This is it, everyone; the very last chapter of WShHiAtLA. I can't begin to describe how honored I feel that all of you have stuck with me on this trek that's continued every single Friday for an entire year. We've shared laughs, tears, revelations, and a few head-scratchers along the way. However, through it all, I always knew one thing, I couldn't have asked for a better audience.

So now, here's the last special treat and the last episode of my series.

What SHOULD have Happened in Avatar the Last Airbender: FAQ to the Cast of AtLA

Alright everyone, please take your seats at the panel. Aang, Katara, you're up in front on the first platform. Rest of the GAang, you're a row behind on the slightly higher one. Everyone else in the cast, you're at the big table on the third platform.

Aang: Sounds good to me.

Katara: Heh! Me too.

Sokka: Shouldn't I be in the front row too? I'm one of the original three, after all. I should-. Ow! Toph…!

Toph: Quit your belly-aching and trust Dave. Believe me, he knows what he's doing. You and Zuko just take care of the barbeque.

Zuko: Why do I have to? Sokka's the one complaining.

Ozai: Heheh… Because that's what happens when you betray the good guys.

Enough bickering. Let's just get everybody in their seats. As much as I hate to see this end, I want it to be in a great light.

Now, the first question is from Ty Lee Hyuuga and it is for, no surprise, Ty Lee.

Ty Lee: Marshmallows!

I will assume that means something good.

Azula & Mai: Yours is as good as ours.

Moving on, Ty Lee Hyuuga writes:

Dear Ty Lee,

How do you feel about the Equalists from Legend of Korra using your chi-blocking? Are you honored that it's being used as the non-bender's fighting style of choice? Are you disappointed that they're using it for "seemingly" evil purposes? Do you think everyone should stop fighting before all their negative energy makes their skin break out?


Ty Lee Hyuuga

Ty Lee: Hmmm… Well, Me Hyuuga, to begin, the preponderancy of persons remain myopic concerning the ramifications a proper aura has on the denouement of ones life. Thus, I fully exculpate them for causing their own "negative energy," the proper term being odium anima, and any acne rosaceas that could form ipso facto.

As for the Equalists employment of chi-blocking, again the proper term being percuss to stymie evince, I can only shrug off any solecism due to the simple truth that the art of percuss to stymie evince is not my construct. This art matured and progressed from one epoch to another. If they were able to ascertain these techniques from another provenience, so be it.








Sokka: Woman! What in the monkeyfeathers did you just say?

Suki: Sokka! You shouldn't talk to people like that! Degrading a member of the female gender by simply referring to her as 'woman' is wrong!"

Sokka: Ok… Ok… Sorry, Ty Lee.

Suki: That's better. Now, seriously, Ty Lee, what in Koh's Lair did you say?

Ursa: *Sigh* Allow me. She said that most people are unaware of auras and the negative energy, or odium anima, that a bad aura creates. Therefore, she is not mad at them for that. She also stated that percuss to stymie evince is not her creation; basically explaining that her being mad at the Equalists for using it would be like my Zukie-pie hating anyone who uses dao swords for evil because they use dao swords.

Zuko: MOM!

Azula: Ahahaha! 'Zukie-pie'? Oh, that kicks 'Zu-zu' out of the water!

Ursa: Azu-bear, don't tease your brother.

Zuko: So,… what kicks what out of the water, Azu-bear?

Azula: Shut it!

Ozai: I missed these moments.

Moving on, Ty Lee Hyuuga, I hope that answered your question. Sokka, how's the cookout coming? I'm a little hungry and I don't think reading everything's gonna make me full.

Sokka: Keep your pants on. Anyone who wants it rare, it'll be done by the next question.

Aang: Are we getting fruits and vegetables with this too? You know how I feel about meat.

Katara: Don't worry, Honey. I made sure that there were a lot of grilled vegetables, enough for everyone.

Well, all I can say is that Sokka's going to have all the time he needs because we have quite a few questions from glowingqueen.

The first is for Katara

Katara: Sounds good to me.

I have a question for Katara concerning the skimirish at Yu Dao with the Fire Nation soldiers.

