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Watching him sitting there in his cell smirking to himself Sam let out a small sigh and shook her head. This was the fourth time they had arrested him just in this week and every attempt he had made at getting revenge against W.O.O.H.P. recently had involved one key element.

Killing her.

Biting her lip she let out another sigh knowing he had probably noticed how she was the one usually putting him in jail. Yes her friends helped but it was often her who made the move that landed him back in his prison.

She knew he hated her for it.

She knew he hated her for wasting his time and energy.

She knew he hated her for never just letting him go.

Sam bit her lip because she had realized long before that…

He hated her VERY presence.

Tim Scam saw her as a clingy nuisance that was always there stopping him, standing in his way and never disappearing so that he could be at peace and have the freedom to do whatever he wanted. Namely, escape WOOHP and destroy it forever.

A frown growing on her lips she knew that the only day he would stop hating her was the day she died. The day she would go so far that she'd never come back and he'd never have to deal with her again.

A deep throbbing filled her heart at that realization because she knew that despite being his enemy she didn't feel the same way about him. She'd never see him dead. She would always want him happy even if his own choices in life didn't let that be.

But she also knew that what she wanted and what she felt didn't factor for anything in Tim Scam's brain because for him she was nothing but a pain.

And that was all she would be as long as she lived.

A pain,

A thorn in his side,

Anything but a reason to smile.

Feeling a tear splitting from her eye, she wiped it away not wanting the other guards on patrol to see it. Standing there in silence she began to wonder if he'd ever see her as anything more than this, as a pain. Would he ever notice her for more than standing in his way?

Maybe he'd notice her the day she died.

Maybe he'd feel that it was a loss…

"Who am I kidding?" she thought bitterly knowing who she was talking about. Tim Scam would NEVER see her death as a loss. He would celebrate the day she was gone and she knew it would be the best day of his life.

"But would he smile at it?" she wondered knowing it bothered her that despite caring for him (though never being allowed to say it) she never made him smile. She just wanted to make him happy and she couldn't help but wonder if finding her dead would finally make his lips burst into a grin, make him happy…

Just the way she had always wanted to.

Glancing up at him she caught his eye and tried not to frown when he glared at her again.



Just like he always did.

Biting her cheek she sighed sadly while looking away from him with sad eyes and speaking to herself. "Would you smile the day I died Tim?" she wondered before a bitter smile formed on her lips.

Of course he would….

"Because you'd be the one who caused it."

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