search for a pocket sized book

the little girl cries

everything's so wrong

the cocoa is cold on the table

cold. sad. tears.

her hand moves unbidden to the book sized pocket in her robes

she freezes

she blinks



why is she in the hospital wing?

was it?

her thoughts peter out

the girl frowns

she needs him


that's right

she needs to talk to tom

he'll tell her what happened and make everything better

a smile blooms on her pale face

then she frowns

why isn't he in her pocket?

he should be

but wait

didn't she throw tom away?

that was silly

she giggles

tom was her bestest friend


she was being silly

but some one else found tom




she used to like him

want to marry him and have a yard with chickens

and kiss him

she laughs

she used to be so silly

because she likes tom

she needs to talk to him

tell him

where is the diary?

frustrated she checks the small bed

did she put him under her pillow?


she wants tom!

she bites her lip and looks outside

think ginevra

that's what he would say

she threw him

and then Harry

but she took tom back right!


yes she looked through his trunk

she thinks she went back to the bathroom

but why?

she puts her head in her hands

nothing makes sense

so she needs tom

where is tom?

the door opens and she looks up

red hair and tall and smells like the burrow



mom knows things!

mom knows lot's of things!


where's tom?"

they look horrified

maybe they don't know either

that's bad

momma should know

but maybe momma's not as smart as tom

"ginny sweetie

do you remember what happened?"


the girl shakes her head

"you were possessed by him and then you went down to the chamber and"

the mother's voice falters

"you nearly died but harry

harry saved you."

her eyes are wide

"ginny are you feeling better now?"

a nod

"do you want to go home?"

another nod

"sweetie you do understand what happened right?"

the girl smiles vacantly

"i get it momma"

the parents are relieved

they stand and reach out to help their little girl up

take her home

then she'll heal and be

happy ginny again


she speaks again

with a frown

"where's tom?"