Dear Master Katara:
Why were you about to hit the last Fire Nation soldier with a sharp icicle that could've seriously injure if not kill him when you and Aang used non-lethal force on the others and then gripe/threaten Fire Lord Zuko when he put into a wrist lock, even after he was the person you and your "boyfriend" had to talk to and made you promise not to fight and injure his soldiers? Before that, why would you agree on making Aang keep his promise on killing Zuko if he goes out of control when he couldn't kill Ozai under extreme circumstances, Zuko saving your live more than twice, and you not even having the nerve to kill Yon Rha when you had the chance and crying at the thought of performing Bloodbending?



Katara: Oooo… MASTER Katara… Haven't been called that in a while. Hehe, maybe you could call me that sometime, Sweetie.

Aang: Hmm… How 'bout for your birthday.

Katara: I like-.

Toph: Katara, believe me when I tell you that everyone is about to lose their appetite in more than one way. Please stop what you're saying and answer the question.

Katara: Fine… Well, glowingqueen, you may not be aware, but the heat of battle is not the time and place that the most logical decisions are made, that is why most planning is done far ahead of time. With that in mind, I have no reservations about killing my enemies in defense of myself or people I love. Put all that together plus that I was used to fighting Fire Nation soldiers with everything I had and you can see why I could have forgotten about making that deal with Aang.

Hope that answered your question… and why is everyone staring at me?

Cabbage Merchant: Your answer wasn't very funny.

Toph: Believe me, you wouldn't know the difference if she tried.

Katara: That is so not true. I'll prove it! glowingqueen, the reason I tried to stab that soldier with the icicle was to try and treat the heart burn he had as a firebender! You know, 'cause firebenders have passion and a… burning passion… and…

Aang: It's ok, Katara, you tried.

And please never try again. Next question, again from glowingqueen, is for Aang.

I also have another question for Aang
Dear Avatar Aang,
Why were about to use lethal force on Fire Lord Zuko when he refused to release Katara? He did not even used Katara as a hostage/ human shield when all he wanted was for Katara to promise him to stop attacking? And why haven't you visited Zuko and the other world leaders about the Fire Nation colonies and other issues post-war at any time between the end of the war celebration at Jasmine Dragon and the ill-fated reception at Yu Dao? Why didn't you niped any of this in the butt when you didn't want to kill Zuko initially? Also, why did you have such a bad attitude with Zuko and your " girlfriend" when you were not only shown the condtions of the afroementioned town, but also the inter-racial marriages and the possible discrimation of the colonists if they were shipped back to the Fire Nation? And don't use the inequality card with me since the two teenagers already addressed it. So, what the hell is up with the mood whiplash?



Aang: Wow… harsh. Well, as Katara explained, the battlefield isn't the best place to make plans. Leading up to my fight with Ozai, I had already psyched myself up to avoid delivering a death blow, which, admittedly, could have been done in a lot simpler ways.

I can think of 8 ways.

Aang: Ha. Ha. Anyway, in the heat of battle I wasn't really listening to what Zuko was saying, just that he was assaulting my girlfriend. Was it the best move? No. But with so much pressure on me to make de-colonization work, I goofed. Mulligan.

Zuko: You almost killed me! You can't just mulligan that!

Aang: And yet, I did. To answer your other questions, I didn't visit Zuko because there are a lot of problems that occur in a post-war environment and I legitimately earned some kind of a break. So, following the Jasmine Dragon rest stop, I decided to look at everything else everywhere else because I thought that Zuko and the Earth king could work things out on their own. As for the mood whiplash, three minutes of seeing good things doesn't instantly beat weeks and weeks of believing that bad things are happening. I made another mistake.

Sounds good, sounds good. glowingqueen's next question is for Zuko.

Sokka: Hang on one minute, Dave. Rare! Who wanted theirs cooked rare? If you did, it's ready!

Ursa: My husband and I did!

Cabbage Merchant: As did I.

Smellerbee: Longshot and me did too.

Aang: Can I get my grilled vegetables when Katara gets her meal?

Sokka: Sure thing, buddy. Anyone else for rare?

Pakku: I will take a cut of rare meat as well, my grandson. Kanna, dear, would you like rare as well?

Kanna: Oh course. You know I love tearing into the raw, bloody flesh of a freshy-killed animal.

Pakku: Hehe… Oh, my darling, that's the second best thing to have come from your mouth all day.

[Everyone else is the freakin' room]: …

Pakku: NO! NO! I was referring to: 'I love you, Pakku!' I swear! I swear!

Sokka: It's alright, grand-Pakku. After witnessing the dangers of war for so long, I've become well-adapt at repressing disturbing memories. Ok so that's eight cuts rare. Zuko, could you start on Aang's meal while I serve these.

