Well, here is a poem when I am on a poem-thought train. It is about two characters…one canon and one of my own creation that share similar problems and such.
Pangaea and Primus.
Both are their own planets, both have children, and those children fight against each other.

Also, there are some things you need to know. Pangaea references that there is a force against her. In my headcanon, she fights a dark force, a sort-of anti-country/landmass, that is against land-mass. It is hard to explain, but really not exactly or fully need to understand this poem.

Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers…nor Hetalia where Pangaea is based in…

My children.

His children.

What is the difference? ...Really, there is no difference.
His children have fought against each other-
...just like the forces that have fought with my first.
And those firsts' children fight against each other as well.
Me and Him have the same problems, same fights, same struggles.

Could there be peace for us?
Can there be?

I know, to some, that would be selfish.
To me, that is selfish.
My children fighting my problem.
…his own children fighting his future problem.

But...this is fate.

Even if there had been no threat, my first would have split anyway into what they are now.
Then their descendants would be born and raised and guarded those who live on the lands.

All things are the same for me and Him,
-just opposite.

If his children have not have fought, there would have been a threat still.
If they would have not fought against that future threat, they would have fallen.

To all each are the same...
it seems so true.

My children...
His children...
Our children meeting-
destiny plays a certain game with us all it seems.

But...it is hard to think this is fate.

...At times I wished for this not to have been planned.
But, sacrificing myself was not fate's decision.

It was mine.

As was it His.
He hid inside of his own body-
as did I.
He gave birth to his children to protect himself...his futures also-
as did I.

We gave up so much...
But we wouldn't change that.

We are so apart...and yet we know of the same problems.
Same fate and destiny.
Same choices that give us our successors.

I am Pangaea, the Earth.
He is Primus, the Cybertron.
We are so alike, as our children.
We share the same problems...
...and we both hope for a future of peace.

Well, that is it. I'm placing this in the X-Overs section since I couldn't place this in either Hetalia or Transformers.
(and neither has Pangaea or Primus in the character tab…oh well.)

Hope enjoyed reading this.
And I am slowly getting into the Pangaea&Primus fad…oh well again.
To each their own.