and the Veil took advantage of the third domain's people, by influencing them to worship the gods of the two other domains. These violations led to multiple cults, who led holy wars against one another. Soon thousands of advanced worlds fell into civil war and planets waged war against other planets. Many of the Divine Gods and the Damned Gods managed to come into the Material world along with their warriors.

From the Veil came spirits of different kind, magical beasts and angels whose magic and advance technology made them an even match with the Damned. The Damned's forces were more numerous and more magical. Arch daemons commanded the undead, numerous spawns, grotesque animals and lesser daemons.

This act of violence, which could not be reversed through more civilized means, had pushed the Pentagram Council to execute the Purging Flood act. All the Vanguard would go from one world to the next, eliminating all life from that planet. All the Primordial Gods who had taken part in this or were fighting would be captured and brought before the Council for judgment. The war was later called the Tri-War, three races having fought against each other.

The Vanguard received helped from unknown sources. Some of the Daemons, the few whose minds were free of the God of the Fade's control, along with some Angels and mortals of the Material domain, sided with the Guards and soon, through multiple discussions, joined the ranks of the Vanguard. This was because the Angels and Daemons respected and honored the Law of Chaos and could not join in this madness.

Soon the cults were ended and thousands of worlds were wasted, empty. Some of the people had survived and through the Council's great power, were reverted back to primitive living, with no knowledge of their past, and re-grew their world slowly. People on worlds that survived had their memories taken away of the two other domains or what had transpired. Though the Material domain would still represent the balance between the three domains, the people of the domain would never know of the other two.

The Council soon judged the Divined and Damned who were captured. Some were stripped of their powers, banished imprisoned in one of the Domains, killed or some say they were sent to defend themselves against Chaos in person.

The Pentagram Council created a treaty that those of the Fade and the Veil were forbidden to ever enter the Material world or the other's domain and to create no influence in the third domain ever again. To seal this pact, the Council created nine stone tablets and placed them in the Void, the realm in which Chaos dwells in supposedly and also separates the three domains. Also it was decreed that if any of the domains broke this law and all nine tablets were broken, then that domain would suffer the full wrath of Chaos and its Vanguards.

Only the Vanguards were allowed to cross between the three domains, to ensure the law was being obeyed. Soon beings known as Seekers could do so as well. To increase their ranks, the Seekers would find suitable candidates from the three domains to become Vanguards, with no resistance.

Eons after mostly peace, another tragedy occurred. Several Gods, from both the Fade and the Veil, banded together in a conspiracy to overthrow the Council, Chaos and their own kin. The 13 traitor Gods ripped through the Void without breaking the Tablets, though it weakened them a little, but still emerging into the material world in their full power and true forms. Worse, they were now stuck in the Material world, for the tablets denied them from going back to their own domain. And since the tablets prevented the Damned and Divine from entering the third domain, it was up to the Vanguards to stop the traitors.

Luck was with them however; the conspirators were unprepared for such a large and fast attack by the Council's forces, so much that they were driven back to a small number of worlds.

Only Blade, sometimes referred to as the 'Blade of Chaos', as well as the founder and leader of the Vanguards, managed to reach the 13 Gods and faced them alone. It is believed that he succeeded by using his powers and Chaos's aid to seal them into a giant ball of fire as their prison.

The Tablets remained where they were and were enforced even more. So that if any being from either of the domains entered another without a good cause or the approval of the Council would face a terrible punishment.

But Blade was never seen again. It is believed that he perished in the battle against the traitors. This caused many problems within the Vanguards as it left a gap of leadership in the ranks. A couple of the Firstborns left the Guard, unable to be in it without its leader. Though their oath to Chaos was still bound, they left to live in the Material world as hermits or other types of lives.

To ensure that his sacrifice was not in vain, the Council placed pillars, one on each of the eight worlds surrounding the prison, all in well hidden and guarded locations, to make sure the traitors stayed trapped. The traitors were forever called 'the Nameless' for their names were never to be said again, not even by the Vanguards. They also declared that this system of worlds would remain isolated and cut off from the others. One of the worlds however began to show life, which the Council allowed. To ensure its survival, they took fragments of the traitor God's powers to help sustain this world, while they watched over it in secrecy.

The planet was called Earth.

And that is where our story truly begins.

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P.S Also Pentagram is Greek for five pointed star.