Zuko: Sure. But only seven people wanted rare.

Sokka: I'm including myself.

Zuko: You can eat after what you just heard Pakku say?

Sokka: What about it? He said he wanted rare and asked my grandma if she wanted one too. What's wrong with that?

Toph: You know, in a disturbing way, I'm impressed. So, Dave, what's the question?

Dear Fire Lord Zuko,
Why did you made that stupid promise with Avatar Aang when you had so much character development in both your banishements? Why haven't you instead propsed to the Avatar to join in the leftover issues at the colonies and other issues? And why haven't you written to Iroh about the stresses of ruling the country instead of consulting your father?



Zuko: Why did I make the promise with Aang in the first place? Because of what Roku said, I didn't want to repeat what I thought were the same mistakes my forefathers had been making. I know, hard to believe Roku was actually right for once.

Roku: I heard that, you little whipper-snapper!

Zuko: Do you also hear yourself when you talk? Or how about that your volcanic island had lots and lots of water around it!

Back to your question, glowingqueen, I didn't want to lean on Aang and show that I needed him to help me solve every single little problem that exists. As for Iroh versus my father? Well, I think by now you know which one is the real manipulative bastard.

Iroh: True, but I'm the one who can actually win. Mmmm… this tea tastes so good. Tastes like victory over the whole world.

Zuko: Yeah, keep talking. Once my mother decides that your game is doing more harm than good for me, you're dead.

Wow, bad blood. Who knew that a life time of manipulation would lead to someone being mad at you for it? Oh, well back to the questions. glowingqueen's fourth question is for Mai. Mai, you up for answering?

Mai: Eh. Might as well. It's not like I've got anything else to do while I wait for my meal.

Dear Lady Mai,
I know you have displayed more emotions when interacting with Zuko, but I still have some questions? Why did you not accompany Zuko to the colonies? Were you doing anything busy at the Capitol when Zuko is out of the homeland? You are the future Fire Lady for Spirits' sake! And from what I have seen, you haven't kissed Zuko let alone appear in 2-3 pages on Volume One?



Mai: Alright, glowingqueen, first of all, that first sentence isn't a question. If you're going to waste my time, make sure it's a proper one. Second, I don't need to babysit my boyfriend; I trust him to take care of himself. Third, I don't need to give a detailed account of every moment of my life to everyone. Fourth, your last sentence isn't a question either, 'volume one' shouldn't be capitalized, and I don't need to suck my boyfriend's face every two seconds.

Zuko: You do need to be a little nicer to our readers, though.

Zuko, you're gonna be changing that tune with glowingqueen's final question… for Katara.

Katara: Oh no…

Zuko: Really? The shipping ones are coming this soon?

Bingo, Zuki-pie.

I have another question for Katara for hooking up with Aang
Dear Katara,
Why on earth would you date a self-admitted 12-13 year old boy? He did not comfort you whenever you told him your mother's death at the hands of the Fire Nation at the Southern Air Temple, it was you who had to bring him out of the Avatar State! After he went into the Avatar State in the desert, he did not apologize for letting you, Sokka, and Toph down by making wild accusations at Toph for losing Appa and searching for the latter, leaving you guys out of the desert with no consideration on what might become of his remaining family. Ask him why didn't he act like you, sacrificing your grief and hopelessness and lead everyone out of the desert for the greater good about the eclipse? Or why did he arrange a dance party at the Fire Nation and not assisting you on helping the sick people on that river town? Oh, Aang helped but he backed off the rest of the episode after you were both caught and only Sokka defended you when you were found out as a Waterbender and not the real "Painted Lady"

The only non-family members who understand your pain of losing your mother was Zuko and Haru, who happen to be older boys. Are you that scared of courting a real man? Don't use Jet as an exuse! Think about it, your first impression of Aang was a lie( not knowing hte Avatar) and Zuko was the truth( regaining his honor). Aang left because he didn't want to be the Avatar( selfishness) while Zuko was banished because of selflessness( protesting at the war room). The former was treated well but the latter was treated abysmally.

What gives?



Mai: Can I kill her right here, right now?

Aang: Ugh… No. You do not have permission to-.

Mai: That wasn't asking permission. That was asking if you thought I could make the shot from where I'm sitting.

Aang: Just let MY GIRLFRIEND handle it.

