Sif raised an eyebrow, and Loki cleared his throat, looking her in the eye. "I don't know how many what I have done engenders," he took a deep breath, shaking, "but I would guess a lot."

Sif nodded, "Then I will give you a lot, and you will submit to your due punishment in a way that you know would make Odin proud."

Loki glanced over to where the All-Father lay sleeping and licked his lips. Sif did not give him a chance to rethink his decision, swatting him hard and fast, quickly leaving him breathless with the renewed sting. Her palm burned all the more for the bruises that had only started to heal, and Loki cried out as she began.

Amora stood, moving to the door. "I see I am no longer needed. I'm sure Lady Sif can see to what you need." She smirked, "Try not to be too much of a baby."

Loki snarled after her as she left, but the rising sensation in his rear left little room for anger now. He twitched, reaching back instinctively to shield himself. Sif paused, giving him a baleful glare, "Do you need aid controlling yourself?"

Loki frowned and shook his head no, returning his hand to clutching tightly at the chair's leg as Sif resumed pummeling his swollen cheeks. Loki looked back to see that his ass fairly glowed red, with crisscross marks resembling Sif's fingers streaking him all over.

He looked ahead again, not wanting to focus on the object of his humiliation. Instead his eyes wandered to Odin again, and Loki slumped into her, allowing her to punish him as well as she pleased, in the hope that doing so would remove the sick feeling in his gut.

As she slapped, Loki turned to look at Sif, locking eyes and mumbling just loud enough for her to hear. "I am sorry I betrayed your trust."

Sif's own expression softened, and she nodded once, slowly. Loki returned to staring at the floor as he went limp in her arms, the only sound in the room that of her smacking her hand hard against his reddened ass and the occasional gasp from the trickster.

Finally after a period of time indefinable to Loki Sif stopped spanking him, pulling his trousers up gently as he winced. "That should be enough. Consider yourself forgiven by me for your abuse; the others you will have to address separately, of course."

She let him stand up then turned to leave, Loki opening his mouth to say something to her then snapping it shut again, not sure what he had been about to say. The door shut and he was left rubbing his bottom and wondering if Amora would ever speak of this.

When Odin awoke a year later he found that Thor reigned in Asgard and Loki was nowhere to be seen. He looked to his son for answers after everyone had greeted his waking heartily and the others had gone out to prepare a feast in honor of his renewed health.

Thor smiled, "Loki is now King of Jotenheim, filling a void made by their last King, who disappeared mysteriously after conniving to have me murder him."

Odin gave him a somber look, raising an eyebrow, "Then we are at war with the frost giants?"

Thor laughed, laying a reassuring hand on Odin's shoulder. "Nay, father. Loki has mended the damage I caused in my blind rage by telling them the truth that their previous ruler denied them, as well as giving them something to marvel at with the power of his sorcery."

Odin looked askance of him, "Oh? And what is that?"

Thor winked. "Better that I show you; come!"

Odin smiled as his gaze took in the swath of green in the middle of icy Jotenheim. Frost giant children ran in fields of verdant grass and young maidens picked flowers from soil lush with vibrant life despite the harsh expanses of snow on each side.
"Do you like it?"

Odin turned to see Loki stood behind him, his head adorned with a refitted crown and the spear of Jotenheim carried by a huge grizzled giant at his right who smiled like a young boy at the strangers. A wrinkled old crone stood at his left, her hair pulled back to reveal a strange third eye.

Odin moved to stand before his son, Thor following behind. "Who are your new friends?"

Loki smiled and gestured to the grinning giant, "This is Atax, the only royal bodyguard I will ever need."

"I get to hold the spear!" blurted the giant, his features brightened with childish joy.

Loki next pointed to the old woman at his left, who curtsied gracefully. "This is Agatha, an ambassador from Norn and a valuable adviser. It is good to see you again, father, especially looking so healthy."

Odin blinked, and then nodded, smiling. "Indeed, and I feel healthy, especially seeing that my sons have done so well in my absence."

Loki's smile widened his heart swelling with the praise he heard in Odin's voice.

Sif sighted her target, keenly measuring the distance between herself and the deer thirty paces in front of her. Her arm moved slowly to pull the bowstring taut, so as not to alert the animal of the danger it was in.

She waited hardly breathing, perfectly still, for the wind to favor her strike, and then without warning an arrow thudded solidly into the creature's head where she had been aiming. "…What?"

Laughter caused her to look up and behind to where Loki leaned on his bow in the tree he had been hiding in. "I knew you might starve if I didn't come do the work for you."

Sif smirked up at him, "I see you attack from the tree, where you are safe from such a dangerous beast."

Loki chuckled and jumped down from his perch, stretching his arms. "I am fortunate you spotted the animal at all with your blind eyes; I thought I might wait up there forever."

Sif looked at him, her face unreadable. "Don't you have a kingdom to run these days? Why are you skulking in trees just to steal my kills?"

Loki ran a hand through his hair, "Even Kings need to relax from time to time, and I am still the god of mischief…" He gave her a boyish grin, "Want to play hooky with me?"

Sif smiled back, throwing her bow over her shoulder as she began to run through the forest, "Only if you can keep up, trickster."

Odin listened to their laughter from his seat miles away in Asgard, upon the massive golden throne he ruled from. Even here he listened to the mirth in his dark haired son's voice and smiled. This was a good day to be King.