Own Nothing


She couldn't believe that her parents were sending her to live in the states with her Uncle. She could take care of herself! She hated how upset they were after she gave them their memories back. Yes, she could understand how upset that would be, but she did it to save them, to protect them, not out of spite or anything. They were happy not knowing who she was while in Australia, they owned an antique shop and was very successful.

But no, she was sitting on the couch in her Uncle's apartment while he got ready for work. She was reading a book, one from his shelves about Attila the Hun as she waited. She was going to work with her Uncle, because he didn't want her to be left alone, he thought she was upset about being shipped off to New York and thought that bringing her to work with him, like a child, would make her feel better.

"Come one Hermione, cheer up, you'll love the museum after dark. Nick loves it." Her Uncle Larry shouted from the bathroom.

"I'm sure he does." She muttered behind the book. She looked up as he came into the room with his guard uniform on, smiling.

"Ready to go?" He asked, grabbing his coat.

"I guess." She grabbed her's as well as he led them out the door.

It took them twenty minutes to get to his work, smiling to Dr. McPhee, the coordinator as he left for the night. "Now, you just sit here Hermione and I'm going to lock up the doors."

Hermione sighed and obeyed, she had brought the book, having nothing better to do and continued reading. It seemed like half an hour passed and the sun was already set when she finally looked up. Her eyebrows rose when she saw that the dinosaur that was in front of her gone. "Uncle Larry?" She called out, not hearing anything, she decided to look her him. "Uncle Larry!" She shouted, walking through the halls, something was off, she could feel it.

She pass by the Egyptian exhibit when she noticed someone walking around. "Hello?" She called, the person turning around. She took a step back, shocked, he was dressed like a pharaoh. "Hello?"

"I heard you the first time." The man politely replied, walking towards her. "You must be Hermione, Lawrence's niece. I am Ahkmenrah, King of Egypt."

"Okay..." She stared at him. "Wait of minute, wasn't Ahkmenrah at the British museum several years ago?" She asked.

"Yes, I spent many years there before coming here."

She smiled, remembering her childhood. "I spent a lot of time at that exhibit, it was my favorite. I would stay for hours after school."

"I do remember a little girl with curly hair like yours'," He smiled.

"I bet you do." She replied, going along with him. They turned when they heard horse steps.

"Ah, Ahkmenrah, I see you sound Lawrence's niece. He has been looking for her." Hermione raised her eyebrow at the man on the horse. He outstretched his hand. "How do you do Miss Granger from across the pond. My name is Teddy Roosevelt. President of the United States."

"Oh dear Merlin." Hermione whispered, maybe this was real.

"Hermione!" She turned to see her Uncle running towards them. "I see you met my friends." He smiled. "See I told you, you would have fun."

She could only nod.