Katara: Thank you, Aang. Ehem. glowingqueen, I can basically answer all of your questions with three statements. One: No one's perfect. Two: Do you really think that every successful relationship in history has only been with people who perfectly fill in the cracks of the other? And, third: I have my own standards. Allow me to elaborate.

Aang's made mistakes and so have I. I think if you want me to throw myself at Zuko's bed post, you want me to be forgiving of mistakes. Well, guess what? Aang's mistakes are far less than Zuko's in my book. Plus, it's not a matter of being perfect for someone. You're actually being really shallow and stuck up if you aren't willing to be with someone unless they are exactly and perfectly who you want them to be; it's also really creepy. Finally, so what if I have no problem dating younger than me? It's two years, not twenty.

And on a P.S. note, I've known Haru for barely anytime at all. While I know he's a nice guy, I learned my lesson about dating someone you just met. With Zuko, yeah I'm willing to forgive him, but a lot of my memories of him are still running from him or fighting him with the risk of death looming over my head. Sorry that I don't want to jump on top of someone who was once ready to kill me to get to my friend!

Wow. Well said, Katara.

Aang: That's why I love her.

I might just have to rethink my stance on the way Mike and Bryan did your relationship.

Hmm… Nah. Still hate it. Don't mind you two being together. Just hate the way they made it happen. However, speaking of things that took place in some point and time: How's everyone enjoying the meal so far?

Ozai: This is absolutely delicious!

Ursa: I'll say. I haven't had anything close to this in ages.

Cabbage Merchant: I'd gladly trade all of my cabbages for this recipe.

Sokka: Wow. Thank you all. But, far as I know, knowing the recipe isn't going to let you make the meal yourself.

Cabbage Merchant: Why's tha… Oh. Right.

Meantime, how's the rest of you enjoying it.

Longshot: It's wonderful.

Smellerbee: Like a party of flavor.

Pakku: You certainly have a talent for this. I may let you call me gramp-gramp after all.

Kanna: My grandson is a true culinary genius.

Sokka: Why thank you. And I must say, this meal was definitely worth the wait.

Toph: Alright, enough dilly-dallying! Get me a medium-rare and on with the questions!

You know, I'm going to miss your rambunctious attitude, Toph. Well, before we go diving into questions, who else wanted medium-rare?

Katara: Me.

Jet: And me.

Long Feng: Everyone seems to be giving them good reviews, I'll have one too.

Zhao: As shall I.

Aang: Don't forget my vegetables.

Suki: Sokka, Honey, I'll take a medium-rare too.

Sokka: Alright, Zuko, get seven cuts of medium-rare, plus Aang's vegetables.

Zuko: There were only six people who asked.

Sokka: Hello? Counting myself!

Zuko: But you had one already.

Sokka: Yeah. I know. I've only had one.

Toph: And THAT is why I gave up on dating Sokka. I am not that good of a cook.

Ok… We have another set of multi-questions from the young lady who proposed this whole FAQ idea, Carrot-Bunny! Don't worry, she has no shipping-related questions.

[Everyone in the room]: YAY!

Dear Yue,

If you hadn't become the Moon Spirit, would you have stayed in the Northern Water Tribe or would you have followed Sokka around the world with the Avatar? And can you actually bend?



Yue: Well, child, I must say those are very good questions. While I did have the ability to bend, thanks to the gift of the Moon Spirit. I have to say that, if I were still alive… oh dear, I'm blushing,… I would currently be married to Sok-.

Suki: She'd be at the North Pole!

Yue: Well, actually, I think I would-.

Suki: Be at the North Pole! You'd have been there all the time, stayed there, and Aang, Katara, AND SOKKA, would all have left!

Yue: Now, see here, I will not be-.


Yue: Um… I… I would have stayed at the North Pole…

Ok, for future reference, no one is permitted to threaten anyone else. Understood? Good. Now a question for Aang.

Dear Aang,

Have you ever thought of using Appa in battles? You know, unleash him on a troop of Fire Nation soldiers by making him land on them?



Aang: Aww… That's cute. She thinks that Appa would actually do that. To answer your question, yes. Unfortunately, Appa and bravery was like the closest tree to your house and a galaxy that's 200 trillion light years away. Not gonna meet.

Too bad. Too bad. The next one and last from Carrot-Bunny is for me. Let's see what she writes.

Dear Dave,

Do you think the plot of Legend Of Korra is going well currently?



Figured I'd be getting this one sooner or later. Alright, I like what's going on in LoK, but I don't really like the show. I know that doesn't make sense, but it will when I tell you that I'm also a fan of X-Men. And, believe me, LoK looks so much like the 90's X-Men cartoon, it's scary.

Toph: Uh oh.

Katara: What?

Toph: Brace yourselves.

I mean, first we have that anti-mutant agenda from an organization that blames a few evil benders for everything and then associates all benders with them. Then they have that thing that takes mutant-powers away. Then the sentinels show up and Toph's daughter whips out her Wolverine claws and attacks them in the EXACT SAME WAY Wolverine attacked a sentinel in the 2nd episode! Oh and let's not forget how Tenzin might as well be Professor Xavier! And Air Temple Island may as well be the mansion they all live at.

On a separate note, don't get me started on the shipping! Holy crap! I mean, I know I hated how little Katara x Aang's relationship was emphasized, but Korra and Mako is being forced down our throats! I bet Twilight had more subtlety then this!

Also, you're all asking me about What SHOULD have Happened in LoK? Here's what SHOULD have happened. Let me get out my megaphone because I don't think every idiot on that show can hear me otherwise.





Toph: DAVE!


Toph: You made your point. Moving on.

Fine. Fine. Next question is from-.

Sokka: Medium-rare is ready! Sorry, Dave, but food comes first. And speaking of first, my darling, Suki, you get first choice.

Suki: Why thank you. Mmm… this meat is really good. Did you put seasoning on it?

Sokka: Nope. It just comes like that.

Katara: Bloodbending-repression too the rescue. However, this is delicious. Aang, Sweetie, do you want to try some?

Aang: Katara, I'm a vegetarian, rememb… Eh, sure. Why not? Just this once.

Katara: Here you go.

Aang: Mmmm… Sokka. This actually is good. Oh, Momo, do you want a bite too?

Momo: *Squeak squeak*

Aang: There you are buddy.

Momo: *Squuuuueeeaaak!*

Toph: Gotta hand it to ya, Sokka. All that eating makes you an expert on food.

Jet: Your instincts sure know how to cook.

Zhao: I'm very glad I didn't do the world a disservice and kill you off.

Long Feng: I need to hypnotize you so you cook for me all the time.

Sokka: I will take those compliments with mixed enthusiasm. Anyway, Dave, the questions?

Right, right. The next multiple set comes from our good friend, Dinobot14.

Dear Aang and/or Katara,
How would you of liked your relationship to be displayed in the series differently then how it was? Would you get rid of it completely or give it a more consistent and steadily growing romance as the show went on?



Aang: Personally, I would have appreciated more references to things that had happened between us. As Dave's said, the Cave of Two Lovers should have been talked about more.

Ozai: Indeed, it should have.

Aang: I meant what happened between me and Katara.

Katara: Yeah, I also would have liked it if Aang and I had some other alone time before the final moments so it didn't seem like I was just ok with him forcing a kiss on me when I told him no.

All very sound answers. Next one from Dinobot14 is for… Me, again. Guess what it's about.

Dear Dave,
You have made your distaste for The Legend of Korra clear, but what would of you liked to see instead? Nothing? A prequel? a story about Aang later in life?



Well, at least it isn't directly about LoK. There actually is something that I'd like to see done differently. You know that bloodbending crime boss that Aang spiritbent? Make him the bad guy of LoK instead of Amon.

How cool would that be? A bloodbender that could bloodbend any time, only be resisted by the Avatar in the avatar state, could bloodbend with only his eyes, but also could make a wall out of babies whenever he was about to be attacked and launch innocent civilians or small animals at his foes. 'Especially under a full moon.

We all know Aang's thou-shalt-not-kill attitude was a last-minute thing.

Aang: Hey!

Katara: Sweetie, it's true.

But a peaceful way to resolve things gets a whole lot more important when your enemy isn't throwing inanimate fireballs at you, but small people and innocent large animals. Just imagine if Korra had to fight her way past Aang's spinning elements shield when he was in the avatar state, but instead of elements, it was babies. What would she do? And if that crime boss could whip a saber tooth moose-lion at her?

And here's the crowning moment of "What in the name of everything are you going to do?" that could have come from the show: Imagine,Korra doesn't know bloodbending but is immune to it in the avatar state. She somehow made it past the wall of babies and small animals and found a way to not kill any of them. She's about to kill the crime boss or take away his bending, but he reveals that he tore the heart of Tenzin's baby boy, Rowlin. However, the kid isn't dead yet because this bloodbending guy is manually pumping Rowlin's heart. So, if the villain dies or loses his powers, that little baby of her teacher dies.

That is an awesome way to end a series.

Ursa: Wow… I just… I need a cigarette or something.

Ozai: Me too.

Cabbage Merchant: I would give all of my cabbages to be a part of that.

Toph: Told ya' he knows what he's doing.

Glad I got that out of my system. Next one of Dinobot's is for Aang again.

Dear Aang,
Were you really dense enough to think Momo was the last lemur in the world or was that just the fans assuming an opinion of yours?



Aang: Well, Dinobot, have you seen any lemurs in LoK yet? I haven't. So I guess I was right.

Katara: That's my sweetie.

Alright the next one is for Mai.

Mai: Joy…

Sokka: Since Mai is so unenthusiastic, can I take this moment to ask who's gonna want theirs cooked medium?

Mai: Well, I guess I will.

Zuko: Might as well take mine medium.

Hakoda: Seems like a good time to have mine.

Gyatso: Well, if my best pupil says they're good, I'll have mine medium as well.

Get me a medium one too.

Sokka: Alright, six mediums.

Zuko: But there were only… Nevermind.

Mai: So what's the question?

Dear Mai,
Are your knives magic? Or are you secretly a firebender that can use fire to propel your knives at incredible rate in order to make a person fly back and get pinned to a wall?



Mai: Really? That's your question? A world full of mystic spirits, the ability to bend and shoot the elements, and reincarnating humanoid avatar, and the thing you find hardest to believe is that I just have a really good throwing arm?

That's the only answer you're getting out of me.

Man, she is sour. See, this is why I thought Jin would make a much better-.

Zuko: Don't you start!

Ok, ok. Now Dinobot14 has a question for Toph.

Toph: Finally!

Dear Toph,
Why does Dave hate LoK so much? He told me that it reminded him too much of X-men, but is that the only reason?



Toph: Seriously? He's answered that already!

Another one of Dinobot14's for Katara and Aang.

Aang: Let's hear it. This guy's got some good questions.

Dear Katara...or maybe Aang I guess,
What would of you done if you found out that the next Avatar after Aang had turned out to be your grandchild or great grandchild through Kya's bloodline? Do you think that could of been a possibility?



Katara: A possibility? I suppose Tenzin, Bumi, or Kya could have married a waterbender. It would be unusual, but kind of neat. I would be tempted to get him or her to be as spiritual as possible so I could talk to Aang more. I'd feel guilty for that. But if I didn't, I'd feel guilty for not trying to talk to Aang.

Darn it! You're a horrible person, Dinobot14!

Um… Uh… Next one is for Sokka.

Sokka: I'm kinda worried about this.

Dear Sokka,
Does that boomerang of yours actually have a sharp edge? If it does, how have you managed not to lose a finger or really cut someone with it by now? Also, did that Rose you ate the beginning of the Southern Raiders taste good?



Sokka: Hmmm… This one isn't so bad. Anyway, if you can't tell, only one side of the boomerang, the side that is opposite the side I hold it on, is actually sharp. If too much of it was sharp, it would obviously have cut a lot of unarmored people and things. Also, the rose tasted awful... But the flower tasted sweet.

Suki: Yours didn't taste bad either.

Katara: And... repression.

Alright. Simple questions, simple answers. Dinobot14's next question is for Zuko.

Dear Zuko,
Has it occurred to you that as a world leader you could probably get some spirit water and a healer to try and fix that mess of a face?



Zuko: Actually, yes. It has. However, if your mess of a pair of eyes had read what Dave pointed out in the scene where Aang used all four elements to take my father's bending away, the Spirit Oasis's water can't actually heal scars. Katara was wrong.

Katara: Good thing I didn't use it on you.

Zuko: 'Nother one to add to the good things list, huh?

Katara: Ha. Ha.

Alright, loverbirds,… hehehe… what number of his are we up to? His next one's for Hakoda.

Dear Hakoda,
Did it ever occur to you that maybe you should of brought the rest of your tribe with you? There were what like a dozen adults and half as many children; given the size of your little force you had already I'm sure they could of squeezed in with you as opposed to ditching them to live by themselves with a 15 year old to protect them all.



Hakoda: Well, Dinobot14, being thousands of miles away from the front line of a war is infinitely safer than being 20 feet from it. Also, my mother, Kanna was with the village, so it wasn't just a 15 year old. Honestly, that question should have been obvious.

Yeah, I suppose it should have. Well, maybe this one for Gyatso will be better.

Dear Gyatso,
So...what ever happened to not killing human beings, eh buddy?



Gyatso: Dear Dinobot14, you teach children not to lie. Adults know there is a need to lie at times. You tell children not to run across a street. Adults run across the street when they believe it is safe to and necessary. You teach children to always listen to the teachers and people in charge. Adults are to practice thinking for themselves and not blindly accept an authority figure's decision.

I hope that answer's your question.

Very well said, Gyatso. You're one of the few wise people I actually respected. Let's see if Toph can match your sage-like manners.

Toph: HA!

Sokka: Hold that thought, Toph and Dave. Order up! Ok, one medium for Mai, one for Zuko, one for Dad, Gyatso, Dave, and me.

Zuko: Holy, Agni! This is wonderful!

Mai: WOW! This is… great!

Hakoda: Well done, Son!

Gyatso: Aang was right. This is perfect.

Best cut of meat I've ever had. So… mmm… delicious.

Sokka: I aim to please. So, Ty Lee, Azula,

Dear Toph,
Any guesses as to who your baby daddy was?



Toph:… Dave, do I have permi-?

Whoa. For that? Yeah, you've got permission.

Toph: Dinobot14, start sleeping with one eye open. And if you value your life, don't ever stop sleeping that way, 'cause I will know when it happens.

And Dinobot14's final question is to the entire GAang.

Toph: Is it his choice between cremation and burial?

No. It is…

Dear The Gaang, (Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko,... and Suki I guess)
What would your reactions be to all of the fanfictions and fanart of our world? Specifically the shipping and M rated stuff.



Aang: Well, Dinobot14, I think I speak for all of my friends and, really, everyone in the Avatar universe when I say: Your world is full of beauty, humor, wit, drama, and splender. Some of your works that honor us are truly breathtaking, regardless of what relationship they favor if any. However, everything else disgusts to the point where we would like Koh to take our faces if for no other reason than so our eyes would be gone.

Katara: That sounds right.

Zuko: Nail on the head.

Toph: Bullseye.

Sokka: I've actually repressed most of it, so I only remember the good stuff.

Suki: I wish I was still in the Boiling Rock so I wouldn't be able to see it.

And, lastly, we have a list of questions from my good friend Megabob452. First one's for Aang.

To Aang:

Who would you trust to face Koh in your place?



Aang: In all seriousness, no one. Koh is dangerous and horrible. I wouldn't let anyone take over for me in such a precarious endeavor.

Simple question, deep, philosophical answer. Next up, Sokka.

Sokka: Before we get to that, the rest of the meat is already past medium-well, so is everyone else gonna be ok with well-done?

Azula: Sounds acceptable.

Ty Lee: Clouds.

Roku: That's fine.

Iroh: A man my age has the whole world at his disposal. Well-done is fine.

Yue: That'll be fine for me.

Sokka: Alright then. Zuko, divide the rest into six portions-.

Zuko: Sure…

Sokka: And, Dave, roll the question.

To Sokka:

Who would you ask to the Golden Dragon Dance? Suki, or Princess Yue?



Sokka: Dear, Bob. I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that it would forfeit my life one way or the other.

Smart move, Sokka. Smart move. Katara's turn.

To Katara:

Would you dare unmask the Blue Spirit?



Katara: Yes. Yes, I would. Hehe… 'Course, I'd have made sure I was far away from any Fire Nation soldiers before I wasted my time doing that.

Aang: Oh, ha ha! Before you do that, though, teach me how to heal with waterbending.

Young love… sigh… Next is for Toph

To Toph:

If you could trade any one of your senses for sight, which would it be?



Toph: Oh, that's an easy one, Megabob452. I'd give up my sense of responsibility!

I don't think you can give up something you don't have.

Toph: Shh! He doesn't know that rule.

Zuko, would you like a turn?

Zuko: Yeah, sure.

To Zuko:

How do you feel about the Legend of Korra character that has your voice?



Zuko: I feel he's like a son to me. Figured I should say that before Mike and Bryan give him some honor-filled line and Tenzin says "You sound just like your father." Or grandfather or great-grandfather or whatever my relationship is supposed to be to him.

Jet: Yeah, it's not really clear.

I'm not looking forward to that line either. Iroh, you're up.

Iroh: It is about time that the ruler of the world was recognized.

To Iroh:

How do you feel about the Legend of Korra character that has your name?



Iroh: It made me happy to know that my master plan came and went with no one the wiser. However, it then made me confused as to why an officer in charge of countless ships had the rank of general instead of admiral. I mean, there has been an established split in rank between ground forces and naval forces.

Yeah, but things could have changed in the past decades. So I was going to let that slide. What shocked me was that he had all those war ships just floating in the middle of the ocean doing nothing at all.

Strange. Oh, hey. Megabob452's next question is for Azula.

Sokka: Want your meal before you answer?

Azula: Yes, you may serve me.

Sokka: Ugh… Alright. I think that's everyone. Enjoy.

Azula: WOW! I am so sorry I was mean to you. This is incredible.

Ty Lee: A more pulchritudinous mélange of flavor has never before anointed my gustatory sense! It is truly pony-rabbit!

Yue: By the Moon and Ocean! Suki, I don't care what you do to me, if I hadn't died, I'd be jumping on top of Sokka every night!

Roku: I'd die all over again for this dish!

Iroh: How foolish of me to think that conquest of the world was equal to such a delicacy!

To Azula:

Would you teach Iroh II how to bend blue fire?



Azula: I don't even know what happened to me in the story. And don't give me that 'she was locked in an asylum' crap. So, to answer your question, I don't know if I can or not.

Sour about that question not being answered clearly. Ty Lee, you ready for another question?

Ty Lee: Ribbons!


To Ty Lee:

If you could learn airbending, would you?



Ty Lee: Megabob452,… Yes.

And I got out my thesaurus for nothing. Mai, you're up again.

To Mai:

Do you know how to sew?



Zuko: Oh, come on. That has to be the most ridiculous question-.

Mai: Yeah, I do.

Zuko: Seriously?

Aang: Of course she does.

Yue: Yeah. Everyone knows she can.

Suki: It's pretty obvious.

Zuko: Wait, how come you never told me?

[Everyone else in the room]: You never asked.

Poor Zuki-pie. Never thinking about things. But here's a question for someone who does think, Ozai!

To Ozai:

Jedi, or Joker?



Ozai: Christopher "Maverick" Blair

$%^ yeah! Three people reading this will know who that is!

Ursa: Oh, we are going to do SO many illegal things when we get home.

So much beautiful love at the end of our series. Oooh. Here's a good one from Megabob452.

To Koh:

Would it be a challenge to take Mai's face?



Everyone, turn away!

Koh: I don't think so. She pretends to put up a brave front, but I know her secrets. I know ALL OF YOURS!

Safe to look. And Megabob452's last question for me is… Oh for… Ugh…

Toph: Feels like something bad.

It is.

To Dave:

Are you going to make a What SHOULD Have Happened for The Last Airbender?

Sincerely LOLing,



Toph: Yeah?

Thanks for all your help from the middle of Book 2 and on.

I'd also like to thank the countless reviewers out there. You all loved this satire and made me happy and proud to put in the hard work and long hours every week to make sure this was updated every Friday. I'm not going to bother naming all of you as I honestly wouldn't know who to start with or who to say did more than anyone else.

You've all been there to cheer and root me on and I even remember times when I fell asleep at 2 A.M. after cleaning up every edit and then seeing people had reviewed an hour later.

You laughed at my jokes, told me I was king of the world, but at the same time you never hesitated to talk serious with me about something you think I did wrong. I still get waves of reviews from people catching up on each chapter, telling me they love all my jokes and were shocked they didn't notice what I caught. But they all tell me how Aang's headband in Book 3: Chapter 2 was his belt, so it made sense that the other kids all had one.

Honestly, if any of you are ever in the San Diego, California area, drop me a line. I'd love to meet you face-to-face.

For all the shots and quips I've sent at Mike DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, better known as 'the spirits who control the fates,' I love 'em for what they've done. I hope they follow through with Legend of Korra, if for no other reason than that I'd like to see a third Avatar series. Same goes for anyone and everyone who worked on the Avatar series.

Before I roll the closing message one final time, I want to give a special thanks to Sokka. Because this was the best steak I've ever had.

That's all for the series, folks. Hope you enjoyed it and I thank you for reading:

What SHOULD have Happened in Avatar the Last Airbender